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These 5 Stationery TikTok Artists Are Combining Crafting With ASMR

Paper lovers have turned to the video-sharing app to forge their own peaceful corner on a platform full of chaos.
October 3, 2020
10 mins read

TikTok has a reputation for its shockingly diverse array of content. With a nook and cranny for everything from cooking videos to comedy, TikTok provides its viewers with a buffet of content ripe for the watching. So it’s no surprise that satisfying sounds of tearing paper populate the platform’s latest trendy corner — stationery TikTok.

Why, might you ask, does TikTok have an entire niche dedicated to something as simple as paper products? The answer lies not in the simple snapshots of plain paper, but rather in the whirling assembly of intricate journal spreads.

You can watch as patterns and textures are perfectly pieced together, luring your gaze with a casual masterpiece fashioned in under a minute. Your ears will also thank you for the symphony of scissors and glue tape that pleasantly scratch at your ASMR itch.

Sandwiched between chaotic Willy Wonka videos and dizzying influencer drama, stationery TikTok is a humble, warm sanctuary filled with talented artists and their devoted audiences. These creators harbor a relaxing environment where they share the simple pleasures of dreamy colors and playful stickers. Some creators are full-blown artists that have made a business of their talents, while others record their personal journal pages to indulge in their favorite hobby.

Whether you’re looking to support brilliant artists, you’re in serious need of journaling inspo, or you just want some delicious new ASMR, here are five stationery TikTokers that will have you turning your volume all the way up.

1. Jenny Nguyen

Jenny Nguyen (jjennynguyenn) is the cream of the crop of stationery TikTok. In her own online art shop, Third Eye Designs, Jenny creates elaborate artwork on paper that she hand-stains to look like parchment. Jenny’s meticulous drawings — often inspired by classic artwork, Greek mythology and Harry Potter — make for ASMR so satisfying you’ll be left scrolling through her page for hours, yearning for more.


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♬ original sound - Jenny Nguyen Art

Jenny’s TikToks are usually comprised of the same few steps. She’ll start off by unfurling a scroll of beautifully yellowed paper, then she pencils out a sketch. She’ll trace out darker outlines, then carefully swirls in splashes of color. After some masterful calligraphy, Jenny begins packaging her order, nesting the finished piece within a series of envelopes and thank you notes.

The cherry on top is the wax seal. After the strike of a match, a pitter-patter of dropping wax beads and a pour of liquid gold, the order is perfectly packaged and ready to go.

 2. Krisydays

Krisy is the queen of stationery fixins. Her scrapbook spreads contain aesthetic paper cutouts, stamped letters and minimalistic stickers that beautifully tie in a simple theme. All her TikToks weave together an innate understanding of stationery, highlighted by her skillful wielding of each tool in her arsenal of supplies. The spreads feel strikingly intimate; each piece of washi tape draws viewers in with a tender warmth.


i like to keep my writings hidden hehe also happy 200k!! 🥺✨ #asmr #journal #journaling #relax #aesthetic #fyp

♬ original sound - iconic films

Often overlayed with soothing music, Krisy’s videos are uniquely comforting. Her rolling glue tape and lovely color palettes are bound to invite you in and leave you feeling relaxed and satisfied. My favorite aspect of her TikToks is the mixture of textures, colors and materials, drawing together transparent stickers, delicate doilies, black backgrounds and white text in a cohesive, beautiful spread. 

3. Mikabunni

I attribute my venture into the realm of stationery TikTok to mikabunni. When her video popped up on my For You page, I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her manicured hands and colorful journal pages. Mikabunni has mastered the timing of ASMR — her shots of ripping paper and dragging markers abide by an implicit tempo, further compounding the viewer’s satisfaction with each passing second.

Each journal spread has a specific color or motif that inspires that day’s design. The luxurious wax seal occasionally makes an appearance, often as a final signature or an adhesive for dried flowers.

Mikabunni’s TikToks showcase her personal creativity and resourcefulness. One video demonstrates her methods for creating her own stickers out of parchment paper and packing tape, while another delineates her stationery supply collection, most of which comes from the dollar store. She also frequently makes use of old magazines or book pages, bringing new life to each scrap in the background of her daily journaling.

Aside from her ingenuity, mikabunni stands out for the casual, improvisational nature of her journaling. It always feels like she simply rides a creative wave of freedom, never abiding by rigid rules of artistry. Each crookedly drawn line is welcomed into her journaling aesthetic — a feat that comes few and far between in a community wrought with perfectionism.

4. Journistic

Grace Kim of journistic has a special eye for journaling themes, creating a new, cohesive aesthetic with each new TikTok video. In one TikTok, she brings together shades of cream and beige to create a visual of “light academia,” while another incorporates washes of rosy pinks and muted teals with a “cottagecore” theme.

Journistic also dedicated a series of TikToks to different U.S. decades, alluding to the iconic pop culture and design elements characteristic of each era.

A personal favorite of mine is a video that covers journaling tips for beginners, where she shows her sources of inspiration, her methods for keeping pages visually balanced and the bin of paper scraps she keeps for whenever she feels stuck.

Journistic is another creator who is able to capitalize on her talents. She has an Etsy shop where she sells “journal starter kits.” Each kit contains essential journaling supplies like pens, markers and stickers that are perfect for beginners looking to dip their toes into the world of journaling. 

5. Rediska_via

If you’re looking for an elegant blend of visual precision and delicate ASMR, Vikky of rediska_via is the stationery TikToker for you. Rediska_via lies on the opposite end of the stationery TikTok spectrum from mikabunni’s charming crooked lines, instead opting for a paper cutter to ensure perfectly straight edges with each slice. But that’s fine too. The best part about journaling is that there is no right way to do it — just do whatever brings you peace and works best for you.

Rediska_via’s gentle precision instills her journal spreads with a high level of artistry. She often ties in elements of nature with floral patterns and butterfly cutouts. Her videos are backed by soothing lo-fi beats, punctuated by moments of tranquil ASMR that supplement her visually satisfying pages.

If you’ve been convinced to join the stationery TikTok community, then I welcome you. I hope you sit back, pour a mug of tea and watch other creators find comfort and peace stitched between the pages of their journals, just like I have.

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