Buzzfeed Unsolved
Young format, cute hosts and lots of bromance? This series really has it all (Image via Tubefilter)

4 Reasons Why College Students Should Watch BuzzFeed Unsolved

Forget finals and projects — you need this YouTube series to de-stress (and stay alive!).

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Buzzfeed Unsolved
Young format, cute hosts and lots of bromance? This series really has it all (Image via Tubefilter)

Forget finals and projects — you need this YouTube series to de-stress (and stay alive!).

BuzzFeed Unsolved has quickly become one of the most popular shows on YouTube. Bringing humor and quick wit to unsolved mysteries and unexplained supernatural events, the series has acquired a distinctive style that amounts a significant pool of audiences among college students..

The series is split into two parts: True Crime and Supernatural. In True Crime, the hosts discuss unsolved crime stories, such as D.B. Cooper. In Supernatural, they visit various haunted or supernatural locations, such as the famous Sally House (a rumored demonic location). These episodes are filled with both serious research and a cheery atmosphere.

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Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej host the show on the BuzzFeed Blue YouTube channel, and episodes are uploaded on Friday’s at 6 p.m. EST with thousands of students tuning in every weekend. If you are not one of them yet, these are the reasons why now, more than ever — with the time of exams and final project deadlines quickly approaching — you should take a quick break and relax with BuzzFeed Unsolved.

Unsolved: Supernatural Season 4 Trailer

1. Bromance Between the Co-Hosts

The show’s success depends on the relationship between the hosts, Bergara and Madej. The two have an undeniable chemistry and it is this dynamic that gives the show a unique feel. Without the two’s playful banter, I doubt if the show would have taken off.

In fact, the series was originally hosted by Bergara and another BuzzFeed employee, Brent Bennett, and the vibe was not at all the same. While Bennett and Bergara have both said they are friends, it did not seem as apparent as Bergara and Madej’s friendship. Bergara and Madej are often cracking jokes and laughing at the theories proposed.

Bergara and Madej also are extremely competitive in nature, and this comes across really well on screen. Bergara is considered a “believer” and Madej is a “skeptic.” Bergara takes the position that ghosts are real, aliens visit earth and supernatural creatures exist, whereas Madej takes a more scientific approach to the world.

In the Supernatural episodes, Bergara attempts to prove to Madej that the supernatural is real. Online teams, of course, follow suit with Bergara’s supporters named “Team Boogara” and  Madej’s supporters named “Team Shaniac” (inspired by his first name). The bromance between the two, after all, offers plenty to enjoy as a viewer.

2. Updated Format

Crime-and-supernatural shows are nothing new, and this is especially true for YouTube. In recent years, the video sharing platform has witnessed a growing number of unsolved mystery channels popping up and there are also various TV shows on these subjects.

What sets BuzzFeed Unsolved apart is their 15-to-20-minute format, which is specifically modeled to approach younger people with a busy schedule and no time to watch an hour-long show with commercials.

BuzzFeed chose YouTube as the main platform, giving it a very young feel and free access to young viewers. If you have a smartphone and an Internet connection, you can watch the series for free, unlike other true crime shows where you need to pay for a specific cable channel in order to watch.

The show is also filled with animations and jokes to send out a lighthearted vibe. Bergara and Madej always find ways to poke fun at the topic and ensure the tone of the series is funny rather than serious.

3. Love to Be Scared

It’s no secret that human beings love to be scared; people love ghost stories, horror films and rollercoasters. They enjoy an experience that will provide the sensation of pure fear. Although the show is lighthearted in nature, it still provides this sensation of fear to the audience.

The spooky locations (such as haunted prisons, hospitals and ships), the unsolved creepy murders, the alien encounters and the ghostly interactions all strike fear into the viewers.

Furthermore, the audience can watch as Bergara becomes afraid as well since he is a believer and he often becomes terrified of the spooky locations. As you watch, you will not be alone in your fear. This makes the experience extremely interactive and enjoyable.

I recommend you watch this series late at night, which is perfect for college students who typically finished homework or other school activities at small hours. Once you’ve finished, unwind with an episode or two.

4. “The Hot Daga”

The Hot Daga Season One - BuzzFeed Unsolved

The show has a post-mortem segment on Wednesdays in which Bergara and Madej answer questions from their BuzzFeed Unsolved social media accounts. At the end of the video is what has been called “The Hot Daga,” an animated show written by Madej and animated by Bergara.

“The Hot Daga” tells the story of two married hot dogs, their son Brandon, a beloved French fry named Gene and an evil twin named Pam. This is the most hilarious part of the post-mortem episodes as Madej goes out of his way to make the story as ludicrous as possible to specifically annoy Bergara, who later has to animate the series together and does not appreciate the ridiculous story that Madej is telling at all.

You might not think this fits the tone of the show at first; however, this segment helps viewers decompress. After watching an episode filled with murder, aliens theories and other spooky events, it is helpful to watch a ridiculous little series like “The Hot Daga.” It allows one to come down from their high of being scared and return to a sense of normalcy.

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