Cancers Get the Worst Horoscope Rep, and Here’s Why

Fenty naming our horoscope lipstick 'PMS' is only one reason this sign's reputation needs some reconsideration.

Who’s a Cancer in your life? No, I do not mean someone who’s energy-draining or a killjoy. We all know that person. I’m referencing those who fall under the Cancer horoscope sign.

Maybe a nice change in 2020 is saying, “Who’s a Cancerian?” or “I’m a Cancerian,” instead of Cancer. It can lead to a potentially new beginning. You know, a new possible way of life, where people don’t cringe when you walk into the room and reveal you’re the water sign named after a life-threatening disease. Considering the word “cancer” can act like an unsuspecting trigger for many, it makes sense there are people who unpleasantly grimace at the mere mention.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, my feelings are not hurt. Okay, maybe a little bit, because water just absorbs everything thrown at it until it bursts everything back out. I’m just over here with an attitude/crying/angry/insert any other emotional reaction here, because people don’t always f—k with us kids and don’t have a good reason for it. It’s cool, really. I swear, nothing’s wrong, I just need a second.

But wait, is it also likely the shade isn’t solely coming from the label? This may just be an idea to consider. Because rumor has it the animosity is possibly more personal than simply shallow.

As a fellow Cancer(ian), I can name a few different reasons people just won’t like me or my fellow horoscope brethren. Hm, where should I begin, though? Well, the laundry list might look a bit long, but I can say it’s pretty on point.

Were All-NaturalIntroverts

Water signs are typically introverts, so it makes sense that Cancer(ians) are comfortable being solo. However, don’t mistake our need for alone time as being b—chy or rude. We’re only taking some time for ourselves, promise. We’re always a phone call away and are actually very willing to talk about virtually anythangg and everythangg. Usually, we’ll even enjoy having conversations late at night, probably between the hours of midnight and 2 a.m.

Shameless plug: A perk of our friendship is that we don’t shy away from more emotional discussions. But, disclaimer, that doesn’t mean we’re always into that soft s—t. That subject is visited in a second, though.

Now, we aren’t completely turned off by social settings. As the Thought Catalog points out, the term “extroverted introverts” best describes us. We’re bubbly and friendly during the shindig, and then go MIA — unless it has to do with work or our professional life — for the next two to three days to recharge. Once over, you are truly not bothering us by reaching out before we peep our eyes outside of our shell. At least, in my case.

Were All Cry Babies Unless the Heat is Being Dished Out by Ourselves

Our “crybaby” status is in reference to our struggle with confrontation and criticism. First of all, those who judge us for our dislike of confrontation can direct this attitude toward a few other signs. Just kidding! (Slightly.)

Once our shells are penetrated, a whirlwind of sentiments we’re experiencing at the moment are unleashed. At times, it can come out in the wrong way through emotional outbursts best described as “extra.” Our sentimental spirits can use some taming and expressing ourselves as honestly as possible is not always the solution. Plus, our seemingly ingrained anxiety that fuels our defenses and warns us to beware of outside forces attempting to break down our walls doesn’t help.

Don’t shoot me for being honest! I can admit to the error of our ways. Yet, we are open to constructive criticism from those we feel have our best interest at heart. Everyone else, sorry. We’ll probably take your opinions with a grain of salt depending on the delivery of your message. Moreover, if we are dishing out any criticism, it’s with consideration of another’s feelings. We aren’t just a bunch of jerks hurting other people and then hiding in a corner when it’s our turn to get checked.

Fenty Did Us Dirty and Named Our Lipstick PMS”

Okay, why did they do us like that? Out of all of the ways to describe our moodiness, they went as far to say we are PMS-ing at all times. Allow me to paint the scene of this hard-hitting realization: I hear the news that everyone’s favorite bad gyal just dropped a new line of must-have lipsticks. If you haven’t noticed, I am into astrology, and completely in love with the quality and cost of Fenty’s makeup. Needless to say, this was my dream come true. A dream that was short-lived and quickly shattered once I realized how an entire creative team of people view us.

Alright, it’s not that much of a dilemma. Remember, I’m a water sign and we get a bit melodramatic. But here I am, assuming we come off as a seemingly relaxed group of people — up until provoked, at least. Nope, newsflash girl, no one else is falling for the façade.

Cause We Just Moody

Listen, if your ruling astronomical body was the moon, then you wouldn’t see moodiness as foreign. Our moods and attitudes shift a bit too rapidly for some. Oh welp, woe-is-us, we are the ones who make our 180s without warning.

If it gives any more context, our purpose was created by a jealous wife who was seeking revenge. In all fairness, we do not lack a middle ground. We are quite capable of emotional neutrality and are great at helping people get through their emotional instability. (This probably explains why many of us end up in relationships with people who need therapists.)

Rumor Has It We Are …  a Bunch of Spiteful A–holes

If I had a dollar for every time someone accused me of being spiteful, I’d be a millionaire already. No, like seriously, this entire finger-pointing routine people have grown accustomed to when it comes to Cancer(ians) is ridiculous. We don’t all seek revenge after our fallouts. We’re not all secretly planning your death late at night when we can’t sleep. We don’t keep pictures of our ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends, ex-best friends or ex-imaginary friends locked away in a box to scratch out their faces once boredom hits.

Better yet: We don’t care. Like at all, we aren’t thinking about you or “it” anymore. If a Cancerian is exiling you from their lives, you must have really messed up. Whatever it was, you done did it and we’ve finally had enough. Nevertheless, the one thing a Cancerian appreciates most is their space. It’s all we crave when catastrophe hits. Like I mentioned before, we aren’t sticking pins into your voodoo doll’s eyes unless we’re 50 Cent or really have a hard time with conflict or adversity.

Now, I will say we can ruminate on a situation that was pretty bad. But, get this: A Cancerian who actually overreacts toward you after a fallout feels extremely indignant or threatened. Any moment that we’ll stoop down to get even or retaliate is rare, unless someone truly hurts us beyond belief. This can happen for a couple of different reasons, and one of them is that people believe we’re just a bunch of weaklings who put up with anyone. So, to counter that belief, we might act out. (But be better, not bitter!)

Were Too Sensitive and thats a Turnoff

Again, I digress, we are sensitive. However, just like Google says, sensitivity isn’t synonymous with weakness. As Amanda Seales pointed out in her podcast “Small Doses,” we don’t have time to act debilitated. No one does, so why would Cancerians waste their time with that? Like I said, we’re into the emotional profundity of life, not that soft stuff. We are empaths who either embrace or deny our ability to apprehend the mental or emotional states of others. If we’re lucky, this talent can turn into real clairsentience. (A clairsentient is an empath’s upgrade. They are the people who possess an extremely heightened form of empathy and are able to feel and experience energy intuitively.)

We’re also overly-labeled as sensitive, especially when sensitive is expressed distastefully. Perhaps, it’s because not everyone’s as emotionally concerned or receptive. So … maybe if you grew a heart, you’d understand us better. Because in a general sense, we aren’t a bad group of people, just a little misunderstood.

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