after-Christmas deals
Now that Christmas is over, it's time for the savings to begin. (Image via Unsplash)

After-Christmas Deals Perfect for the Broke Student

Now that you’ve spent the month getting gifts for your loved ones, it’s time to get something for yourself — without going further into the red.

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after-Christmas deals

Now that you’ve spent the month getting gifts for your loved ones, it’s time to get something for yourself — without going further into the red.

The hangover of the holidays is finally over, and you’re all gifted out. We’ve all been there, but what about some things for you? Retailers are trying to unload what they couldn’t sell off during the holidays, which means savings for you — vitally important, since we’re sure that your bank account is a little drained after getting things for your friends and family. There’s deals to be had, so check out our guide on after-Christmas deals for a few things that you might crave in the post-holiday season. 


Aren’t we all in the mood for reinventing our wardrobe in the new year? Well, thanks to fashion retailers wanting to get rid of stock for the end of the year, you can grab some serious savings with their after-Christmas deals. 

Something More Casual 

Whether you want something to just wear when running errands or want to look nice without going even broker, make sure to shop online at JCPenney, with an extra 25% off when you spend $100 or more (and an extra 20% off with a JCPenney credit card), a sale that ends on Dec. 31. That might seem like a high price point, but just a couple of winter jackets and maybe something nice for a friend means you get $25 back. Nothing wrong with that, right?

American Eagle is also offering 50% off bras, bralettes, leggings and sweatshirts through Dec. 31, as well as 25% off jeans and joggers through Jan. 2. Make sure to also peruse the online inventory of Forever 21; contrary to popular belief, they’re not going completely out of business, but their end of season deals might as well be a part of a big time going-out-business sale, because you get an astounding extra 50% off. Just make sure to use the promo code CHEERS. 

Athletic Gear

Got some New Year’s resolutions? Want to start jogging in the new year, or just like the athletic gear look? Well, you can save some money if you start shopping now. 

For your sporty needs, there’s up to 50% at Academy Sports + Outdoors on clearance items as well. And grab up to 50% off of winter boots — maybe not the sportiest of after-Christmas deals, but it’s something that you can give to yourself if you want to keep those feet warm this cold season as you’re trudging through the slush. 


If you’re in the mood for sneakers, shop Converse to get 25% off clearance, and shopping Joe’s New Balance Outlet means you can grab 70% off clearance items sitewide — perfect for whether you want to keep your feet comfy and/or looking fashionable.


Even though the bulk of the post-Christmas sales deal with fashion, there’s plenty of tech deals out there to end the year, whether you’re a gadget head or just a regular person trying to get something to surf the internet with — not to mention, it’s difficult to type entire papers on your phone.

Go to Acer and get $100 of the Aspire 3 laptop. Already a budget brand — perfect if you’re reeling from holiday spending and looking for those juicy after-Christmas deals — through New Year’s Day take even more off an already huge money-saver. The Acer Aspire 3 is probably one of the more powerful budget laptops, so if you don’t want to stare at your computer for 5 minutes while waiting for a website to load, order one online today

If you’re really looking to save, go refurbished at Dell. Make sure to set your clocks, because from 9:00 a.m. Central Standard Time on Dec. 31 to Jan. 6, 2020, take 45% off any item priced $399 and up (minus clearance items), along with free ground shipping. If you want to go cheaper still, there’s 31% off any items priced $398 or less (again, minus clearance items). Just remember to do this online, because you need the coupon code NEWYEAR2020. There’s a lot of options for Dell computers, so look at this guide if you need help.

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