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Healthy Hair Habits for Millennials

Your hair is just like any other part of your body — treat it right, and you will reap the rewards.
September 11, 2021
5 mins read

With the advent of modern life and the stress caused by it, not only one’s health but also hair quality gets compromised. In a fast-paced life, not enough nutrients reach the body and in turn to the hair. And, once hair starts showing the signs of deterioration, it takes a long time to bounce back even after the required care is taken and nutrients supplied to it. Thus, the best way to have a healthy, shiny and bouncy mane is to maintain your hair’s health. What follows are a few healthy habits that you should follow for healthy hair.

Brush before you shower

Brushing your hair before taking a shower results in hair that is tangle- and knot-free hair before you wash it, which in turn, minimizes the possibility of breakage. Also by doing this, the hair remains more manageable than if you didn’t brush it beforehand.

Invest in a well suitable hairbrush

Every type of hair requires a certain type of brush to take care of it. Figure out the hairbrush type that suits your hair for a manageable mane that takes minimum damage.

Avoid heat as much as possible

Avoiding heat styling ensures that you will minimize the damage that your hair takes — both from the heat itself as well as the dangers of over-styling. Minimizing the amount of heat on your hair keeps it healthy, as regularly heat styling can result in damaged, unruly and unhealthy-looking hair.

Clean your hair tools regularly

The hair tools that you use to style your hair must be cleaned regularly to ensure that they are not damaging the hair or otherwise dirtying it. Regular cleaning is easier to do than more time-consuming deep cleaning.

Avoid shampooing every day

Hair shouldn’t be shampooed every day, and if you do a lot of physical activity or exercise daily, then you will have to figure out a healthy hair care routine sooner rather than later if you want to have beautiful hair — one that suits you and cleanses your mane without too many harsh chemicals and lets your hair breathe.

Get regular trims

Having a regular trim is necessary for healthy hair growth. If the hair is left to grow unattended it can grow to be unruly and can even result in split ends and unhealthy, unkempt-looking hair.

Do not wear the same hairstyle for a very long time

Wearing the same hairstyle for a long time plays havoc with your hairline and even the quality of your hair. Take care to give a much-required breather to your mane and try switching up your hairstyles now and then. Many tight hairstyles can spell danger for your hair and result in hair loss or even many hair conditions.

Use moisturizer after every wash without fail

Every time that you decide to wash your hair, set aside at least five minutes for moisturizing it. Moisturizing your hair every time it is washed is mandatory, to supplement the moisture and natural oils lost due to shampooing, which takes these elements out of your hair along with the dirt and the grime.

Use a silk pillowcase to sleep

The use of cotton pillowcases can remove much-needed moisture from your hair and can also increase hair breakage. Both of these problems can be corrected by using a silk pillowcase to sleep.

Avoid direct sunlight and UV rays

Direct sunlight and UV rays are detrimental to hair and should be avoided.

And finally, rather than experimenting on your natural hair for any treatment or new hair colors, you can opt for hair wigs and hair extensions to achieve your required look. These days human hair wigs are available for more natural appeal.

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