The Best Female Fitness Gurus on YouTube

If you're looking for personal-trainer results without a personal-trainer cost, these three women are a can't-miss.
December 28, 2018
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In the last few years, strong has become the new skinny, and people everywhere are striving to be healthier versions of themselves. The first step in becoming a healthier individual is establishing a consistent workout routine. Developing an effective workout routine is harder than it seems, though, because so much more goes into developing muscle and losing fat than people initially like to believe. From monitoring daily calorie intake and avoiding most sugary/processed foods to choosing efficient exercise, getting in shape (and staying in shape) is a challenging prospect.

However daunting it may seem, there are so many places to find advice and leadership from other people who have been on their fitness journey for a long time and have tested out different ways of getting fit. Some of these people can be found on YouTube — many fitness YouTubers have several videos explaining their journey, what workouts have proven to be most successful for them, etc. Below are my personal top fitness gurus that I found and follow religiously on YouTube and other forms of social media.

1. Bella Rahbek

Bella Rahbek began her fitness journey at the age of 15. She grew up in Denmark and eventually moved to New York City, where she lives now. Her accent is charming and adds a bit of distinctiveness to her videos. Rahbek not only focuses on fitness, but lifestyle and fashion as well. She emphasizes the importance of having equal amounts of training and good diet, as well as a productive mindset.

Many of Rahbek’s YouTube videos are geared toward females and the main trouble spots for women. For example, many women want to lose tummy weight without losing weight in other places, oftentimes with the help of women’s fat burners. Rahbek demonstrates and explains key workouts that aim to enhance curves while losing weight in the tummy area.

Rahbek also explains many of the common mistakes people make when trying to grow muscle in certain areas, such as the booty. One of her videos is titled “Top Three Booty Building Mistakes!” and in it she discusses the most commonly made errors people make when trying to achieve bigger booties, such as excessive cardio workouts. Rahbeck provides videos that break down her workouts into step-by-step instructions on proper form and most effective number of reps and sets.

Some of Rahbek’s Youtube videos are about various types of clothing — she examines their prices and level of quality and then determines if they’re worth the amount of money they cost. One video is titled “Zaful Active Wear! Too Affordable? Is it Worth It?” I love this video because I’ve been debating whether or not to purchase active wear from Zaful and this video helped me make that decision.

As of now, Rahbek is my personal favorite fitness guru that I’ve found on YouTube. Her extensive knowledge on diet, fitness and fashion are key components that make her someone to trust and listen to in terms of health.

2. Whitney Simmons  

Whitney Simmons’ YouTube channel, titled “Get Fit with Whit,” is similar to Rahbek’s in the way that she focuses not only on fitness, but also diet and fashion. However, Simmons also opens up about her personal life regularly. She has a video titled “Q&A: My Relationship, Plastic Surgery and More” in which she discusses the most commonly asked questions her subscribers post in her comments. I like how Simmons is open to discussing her personal life with her subscribers and fans — it adds connectedness.

Simmons is an ambassador for Gym Shark, a popular fitness clothing line. In her many workout videos, she is usually sporting her latest Gym Shark clothing. When taking a quick visit to her Instagram page, @whitneyysimmons, the majority of her page is workout videos explaining what moves she is doing in each and which set of muscles she’s attacking that day.

Although Simmons focuses on whole-body workouts, a lot of her emphasis is on her booty. I like this aspect of her channel because in today’s society, having a large butt is one of the most common desires for women. Surgery is not usually an option for women, so it’s really awesome to have people who expertly explain how to achieve the same results with workouts.

3. Tammy Hembrow

When writing a piece about fitness gurus, it would be a travesty not to mention Australian fitty Tammy Hembrow. Hembrow is arguably one of the biggest fitness gurus out there right now — she has had two children but still manages to have the body of a women who looks like she has never eaten any junk food in her entire life.

While Hembrow’s YouTube channel, simply titled “Tammy Hembrow,” features many videos about her personal life, such as her children, experiences and relationship, she also posts videos about her workout routines. Hembrow also has an app called “Tammy Fit” on which users can find step-by-step workout videos and diet instructions. To have access to the full workout programs and diet instructions there is a fee, but it is completely worth it and less expensive than hiring a personal trainer.

Hembrow’s programs are geared toward completely body health, with emphasis on booty workouts. She is also the owner of a fitness line called Saski. The Saski collection is reasonably priced and features awesome clothes for the active person on the go.

With so much emphasis on bodily appearance in today’s society, it can be overwhelming for many women to try to live up to these standards. Of course, every person should feel comfortable in the body they’re given, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve oneself. The fitness gurus I’ve listed help people to do just that. With emphasis on well-rounded health, Rhabek, Simmons and Hembrow have set the bar for women everywhere.

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