Rapper and college student Caye recently released his debut album (Image via Billboard).

Young Rapper Caye Drops Debut Album ‘PinkTree Paradise’

It’s going to be hard to beat the summer heat with this fire album at the top of the charts.
June 9, 2018
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Young rapper Caye recently released his debut album “PinkTree Paradise” on June 1. Featuring fresh tracks alongside his recent singles, the album creates that perfect “feel good” summer vibe. Each song compliments the others, contrasting hype songs with chill beats to find the mellow in-between that allows for a pleasant listening experience throughout the album.

The album itself experiments with the fusion of multiple music genres, primarily hip-hop, reggae and jazz. Caye carried over this technique from his previous EP “Shades Pt. 1,” a project which fully allowed him to find his sound. Focused on lyrics and an exploration of unique beats, “Shades Pt. 1” features slower jams and an overall relaxed feeling, compared to “PinkTree Paradise.”

Yet, it becomes clear that the latter album strives to master a developing musical maturity and in doing so creates a sound experience that comes full circle with the feeling of a complete and contained whole. “PinkTree Paradise” is not just a project that shows Caye’s progress, but a product showing proof of his success.

Written and produced by Caye himself, with the help of sidekick Pete Miller, this album demonstrates Caye’s dedication to his art, creating lyrics that voice the personal experiences which inspired him to aspire to the position he is in now, with a debut album, an EP, and even a national tour under his belt. Given his passion for his profession, this is still only just the beginning for Caye, as this album allows his career to take off.

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Alongside his growing popularity among listeners, Caye has also gained recognition among fellow music artists. He collaborates with singers Rosy, Brandt Orange and Danny Diamonds on “PinkTree Paradise,” as well as with hip-hop god Wiz Khalifa.

For their single “Easy” featured on the album, Caye and Khalifa even filmed a music video, soon to be released amidst the album hype. Caye also plans to perform alongside headliners Summer Jam and Post Malone at a tour stop in Boston in August for Summer Jam 2018, presented by JAM’N 94.5.

Although he is originally from Boston, Caye moved to Los Angeles to further pursue his blooming career rapping and producing music. Because of this, Caye incorporates Californian beach vibes into his most recent album. The sounds of ocean waves and steel drums transport listeners to that same tropical paradise Caye envisions while in production, carefully choosing those musical elements that best fit his sound.

Caye often namedrops his hometown of Boston in his lyrics, as the city provided the foundation for his musical aspirations. A few of the new tracks on “PinkTree Paradise” — such as “Junkyard” and “Yaw” — note his come up in the face of years of rejection while still living in his hometown.

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Caye writes in his most reflective song, “Yaw,” “Teachers always hated my ass. They would send me to the principal, I was treated like a criminal. I started being difficult. Reputation crumbled after third suspension, had me gettin’ checked after fifth detention. Got a medical prescription I could pay attention. They said ‘Don’t do drugs,’ but I guess this is an exception.

“Pill after pill started making an impression. Note after note started practicing profession. Mind over matter started loving my reflection, success in my eyes never settle for reflection. I was determined, I knew I had to prove them wrong, I knew I couldn’t just move on. I felt it when that light came on, I knew I had to right my wrongs, find a place so I could write these songs.”

In these lyrics, Caye adopts a relatability, creating a deeper connection between himself and young listeners who may be experiencing similar rejection in their own aspirations. He also gains credibility as an artist as his songwriting embraces this realness, earning Caye respect for his ability to expose a side of himself more vulnerable and down-to-earth.

Currently a student at the University of Southern California, Caye balances his skyrocketing music career with the pursuit of a college education, something many other budding student artists may find themselves struggling with. His success serves as a reminder of the possibility that these students, too, can overcome their struggles. Caye uplifts those discouraged as he preaches the benefit of hard work and unwavering dedication to artistic passion in his music.

Overall, Caye preaches only good vibes in his summery tracks featured on “PinkTree Paradise.” From perfect pregame bangers to beats that make you want to kick back and mellow out, his new music pleases those of all different tastes, while incorporating a chill aesthetic throughout.

Other hype songs on the album include “PinkTree” and “Chardonnay,” while his single “Top Shelf” follows up this upbeat confidence with a laidback outro. Caye cools down with softer beats, like “Paradise,” “Come Thru” and “Swisher Sweet,” that makes for easy listening. His most popular single “Easy” embodies the most versatility. It’s a track that suits any social situation, whether you’re bumpin’ with friends or vibing on your own.

Now available on all music streaming platforms, check out “PinkTree Paradise” for yourself and spread the word about the success of this great young artist. And if you find yourself listening to the album on repeat, like I do, no worries as it’s far from frowned upon — it’s highly recommended.

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