Why ASMR is Perfect for College Students
Why ASMR is Perfect for College Students

Why ASMR Is Perfect for College Students

It’s free, healthy and popular on YouTube, but you’ve probably experienced the peculiar tingling sensation before.

Autonomous sensory meridian response, popularly known as ASMR, is the tingling sensation that occurs on your body as you listen to certain sounds or view certain kinds of motions. Though no one quite understands why the body reacts the way it does when experiencing ASMR, one thing is certain: It is one of the most relaxing experiences ever.

First, you must find out if you can feel ASMR in order to experience the calm, tingling sensation. My suggestion is to watch ASMRists’ (those who perform ASMR) videos on YouTube. In my opinion, Heather Feather is one of the best. She has various videos such as role plays, ear cleanings and relaxation. She has been making ASMR for a couple of years, so she is an experienced ASMRist. Plus she’s really funny and sweet, so her personality along with her expertise, makes her videos really delightful.

Why ASMR is Perfect for College Students

No matter which ASMR video you watch, you will encounter different triggers. To feel the sensation, a trigger has to be performed. Examples of triggers are tapping, crinkling and brushing. An ASMRist might tap glass, crinkle plastic etc. Everyone has their own triggers that will allow them to feel ASMR, so it’s okay if you don’t feel the tingles right away. You just might have to keep searching for a trigger that is right for you. However, please note that not everyone has ASMR, so there is a chance you may not be able to feel it.

When you watch ASMR videos, you should use headphones or earphones, because the sounds are so quiet that you will not experience the sensation if you use speakers. You will also want to wear audio-enhancing gear because ASMRists use binaural equipment, such as the 3DIO Free Space. Binaural equipment allows them to record sounds using two different microphones (usually to mimic the ears of a person), and you’ll want to hear what is happening in each ear. The binaural recording also helps create a 3D effect, so it’ll feel as if someone is moving around you.

If you’re not sure where to start, I suggest watching a video that has a compilation of multiple triggers. These videos can be long, but it’s worth your time if you want to discover which triggers give you tingles. Some compilation videos you should consider watching are by Heather Feather, MassageASMR and PPOMO ASMR.

Once you find a video that has the triggers you like, you can search for other videos that have that trigger. Not all ASMRists are the same, because each person likes to use different equipment and performs ASMR in their own way, so it’s important to explore different YouTube channels.

As you listen to ASMR, you should feel tingles. Most people feel tingles start in their scalp then feel them travel down their spine. I believe that this sensation can be felt anywhere in the body, but it depends on the trigger. Different triggers makes people feel a certain way, so the feelings you have from one may differ from another.

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If you can’t feel ASMR or are unsure as to how the sensation should feel, just imagine someone is gently but rapidly running their fingers on your skin. Your body should feel as if it’s receiving a massage without someone actually being there.

ASMR is really good to listen to when you’re studying, feeling stressed out or having a hard time falling asleep. If you’re studying, I suggest listening to an ASMR video that doesn’t have any talking because that could be distracting; what you want is a calm background noise as you go about reviewing, reading etc. To find a video that doesn’t have whispers, simply type in the YouTube search bar “ASMR no talking,” and tons of videos will come up.

As for feeling stressed out, I recommend listening to one of your favorite triggers as you lie in bed with your eyes closed. Once you push the play button for your video, turn up the volume to your liking and simply focus on the sounds that are filling your ears. Allow your breathing to steady for your heart to relax. I guarantee that if you do this, you’ll feel so much better after your video is over.

For those of you who feel like counting sheep doesn’t help you fall sleep, ASMR can help you. In fact, there are videos that focus on assisting you drift off into a nice slumber. These are usually longer than most ASMR videos, so don’t worry if you think they won’t be long enough for you to fall asleep. If not, you can always make a playlist with multiple sleep videos.

Why ASMR is Perfect for College Students

One of the best parts about ASMR is that it’s free. All you have to do is go onto YouTube, look up a video and let the tingles do their job. Being a college student is tough because you are always tight with money and constantly stressed out. There are always deadlines to meet or a bill waiting to be paid, but with ASMR, you win. You are finally able to relax without spending a penny.

Though the phenomenon is a free, easy and magical form of relaxation, don’t listen to it too often. If you listen to ASMR on a regular basis, you might lose your ability to feel it. Like all good things, it’s good to enjoy it in moderation. Perhaps you can turn to your tingles when you need them most. That way you still can have your relaxation while preserving your ability to feel ASMR.

Not a lot of people know about the sensation, so I encourage you to share your discovery with people you know. After all, ASMR helps relax people, so you can say that it’s good for your health. Plus, all you need is the internet and some earphones in order to access it. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll become an ASMRist and help people feel at ease with your calming triggers.


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