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The line-up of shows this Broadway season is better than ever, for one particular reason.

New York City, arguably one of the greatest cities in the world, is home to Nathan’s Hotdogs, a breathtaking skyline, Times Square, but most of all, a variety of Broadway plays and musicals.

Broadway, a street that runs the full length of Manhattan, is the birth-place of this vast and growing theatre industry where thousands perform every year in a variety of venues. These talented actors and actresses, from all over the nation, come together to rehearse, perform and to “break a leg.”

The intricate harmonies that send chills throughout your body, the elaborate costumes and the lavish sets create an unmatchable Broadway experience for every audience member.

You are probably a Broadway enthusiast if your heart experiences an inevitable pitter-patter every time you hear the first two cords of famous Broadway tune, “Seasons of Love,” or if you can recite every line to Broadway’s finest musical (in my opinion), “Wicked.” Also, you probably think “Hamilton” is the greatest thing since sliced bread — it really is!

Live theatre creates an indescribable experience and an intimate setting between audience member and actor, which allows one to feel a part of the story that is being played out before their eyes. Today, so much of performance is experienced through media and rarely ever experienced in a live setting.

The theatre is a cultural space where the audience is given the ability to learn and value creativity through an enchanting experience. This 2018 season, the list of the Broadway shows has an incredible lineup. Here are a few shows that are coming to theatres on Broadway this season.

1. “Frozen”

“Frozen,” originally a Disney animated film is making its debut on Broadway later this month. The script tells the story of a resilient and determined princess who sets off on a journey to find her long-lost sister. The film, both sincere and comical, aims to prove that the power of love among family is something that is truly magical.

The film ranks as the highest-grossing animated film of all time and has won multiple awards for its original soundtrack. This success quickly generated a “Frozen” frenzy; stores began selling themed backpacks, keychains, costumes and much more.

The film, which is now adapted into a highly anticipated Broadway musical, may be aimed at younger audiences, but is well suitable and guaranteed to be enjoyable for any age group. The show will take place in St. James Theatre and will premiere on March 22.

“Mean Girls”

“Mean Girls,” a film written by Tina Fey, is considered a classic by millennials. This story perfectly captures everything one needs to know about high school in an intelligent, charming and charismatic way. The movie emphasizes wit and humor all while sharing an essential message; popularity is meaningless in high school.

Today, “Mean Girls” is widely known, has a national day and is preparing to make an appearance on Broadway this month in an adapted musical form.

The film came out over a decade ago and teens are still raving about the amusing depiction of a group that calls themselves “The Plastics.” The play is bound to reproduce everything audiences loved about the original film with a musical twist. The musical premiered last fall in Washington D.C. and will appear on Broadway this month.

2. “Pretty Woman”

“Pretty Woman,” a film that was one of the top-grossing romantic comedies, is hitting the stage in New York City this spring. A prostitute, best known as Julia Roberts, and a wealthy man, best known as Richard Gere, form an undeniable connection and fall in love with each other.

The story is typically described as a modern-day Cinderella and explores themes of self-worth, reinvention and societal standards.

The musical is said to produce the same amount of joy, fun and laughter as the popular film did. According to the producer, Paul Wagner, the musical is going to replace tracks that are played in the movie, which of course includes Roy Orbison’s “(Oh) Pretty Woman.” The musical will travel to Chicago and then come to Broadway in the fall at Nederlander Theatre.

3. “Children of A Lesser God”

“Children of A Lesser God” is coming back to Broadway March 22 at Studio 54 Theatre. This show already holds numerous awards which include Tony Awards, Drama Desk Awards, Oliver Awards, and last but not least, an Academy Award for the film version.

The play tells the story of a man who begins a new job as an instructor at a New England school for the deaf, which is where he meets a deaf woman who works on the staff. The two begin to form an undeniable connection. Despite their differences, they begin to develop a romantic relationship.

The play ultimately teaches the lesson that when you find romance you should pursue it and not allow any other outside forces to intrude. The story has the perfect amount of conflict, romance and humor which allows one to ponder how humans truly communicate. Because of the content, this play is best suited for a mature audience

Nothing screams New York City like a trip to Broadway. If you ever find yourself in the Big Apple, splurge a little bit and buy the Broadway tickets — you won’t regret it! Break free from technology (aka YouTube videos and live-streams) on that tiny screen and go enjoy some live theatre.

If you have never experienced a Broadway show, you have no idea what you’re missing out on. These shows have the ability to tell a riveting story that hooks an audience member from the very beginning. They typically tackle and allow one to gain insight towards a variety of social and political issues and many times tell the stories of historical figures that have been forgotten.

By the way, you’re going to feel compelled to buy the Broadway soundtrack as soon as you depart the theatre. There are many other shows taking the stage this year such as “Angels in America,” “Lobby Hero,” “Carousel” and “Three Tall Women.” Check those out and more here.

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