Changing Up Your Hair Style Means More Power to You

And it's fine if you mess up your hair this time!
November 29, 2017
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There are many aspects in our life we have absolutely no control over. Luckily, our appearance is not one of them. Despite being a creature of habit, I learned that change during rough or chaotic times might be exactly what we all need. Going through the same motions of college or routine daily activities can get tiresome, so changing it up has become one of the keys to keeping myself sane.

I have contemplated about cutting my hair for months. One boring, homework-filled Sunday night, I decided I seriously wanted to switch up my hair. After recently getting it cut and being told my hair will completely deteriorate if I bleach it, I did exactly that — I bleached the whole thing with the intention of eventually getting to a platinum blonde color.

At first, it was the most yellow, piss-colored, brassy tone I’ve ever seen my hair. After weeks and weeks of tons of colors and toners, I finally reached a blonde that was tolerable. With the help of my mom, I’m currently at a silverfish blonde with black roots.

What sparked my sudden need for change was the fact I was bored with myself and I’ve actually wanted to switch it up for a while. I was scared of the opinions of others though. What would people say? Would they think I’m uglier? Prettier? Weirder? But in the end you learn that it doesn’t matter. If you genuinely love your look, the opinions of others won’t matter.

As silly or unbelievable as it may sound, switching your hair up has the potential to give you clarity and a sense of identity. Going from a basic look of long, dark brown hair to a platinum blonde bob might be exactly what you need to get you through loads of essays, crazy hours at work or even if you’re feeling homesick. Do something with your hair and you’ll feel a new sense of empowerment. Feeling hurt, lost, sad or unsure of how to change it up? I’ve got you covered.

If you’re feeling nervous in a new situation, such as moving to a new town, it’s time for a different approach. This is your opportunity to look inviting. For whatever the reason, if you’re in a new town or school, one of your biggest challenges will be making friends and meeting new people. Your first impression on people is made on how you present yourself.

Generally, lighter colors stray you away from looking “dark” and “mysterious.” If your hair isn’t already light, go for a warm, chocolate brown tone and get those split ends cut off. The length doesn’t matter, just make your hair look as healthy as possible. According to Hairstylesfeed, keeping a clean, neutral cut will help you create a great first impression.

If you’re feeling out-of-touch and distraught with yourself, a bold cut and color is the way to go. A lack of clarity makes our minds feel as foggy as glasses on a humid and hot day. It’s hard to feel strongly about our identities all the time, but having a distinct cut and color in mind could help you bounce back. It shows a sense of certainty in who you are, even when you don’t necessarily feel it (fake it till you make it, right?).

When you’re going for something bold, pick a sleek cut, such as a bob. (Image via Pinterest)

In fact, your cut could range from a short bob to a pixie cut. Color wise, one solid color, such as black or platinum, would kick a short haircut up a notch. Not only does going shorter bring a sense of control, but if you aren’t familiar with yourself and short hair, you might even find a new look. Shorter hair brings more emphasis to your face sine it could bring out a strong facial structure.

Stressful feelings are inevitable, but an uptight haircut could really help you set them aside. To whatever it is you’re stressing about, getting a cut that leans toward “boho” might be the perfect balance for you. Tousled waves, full-front bangs and a color that’s on the lighter side could help you achieve this look.

The look helps minimize larger foreheads and works particularly well on long, oval-shaped faces. This new, organic and loose hairstyle would contrast the stress and ease out your feelings as well. A boho cut is pretty easy to take care of — throwing your hair up in a messy bun or ponytail is still possible—so you have nothing extra to stress over.

Sadness is the hardest slump to jump out of. If you’ve been feeling down and hurt, it’s time to pull an Amber Rose. Going through a major breakup? This is the perfect time for a drastic change. Go completely bald or shave off just enough to leave room to color your new do. Doesn’t matter the color, you’ll stand out regardless.

The best part of going this dramatic with your hair is that it’s such a unique look. This kind of hair has power written all over it because nothing says confidence as much as being able to pull off a shaved head. After all, confidence and feeling dominant is exactly what you need when you’re feeling sad. Most people are scared of regrets after shaving your hair and stray from this kind of cut. Life is way too short to stress over what people will think! This look screams carefree. Plus, your hair will always grow back.

You can change your hair any day, at anytime and nobody can stop you. Plus, if you don’t like it, it’s totally okay. Your natural hair will grow back before you know it. Just remember when you decide to change up your hair, do what you want with it and educate yourself with how to tend to it. If you have the opportunity to switch it up, it’s time to go for it.

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