YouTube Power Couple Alissa Violet and FaZe Banks Have Broken Up

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December 28, 2019
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From one toxic relationship to the next, YouTube star Alissa Violet has not had the best luck when it comes to dating within the YouTube community.

Violet made her debut into the YouTube scene after blowing up on the app Vine. She began to climb the social charts as she began to get closer to her fellow Vine star Jake Paul. Paul started his own production crew named “Team Ten,” which is known for causing drama and being in the middle of numerous scandals. Violet was a part of the team and appeared in many of the team’s videos when the brand first launched.

Fans were always speculating that Paul and Violet were more than just best friends because of the personas they put on in front of the camera. The two never confirmed anything until one day, Violet revealed in a vlog that Paul had kicked her out. He’d moved all of her stuff out of her room. This led to a massive social media battle between the two, which included diss tracks and petty tweets being exchanged on both sides.

It was revealed that Paul and Violet were in fact more than friends, but he had cheated on her with multiple girls and she had hooked up with Paul’s older brother, Logan Paul. It was also revealed that Paul had allegedly abused Violet, physically and emotionally, throughout their relationship. While everything with Paul was unfolding, Violet announced her relationship with Ricky Banks, also known as FaZe Banks on YouTube.

Violet fans adored Banks, mainly for the way he came to Violet’s side and helped her defend her name against Jake Paul. The American gamer called Paul out multiple times for treating Violet poorly. In a video from 2017, Banks talks about his disapproval of Paul, and Violet tells her side of the story. The way Banks stood up for Violet against Paul and his fans was one of the main things that made fans like the couple. For two years the couple seemed happy. However, there was more to the story than what we saw on video.

In July, the two YouTube stars announced on Twitter that they broke up in June. Banks tweeted: “Love that girl to death and always will. I’ll never say a bad word about her.” While Violet kept it brief with, “Single violet thrives.” At the time it seemed that there was no bad blood between the two. Fans were speculating on the couple’s split after Violet started appearing less in Banks’s videos.

Banks also went on a podcast where he admitted to having some sort of relationship with Tana Mongeau, who is currently Jake Paul’s wife. Once the podcast was released, fans noticed that Violet did not follow Banks anymore. The two cleared up the situation stating they were arguing but it was unrelated to the podcast. Violet followed Banks again and admitted to knowing about Banks and Mongeau’s fling when they first started dating.

Nevertheless, fans still speculated a breakup was on the horizon, and they weren’t wrong. What fans weren’t expecting was the messy truth to the breakup. In early December, the news resurfaced on Twitter.

Violet took to Twitter to retweet a tweet asking how people found out they were being cheated on. She tweeted, “I was asleep upstairs with our dogs and he wasn’t next to me so I checked our guest house and caught him naked in bed with a random girl.” She also stated that allegedly he broke eight of her phones over the course of their two-year relationship.

Cheating was one of the rumors going around within the YouTube community when the news first broke, but that happens with every breakup. Fans didn’t expect anything more, yet Violet’s alleged claim that Banks cheated on her led to a lot of speculation around the two’s break-up.

Banks came out with a statement to get Violet to stop talking publicly about the situation. He stated, “I think I speak for both of us when I say the love was and always will be a very real thing. I refuse to let our very intimate relationship become a spectacle online.” He never denied the cheating allegations but did admit he did do something stupid and hurtful while the two were dating. Fans believe he was referring to the cheating.

The majority of the statement was Banks calling out to Violet to stop talking about the situation online. However, he did reveal that Alissa did and said some hurtful things to him as well. He later replied to a few people announcing that there was more to the story, but he would not discuss what it was on social media.

This has led to an outcry from Banks and Violet fans for the two to tell them more about what happened. The situation seemed to be straightforward — two adults wanting to take a break from a relationship simply because it wasn’t working out anymore. Now, the whole thing has become a messy drawn out mystery that fans may never know about. By calling out Violet, Banks created a massive audience dedicated solely to figuring out what happened in the relationship.

The breakup is not as simple as the two made it seem, and clearly there are still things that the public doesn’t know. But to make things even messier, Jake Paul tweeted, “What I never got to say…‘These Days’ December 13th” followed by a picture of Violet and Paul wearing their old merch.

The song is speculated to be about Violet and everything Paul never said to her, but this could still go two ways. This new song could be a love song where Paul talks about his feelings for Violet, which would stir up even more drama since he is currently married, or it could be a diss track about Violet. Some fans are guessing Violet could potentially be on the track as well. What’s going on between Paul and Violet is still pretty hazy, however, there should be some clarity coming very soon.

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