ClassPass: The Workout App For Indecisive and Busy College Students

Can’t decide between yoga or barre? Why not both PLUS a martial arts class?
August 3, 2019
8 mins read

ClassPass is changing the way young people work out. Through one app, users can book classes across studios and even have access to online video workouts by leading coaches and studios in their area. Accessibility and flexibility are attracting the attention of young and busy people who want to work out but don’t know where to start or can’t commit to just one exercise.

Finding time to work out in college can be a challenge. Classes, assignments, jobs, internships, friendships, sleep and a myriad of other things can take priority over exercising, hence the infamous “freshman 15.”

Gyms and fitness centers advertise different plans and offers, hoping to convince people to go to their specific gym or take a specific class; that’s where ClassPass differs from standard workout apps.

ClassPass offers a certain flexibility that standard studios are unable to offer: the flexibility to bounce between studios and to even get some of those workouts on consumers’ phones, through video workouts. Video workouts can be used for alternative workouts in one’s home gym.

The third-party app lets you book workout classes with a multitude of studios all through one app. A ClassPass membership gives you access to hundreds of studios and thousands of classes in your city — everything from barre to kickboxing to hot yoga to cycling classes. It’s as close to limitless as a selection of workout classes can get.

Getting a ClassPass membership gives you access to hundreds of studios that partner with the membership program in your city. This is the app for you if you are still trying to figure out what form of exercise you enjoy best or are indecisive about sticking with only one form of exercise. Why should you have to choose just one?

ClassPass is available in most major cities and is still expanding its reach. Visiting their website provides you with a list of all the studios available in your area.

The benefits of ClassPass extend far beyond simply getting you out of your dorm and working out. The variety of studios that come with the membership make it easy to try different types of workouts and classes. It helps you realize which classes you enjoy and which classes you can do without.

You might have realized that hot yoga isn’t exactly your tempo but that still leaves you with cycling classes, martial arts, Pilates, core strengthening, boot-camp style classes and many more.


The wide variety can help you discover your ideal form of exercise or, if you’re not the commitment type, to continue studio hopping. Deciding not to commit to any one studio or class is a commitment in itself.

The variety of workouts allows you to exercise different muscle groups and practice different skill sets. You can strengthen your core on Tuesdays while doing full body cardio on Thursdays and stretching out your sore muscles in yoga on Saturdays. The options aren’t just for full body workouts; it’s well-rounded and all-encompassing.

A ClassPass membership also gives you access to highly experienced and professional trainers in different areas of exercise. Many studios that partner with ClassPass are high end and some of the best in their field. In some cases, having a ClassPass membership is more affordable than having a membership with the studio directly. And you can still attend classes at other studios instead of being limited to just one.


Another reason ClassPass is the perfect workout platform for college students is the time structure. As students, we are used to blocking off class times in our calendars as times we keep clear. With ClassPass, you can use the same concept in disciplining yourself to follow through with the class.

The classes don’t require a long time commitment — the length of each class is around one hour — and you can cancel without any charge until 12 hours before the scheduled class time.

The class structure comes with other added benefits: You are not responsible for coming up with a workout on your own.

Have you ever changed into workout clothes, tied the shoelaces on your running shoes, filled up your water bottle and forced yourself into the gym only to be completely overwhelmed by the machinery and not sure what it’s all for? We all have.

With ClassPass, the hardest part will be showing up to class. Once you walk in, giving you a good workout is all up to the instructor. They don’t just have exercises prepared for you; they are there to push you to your limits and then extend them. Then repeat in the next class.

As tempting as the concept sounds, what’s even more tempting is the two week free trial they provide to ClassPass users to test out their services. For the first two weeks, you have access to all the studios, classes and video workouts that all paying members have access to, except you get it all for free. The free trial is a great way to try the program and see if it’s something that works for you without making a monetary investment.

If you decide to continue the membership after the trial period, you have three plan options. The first option gives you 27 credits for $49, the second gives you 45 credits for $79 and the third gives you 85 credits for $139.

Different plans will obviously work best for different people, depending on their level of activity and the type of classes they attend. Classes can range from three credits to 12 or even more credits per class.  This is usually dependent on the popularity, accessibility and reputation of the class or studio, among other things.

But you can figure out all the studio logistics in the first two weeks when you are actually trying them out. You’ve got nothing to lose and a ridiculous amount of variety in class selection just waiting for you to decide.


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