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5 Natural Hair Bloggers to Look Out for

These YouTubers will help you achieve the best "I woke up like this" hairstyles.
June 11, 2019
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In recent years natural hair has become mainstream. Several prominent actresses such as, Taraji P. Henson, Amandla Stenberg and Yara Shahidi, all proudly rock their natural hair to red carpet events. Because these women and many more have rocked their natural hair confidently to such important events, the natural hair movement has seen an increase and has become more widely accepted.

So, whether you decided to big chop or transition your way to being entirely natural, sometimes you need hair inspiration. There’s no better place to look for natural hair tutorials than YouTube. Several women have made natural hair blogging channels to help us natural-haired girls with everything. Their videos give tips on how to grow your hair, they recommend products, and give style tips based on your hair type. There is a natural hair blogger out there for you, no matter what your hair type, hair porosity or hair length is. Natural hair bloggers have helped several women who made the decision to go natural, become comfortable with and love their own hair.

My top five natural hair bloggers to watch, all have used their platform to not only educate women about their natural hair, but to also encourage women to build themselves up and chase their dreams. Some of these bloggers have started their own businesses or product lines and even have separate videos on how they became successful hair bloggers through social media.

1. Naptural85

Naptural85, otherwise known as Whitney White, is one of my favorite natural hair bloggers. With over one million subscribers, White has dedicated her channel to educating her following about natural hair and has even started her own hair care line, Melanin Hair Care. White has been blogging her natural hair journey since 2009 and has documented its growth from the teeny-weeny afro (TWA) stage until now.

Her channel mainly focuses on hair styling, but White also does product reviews on styling tools and hair care lines. Her hair care methods take a minimalistic and natural approach to natural haircare. She has several videos of DIY haircare products you can make with simple ingredients in your kitchen.

On her channel, she also does videos documenting her daughter’s natural hair journey and includes a few family vlogs as well. If you’re interested in taking a more natural and minimalist approach to natural hair care, I highly recommend binge-watching Whitney’s videos. She has a hair styling video for you, no matter what stage of hair growth you’re currently in.

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2. Kimberly Cherrell

Kimberly Cherrell is a natural hair blogger based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She began blogging her natural hair journey seven years ago, after deciding to transition her hair to natural. Initially her videos were all about protective styling and doing reviews on hair used for wigs and sew ins. Eventually, Kim went from protective styling to doing wash n go videos.

Her channel now mostly consists of wash n go videos with Kim using different product combinations to see the results. She also has makeup videos, lifestyle videos, and videos giving tips to girls recently deciding to go natural. With almost 200,000 subscribers, Kim has a large dedicated and supportive following. If you want to learn more about how to properly care for low porosity hair and become a pro at wash n go’s, then head over to Kim’s channel.

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3. NaturalReign

NaturalReign aka Jaelen Mitchell, is a hair blogger based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She also happens to be friends with Kimberly Cherrell. The two have collaborated on several videos. Mitchell’s channel caters to the high porosity natural girls and mainly focuses on wash n go’s.  She experiments with different products and different styles. Some of her videos consist of hair challenges with her roommate, which are some of my favorite.

Their whole dynamic is hilarious and it’s cool that she features a variety of  hair  textures and porosities, not just her own. Jaelen initially began documenting her journey two years ago and has documented her hair regimen. If you’re a high-porosity girl in need of hair inspiration, definitely head over to Jaelen’s channel to see products that will work for you and to get some tips on how to properly tame your mane.

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4. Hazell Goddesss

Hazell Goddess is a 23-year-old mom of two who began hair blogging on YouTube four years ago. She started her channel to document her natural hair journey just to see her progress.  On her channel, she not only documents her natural hair journey, but her daughters’ as well.

She regularly posts videos of kids hairstyles and reviews of kids products with the help of her daughters.  In addition to blogging their natural hair journeys, Hazell also gives advice to those wanting to build a YouTube platform and brand for themselves.

She explains how she gained followers and how she formed business relationships with brands. She regularly reviews products that she received as PR packages or products that she bought. If you’re looking for more versatility in your hairstyles, definitely check out Hazell’s channel as there is no shortage of hairstyle and protective style videos on her channel.

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IAMTREAH began her hair blogging channel in 2014. Treah has big chopped twice, once in 2014 and again in 2016. Each time, she thoroughly documented her journey in caring for her hair and the hairstyles and products she uses for each stage of growth. Additionally, this mom of two, regularly incorporates her two daughters and her husband on her channel. They have even created a family channel as well. While she does post videos for styling children’s hair, she often does videos where she transforms her daughters into herself by giving them a similar hairstyle and makeup look.

My favorite part of her channel besides the product reviews are her natural hair horror stories. These horror stories come from her subscribers and detail terrible experiences they’ve had with stylists. These stories are entertaining and serve as a warning to be careful who you let do your hair. If you’re looking for more than just product reviews and hair care routines, head on over to Treah’s channel and binge watch her natural hair horror story playlist.

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