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The Real Way to Manage Natural Hair

Everything you've learned about hair health, made simple.
July 20, 2017
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If you’re thinking, “Oh no, not another natural hair article,” I completely understand. There’s so much emphasis on what to put into your hair, how to take the very best care of it and make it look its best. But didn’t your mom just put whatever in it when you were little? You still grew up with a full head of hair. So what difference does it make what you put in it now?

Also, many of those natural hair tutorials are deceptive. “That girl does not have hair like mine,” you say. Their hair is always straighter than yours, so if you tried to do the same style, your hair wouldn’t look the same.

This article is different. I’m not going to tell you exactly what to put in your hair or how to style it, though, I do recommend products with all-natural ingredients. Rather, it is about accepting the hair you have and being proud of it, both through the style you choose to wear it in and the products you use to take care of it. In other words, this article is about finding peace with your hair. Because when you find peace with it, you will become unstoppable. You will have no choice, when walking down the street, to think to yourself, “I am amazing!”

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1. Soul Search 

So, what’s the first step in managing your natural hair? How do you get to the point of total confidence in the way you look? It all begins with you, quite honestly. Are you really happy with the way your life is going right now? If not, change it.

When people make their own choices, and do what’s best for them, when they take great care of themselves and are proud of themselves for it, it shows. So why not start with that? Avoid trying out particular hairstyles first to prevent yourself from going for the ideal, the hair you’re “supposed” to have.

2. Eating Healthy

Be concerned about your health by taking note of what you’re putting into your body. Of course, there’s no need to go overboard, but avoid junk and food with a lot of preservatives. Replace those with high-alkaline fruits, vegetables and water. Ginger and chick peas, among others types of food, however you choose to take them, are said to be especially good for the hair and scalp.

At the same time, food with plenty of sugar is at the top of the list of foods to avoid. It’s a given that as soon as you change the way you eat, you’ll change the way you feel, resulting in healthier, nicer looking hair. It will be yours as it should be.

3. Choose the Right Product 

I’ve always thought people put way too much emphasis on what to put in their hair versus what to keep out. The natural hair look I have now is really because I wanted a look that suits me more. However, I’ve realized that you should be careful what you use in your hair. Kinky hair, according to many people, is said to protect the body and brain from the sun. The best you can do to maintain this property, the better.

It’s one thing to avoid alcohol and sulfate shampoos so you’re not messing with the hair’s natural oil, but it’s another to stop perming the hair straight, as this is known to put harmful ingredients into the body. SheaMoisture hair products are the most trustworthy when it comes to hair management and styling. Their ingredients include things like hibiscus and tea tree oil, whereas other products have methylisothiazolinone, and other things not as beneficial to the hair which I cannot pronounce.

4. Styling

Now you can accept the hair you have, because you know the hair you have. What style have you always wanted to do? What do you think is going to look good on you, and what have your friends said you should try? Experiment with twist outs, bantu knots and cornrows, or just leave it all out. There are numerous ways to style your hair. Historically, in many African cultures, the style of hair determined age, social class, economic status, marital status, and religion. So, have fun, go with what you feel, and be brave. See what styling gel might do or adorn the hair with clips, beads and jewels.

I love my natural hair. I also realized the effect it has on other people. Little girls no longer feel shameful for being different, but rather have the courage and confidence to embrace their own unique qualities. The older folks, on the other hand, are reminded of a tougher time, and what it took to get through it. I didn’t intend to make those kind of statements, but there’s nothing wrong with it either.

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