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How Men Can Grow Out Their Hair Much Faster

Want to have long, luxurious locks? Here are some strategies to turn your long-hair dreams into reality.
October 28, 2020
5 mins read

Regardless of whether you haven’t had a chance for a haircut due to being quarantined or if you’ve been watching a lot of Jason Momoa movies and love his epic locks, growing your hair out is never a bad idea for men to try. It’s said that hair grows roughly half an inch every month, but are there ways you can help to speed up the process a bit? Definitely! Okay, so there’s no way to get Momoa hair in a matter of weeks, but if you’re patient and play your cards right, you can eventually have long hair that will be the stuff dreams are made of.

Eat right, rest well, and get regular exercise

Just like the rest of your body, hair certainly benefits from a great diet. You don’t have to go on some weird celebrity diet by any means, but ensure you’re drinking plenty of water, getting protein from food like chicken, eggs, nuts and beans, as well as upping your intake of biotin via salmon and avocados, for example. To promote good blood circulation, keep up an exercise schedule that suits you. Any type of fitness is recommended, be it yoga, swimming, basketball or simply jogging. All that exercise could tire you out, which is a good thing! After all, 7-8 hours a night of uninterrupted sleep is perfect because that’s when the growth hormones are most active around your scalp.

Improve your hair care regime

There are millions of products that declare they can help to increase hair growth and all sorts of wonderful little things for your body, but you don’t have to buy into them necessarily. Feel free to try out oils or supplements if you believe they could improve your hair growth, but really, a good hair care regime will be your best ally when it comes to growing your hair long. Those awkward middle phases where your hair doesn’t look quite right and isn’t long enough to tie back are admittedly pretty difficult. But if you can power through it (and wear lots of hats!) then you’ll be well on your way to longer locks. Experiment with different gels or waxes to find a way to shape your hair that works for you, as men’s hairstyles often vary from person to person.

You can make a few small changes right away, such as switching to a silk pillowcase to prevent breakage while you sleep; relying less on hair tools that require heat like blow-dryers, straighteners and curling tools; and always conditioning your hair after using shampoo. Also keep in mind that you don’t have to wash your hair every day, unless it gets incredibly oily, as over-washing can lead to dry, brittle hair that won’t look its best. Brushing your hair is helpful once or twice a week, but don’t brush wet or damp hair, as this can damage those delicate hair strands.

Give yourself scalp massages periodically to promote blood flow on the scalp, and get a haircut around every 2-3 months to ensure the ends are healthy. It might seem weird to get haircuts if you want to grow your hair, but trimming away split ends helps the growing process. Tell your hairdresser your goals and they’ll just snip away a little bit to ensure the hair will continue to grow in a healthy way.

Be patient and stay the course

There will probably be times where you can’t stand the growing process and wish to shave off your hair, but if you stay patient and remain calm, you can have the long hair you desire after a bit of time. If your hair is quite short to begin with, then it could take roughly a year to have a decent length that looks good and is easy to tie up as a bun. Remember all the tips above and stay as persistent as possible, then you’ll be well on your way to becoming the next Momoa.

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