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The 4 Thrift YouTubers Every Avid Thrifter Should Watch

Looking and feeling good on a budget? These YouTubers have got you.
October 3, 2019
8 mins read

Thrifting: Something that was once looked down upon is now the cool and trendy way to go about getting some new threads on the cheap. Everyone from fashion bloggers to the girl who sits next to you in class is now rocking their used clothing treasures. With the increase in thrifting lately, guys and gals everywhere are turning to thrift YouTubers to learn how to go about hunting for some cool finds and what to keep an eye out for. As an avid thrifter myself, I have often turned to the video platform to get some “thriftspiration,” and over time have developed some of my personal favorite thrift YouTubers and have decided to share them with you today.

Thrifting has become a great hobby recently as more individuals are looking for ways to shop sustainably while staying on budget. In addition to saving money and getting new clothes, thrift shopping also has a few other benefits, like allowing you to have clothing that is unique to you and allowing you to put your money to good use by having a small portion of your total go to a charity or nonprofit organization.

1. Carrie Dayton

First up is the thrifting queen herself, Miss Carrie Dayton. Originally Arizona based, Dayton started out on YouTube doing story time videos where she would tell viewers stories about things like getting rejected from her dream guy and her sketchy tanning salon job. Eventually, she moved into making thrift content and has also become a body positive activist. Being a midsized gal, Dayton is open and honest about the joys and struggles of thrifting and trying to find things that fit a size 12-14.

Dayton loves to take viewers along with her on her thrift journey from start to finish. She will talk through her process, throwing in helpful tips and tricks along the way, like checking out the lingerie sections of thrift stores for slips that can be worn like dresses a la Urban Outfitters and Free People. The thrift YouTuber has also taken her thrift adventures on the road to places like the Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles  and various vintage markets in London. If you are looking for some ‘90s inspired outfits and thrift hauls done in a realistic yet aesthetically pleasing manner — along with some body positivity, jokes and pop culture references — then definitely check out Dayton’s channel.


2. Alexa Sunshine83

I was first introduced to Alexa when she was in one of Dayton’s thrift videos. When I found out she had a channel of her own, I binge watched tons of her videos and became obsessed. Alexa has a bright and bubbly personality and is a ray of positivity when she greets her “sunshiners” aka subscribers by wishing them a super sunny day. Alexa’s channel is a great place for those who love not only the thrift haul aspect of watching a thrift YouTuber, but also the “thrift flips” and DIYs that also go along with it. Like Dayton, Alexa enjoys hitting up a Goodwill dollar sale and Savers during a 50% off special.

Alexa likes to keep it real with viewers, and will also admit when she has maybe thrifted a little too much. She also makes videos about everything she owns and shows the process of going through her closet to pare it down. She also provides her viewers with the opportunity to buy some of her old favorites on the clothing resale app Poshmark. Alexa also supplies viewers with some unique thrifted themed videos that put a twist on the typical thrift YouTuber, with several where she and another fellow thrifter, like Jazzybum, buy things for each other. Thrift junkies who love their content with a side of positivity need look no further than Alexa’s channel.

3. Leah’s Life

By day, or in this case, by main channel, Leah is a slime maker and connoisseur. Her vlog channel called Leah’s Life, however, is a whole different story. Leah uses her vlog channel as a place to upload all of her various thrift trips and hauls that often mention previous thrift queens, Dayton and Alexa. Leah likes to scope out various thrift stores like Goodwill, Savers and garage and estate sales, and will give viewers helpful tips and tricks to use while thrifting or trying to sell old clothes at places like Plato’s Closet.

The thrift YouTuber also likes to keep things a little unconventional on her channel with thrift videos at places like Unclaimed Baggage, a store that sells items that were left behind in airports at a reduced price. Leah also enjoys finding trendy pieces that look like they came from places like Reformation and Urban Outfitters. The thrift YouTuber is also not afraid of a little thrift DIY, and has blessed her viewers with a simplistic chatty tutorial-esque video where she crops T-shirts and makes belts out of dresses with long hemlines. Leah’s channel is great for the thrifter who likes a little bit of everything out of a thrift YouTuber.

4. bestdressed

Last, but certainly not least, is one of the most popular thrift YouTubers, bestdressed. Ashley (the face behind bestdressed) is a blogger-turned-YouTuber who has a passion for fashion and a love of thrifting. Ashley’s videos are a refreshing break from some of the bright, loud and overly obnoxious YouTubers, as she puts time and care into making her videos visually pleasing without being too showy. Her soft voice and relatable demeanor also give a little extra boost of zen and calm mixed with little bursts of humor here and there.

Ashley, like other thrift YouTubers mentioned on the list, loves taking items from the thrift store and breathing new life into them with just a pair of scissors and a sewing machine. On multiple occasions, Ashley has gotten ugly items and made them trendy with a little love and time. Since most of her wardrobe is second hand, the thrift YouTuber puts together outfits consisting of salvaged pieces in hopes of inspiring her fellow thrifters. Ashley has the perfect channel for those beginning to dip their toes into the world of thrifting and for veteran thrifters alike.

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