Hannah Hart
Hannah Hart is hilariously relatable. (Illustration by Jessica Shaklee, University of Georgia)

Hannah Hart Is the Occasionally Drunk Comedian Everyone Needs

From her early beginnings on ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ to her latest book, the young comedian’s witty humor and strange quirks capture the Hart of humor.

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Hannah Hart

From her early beginnings on ‘My Drunk Kitchen’ to her latest book, the young comedian’s witty humor and strange quirks capture the Hart of humor.

Hannah Hart is a famous comedian, YouTuber and author. Known on YouTube as MyHarto, she originally became famous for her YouTube series “My Drunk Kitchen,” where she gets wasted and makes random food — often with her cats getting into shenanigans in the background.

“My Drunk Kitchen” originally began because one of Hart’s friends was going through a hard time, so, in order to help cheer them up, Hannah got drunk and filmed herself making a grilled cheese sandwich like she was on a cooking show. But, halfway through, she realized that she didn’t have cheese, so she ended up making grilled, buttered bread, and the video became a sensation.

Even though the video was originally created for her friend, after Hart posted it to YouTube, it quickly picked up speed, leading to the creation of more episodes and, for a short time, a cooking show of her own.

Hannah Hart’s journey to build her channel wasn’t easy. It originally began with people loving the videos of her at home, but after people began to push her to be more active within the community, Hannah Hart became worried about what that meant. After moving to LA from New York City, she felt like her channel wasn’t what she wanted it to be and considered quitting for some time.

When she was about to surrender, she decided to try one last approach — she took her channel on tour, teaming up with Pearl Wyble to travel across the country while vlogging their trip and recording with people across the nation.

The tour is also where Hannah Hart’s charity work began. They were originally asking others for money and weren’t expecting much funding, but the team ended up getting much more than they had originally planned for. This expanded their tour and gave them the chance to do some charity work while traveling.

After the tour, Hannah Hart teamed up with Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart to create a feature-length film, “Camp Dakota,” which eventually led to even more films. For more information on Hannah Hart’s history, check out “The History of Hannah Hart — A Brief History.”

Hart has recently been focusing on collaborations with other YouTubers, including Tyler Oakley, Thomas Sanders, Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart, AmbersCloset and even bigger TV celebrities like Seth Rogen and Bobby Berk. She will definitely continue to entertain viewers with her comedic nature.

Hannah Hart isn’t just a drunk cook, though. She also has the YouTube series “Just for Fun,” which highlights her hilarious personality through short videos making fun of herself or the world, often including funny anecdotes from her own life or relatable social issues. Some favorites from this channel series are “How it Feels When You Find The ‘Perfect’ Hat,” “17 Ways to Pretend You’re Listening,” “11 Happy Vacation Vibes” and “Thoughts You Have When You are Sick.”

Hart also has another YouTube series reserved for collabs, Travel Vlogs, cat videos and “Just for Feelz,” in which Hannah explores deeper content that doesn’t fit within her normal comedy videos.

Hannah Hart is loved for many reasons — of course, she’s hilarious, but what makes her different? Hart builds an openness with her viewers that helps them relate while laughing. She is candid about her own experiences as a comedian, lesbian and YouTuber, and she uses these parts of herself to connect to people and build a community.

Most of her comedy makes fun of how bad she is at social interactions, while simultaneously teasing society in general. Hart is well aware of the s—t in the world, but she approaches difficult topics in a lighthearted and comical way.

Hannah Hart has always used her voice to build a better community, not only preaching for people to be kinder but also pushing them to become more involved in their communities. She always volunteers when she is touring and often vlogs about the experience in order to encourage others to do the same.

She founded the “Have a Hart Day” organization, in which she volunteers at local food drives and invites others to join her. This has taken off over the years, as her fans have taken the work into their own hands by organizing programs that invite everyone in the community to join them for a day of charity work.

Hannah Hart has also written three books. “My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking and Going With Your Gut” was the first book she ever wrote. It is known for each recipe resembling a mini “My Drunk Kitchen” episode while also bringing in important life lessons and heartfelt anecdotes.

Hart’s second book, “Buffering,” is a more personal piece that pulls away from her other cookbooks. It is a comical biography about her life, which includes private details about her coming out story and how she got to where she is today. Hart’s newest book, “My Drunk Kitchen Holidays,” is similar to her first, except it focuses on the best recipes for the holiday season.

Whether it’s through her YouTube channel or her books, Hannah Hart is a hilarious comedian who uses her voice to create positive change within communities across the nation. She creates content that discusses big ideas in a comical way and helps people process and laugh at the ridiculous parts of life.

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