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For all of the aspiring Mary Berrys out there.

Baking shows are all the rage right now. From “The Great British Bake Off” to “Cake Wars,” baking shows have audiences glued to their television sets. Still, what can you can do if you don’t have a TV, or you just want something a little more personal? Here are 5 baking channels to check out on YouTube for an experience that’s just a little bit different.

1. How To Cook That

This baking channel is run by food scientist Ann Reardon. How to Cook That boasts over 3 million followers and has an active community page where Reardon interacts with her subscribers. Reardon uploads videos every second Friday to showcase her baking skills. Not only does she bake incredible cakes, she has videos showing viewers how to create their own rolled ice cream and how to bake their own 3D cake and chocolate designs. Reardon also reviews other baking channels from time to time. Recently, she made a video debunking Blossom’s viral video about real versus fake food. Reardon is well known for her 3D cake and chocolate designs. Head on over to her channel to see these creative and unique 3D cake designs.

2. How to Cake It

Yolanda Gampp began her channel back in 2015. Since then, her channel has amassed an impressive 4 million followers. Gampp is active on her community page and regularly posts polls and discussion questions to interact with her subscribers. She also posts sneak peaks of her cake creations for her viewers to guess.

Gampp is known for her 3D replicas of everyday items made out of cake. She has made cakes that look like fruit, such as watermelon and grapefruit. She has also made cakes to resemble beloved meals such as lasagna, tacos, chicken and waffles and Chinese fried rice. Her cake designs go beyond the stereotypical birthday or ice cream cakes — Gampp adds her own flair to all her designs and creations. She uploads new videos every Tuesday, so be sure to tune in and check it out.

3. Man About Cake

This channel began in 2016 and has garnered a lot of attention because it is different than the typical baking channel on YouTube. Man About Cake is ran by Joshua and three of his friends who are all interested in cake decorating and baking. In his videos, he showcases his baking talents while being silly, making them more entertaining than just a regular how-to video.

The cakes baked on this channel have elaborate designs using both fondant and other props to get the desired look. Although Joshua has several videos showcasing his talent for creating elaborate wedding cakes, he is also skilled in 3D cake making. He has created 3D cake versions of a dinosaur, a sneaker, a gargoyle and so many more challenging feats. Man About Cake is a funny and unique twist on the traditional baking channel found on YouTube. Joshua and his friends have an affinity for baking and creating elaborate wedding cakes, as well as other styles. They upload new videos every Tuesday, so tune in and see their amazing cake creations.

4. Baking a Moment

Baking a Moment is smaller baking channel on YouTube, with around 5,000 subscribers. The account began back in 2013 and was started by a former pastry chef. Her videos are less about being creative, and more so about sharing easy to follow recipes for different kinds of pastries.

Her channel is a more well-rounded channel, showing more than just cakes, cookies and cupcakes. There are also recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner on her channel. Although there aren’t these elaborate cakes to grab your attention, I love that her recipes are actually easy to follow for beginners. The ingredients for her creations are relatively inexpensive and easy to find at your local grocery store.  She is great at giving step-by-step instructions and is so lively and passionate about cooking and baking in her videos.

Some of her baking recipes will teach you how to make French macarons, carrot cake cupcakes, meringue cookies and much more. Different from the other baking channels, this YouTuber likes to livestream her cooking recipes, which allows for viewers to ask her questions while she is demonstrating the process.

The channel also boasts savory recipes too. She includes recipes for making authentic Spanish gazpacho, baking bread and delicious soups. Help build up her channel and receive some well-rounded cooking advice from a former pastry chef.

5. Rosanna Pansino  

Pansino isn’t a professional pastry chef nor is she a food scientist, but she has phenomenal baking skills that she regularly showcases on her channel. Her YouTube account, started back in 2010, has now amassed over 11 million subscribers. In addition to her baking videos, Pansino blogs about her everyday life and includes guest appearances from her boyfriend, sister and other popular YouTubers.

Pansino has hundreds of videos on her channel, but her baking playlist, titled Nerdy Nummies, has over 400 videos to be watched, where she shares her own recipes. Some of these videos include guest appearances from her sister and other YouTubers, such as Timothy DeLaGhetto and James Charles. There are a wide variety of dessert recipes on this playlist, which includes cakes, cookies, Rice Krispies Treats, cupcakes and fondant recipes.

Quite a few of her baking videos are inspired by movies and TV shows, such as “Moana,” “Rick and Morty” and “Harry Potter.” Others are based on video games or the gaming systems themselves, like the “Legend of Zelda” or the Nintendo Switch. Most recently, Pansino posted a video for making vegan brownies, which stood out because most other baking channels rarely feature vegan recipes.

There are hundreds of baking channels out there on YouTube that all offer a unique twist on the traditional baking channel. How to Cook That offers a unique view of cooking from the perspective of a food scientist. How to Cake It showcases unique and elaborate 3D cake creations of teddy bears, food items and so much more. Man About Cake is a unique and funny twist on the regular baking channel. It’s rare that you see men on YouTube passionate about baking and showing off their creations. Baking a Moment gives viewers dessert recipes that are easy to follow for the inexperienced baker like myself. Lastly, Rosanna Pansino posts baking videos that feature vegan recipes, which is not often seen on a baking channel. If you’re a baking fanatic looking to hone your skills, these YouTubers are certainly worth adding to your watch list.


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