What Tattoo You Should Get Based on Your Sign

Look to the stars for your next (non-basic) tattoo inspiration.

Getting a tattoo can be one of the most exciting experiences you can have. However, figuring out what image you want, or where you want it on your body, can be a frustrating, anxiety-inducing routine.

So, for your next tattoo, instead of combing through tattoo books at your local parlor, try taking inspiration from your zodiac sign instead. Below is a list of zodiac tattoo ideas whose design and body-placement should all be in alignment with your horoscope.


You are known for being straightforward, bold, independent and courageous. Goal-oriented and determined, you love to lead people and always bring your enthusiasm into the lives of others.

To best represent these qualities, you should get the courageous Greek goddess of wisdom and war, Athena, boldly tattooed on your inner forearm. After all, you’re a badass; it only makes sense that you get the ultimate badass lady as your new ink.


No, I’m not going to tell you to get a bull because of how stubborn you are. Just because you’re stubborn doesn’t mean you like to fight. Most likely, you are simply set in your ways; unlike some signs, you know how to stand your ground in a peaceful manner. 

Being an Earth sign, you are inherently tied to nature, so what better tattoo suited for you than a strong and sturdy olive tree? This tree is also commonly known as a symbol for peace, which makes for an even more perfect fit. Get this on your back right between your shoulder blades. Its trunk will become one with your spine, and your qualities of strength and inner peace will be amplified. 


zodiac tattoo
For the personal Gemini (Image via Pinterest)

Your friends love you for your humor and entertaining abilities; since you know which side of your personality to turn on while trying to appeal to different people, you’re great at socializing. Just like the twins of your signs symbol, however, you constantly find yourself caught between two different mindsets or two conflicting goals as you continue your internal quest for the next big thing. Since I needed to find one tattoo that fits both of your personalities, this one was a little tricky.

Okay, technically this counts as two tattoos. Still they work together as one, just like the different dimensions of your personality. Since you are both naughty and nice, try having twins — one angel and one devil — inked on the back of your neck. If you want, you could have them with their backs to each other; that way, it will look like one is whispering into each ear.


Oh sweet, sensitive and caring Cancer. Just like the sea, you come and go in waves; as a water sign, your emotions are prone to rise and fall just as the tides do. As you love hard with such a giving heart, all you want is protection, security and for someone to care for you just as much as you care for them.

Because you want to save your true and exposed self for the people who deserve it, you can be very secretive and closed off from the world. A heart-shaped lock over the ulnar artery on your wrist would perfectly exemplify your sensitive, loving and shy nature. Maybe your future significant other could have a key tattooed on their arm; after all, they managed to unlock the mystery that is you!


As one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac, Leos stand out as natural-born leaders oozing with courage and a lust for life. While Leos are known for their self-confidence and pride, you are not selfish. Actually, you are very generous, which is why you make such an excellent ruler. In addition, you have an appreciation for the finer things in life and a powerful need for independence.

Even though a lion seems like just an obvious choice, it really is the perfect symbol of who you are. However, instead of a male lion, try getting a female one. The lionesses are the actual badasses; they do all the hunting and lead the pride while the male lions just sit there and look pretty. Try getting the queen of the jungle fitted with a luxurious crown tatted on your chest or ribs to symbolize your natural leadership skills, elegance and bravery. 


zodiac tattoo
For the perfectionist Virgo (Image via Chhory)

Known for being meticulous and hardworking individuals, Virgos seem to have a perfect handle on the world around them. However, since you strive towards perfection, you can also be plagued by anxieties and stress; probably you aren’t often seen at parties or events with large crowds. As a Virgo you are loving, caring and eager to please; still, you don’t like attention and prefer to stay under the radar.

To symbolize your perfectionism and your minimalist attitude, a simple but simultaneously complex geometric design in an under-the-radar location such as the inner side of your foot is just what you need. 


Harmony, peace and love is what you’re all about, Libra. However, even though your ideals seem to be the embodiment of an easy, happy-go-lucky lifestyle, your life is far from stress-free. On the contrary, you’re constantly fighting for justice, trying to help people find peace in this screwed-up world. Think of a hippie activist fighting during the civil-rights movement. 

Your love for all things vibrant, different and beautiful gives you an appreciation for the arts, especially music. A tattoo of an abstract treble clef with the words “love” and “light” combined with the infinity symbol is just the kind of ink you need on your calf so that you bring harmony along with you in every step you take. 


Ah, Scorpio, Scorpio, Scorpio. Filled with mystery, darkness and passion, you are one tough case to crack. You put your hard shell out to the world to protect your vulnerable insides. However, while you may fool most, you don’t fool me; you’re not the emotionless hardass that you pretend to be. Just like Cancers, you love too hard, so you put up this front so that others can’t hurt you. 

Although I’m trying to avoid using your actual zodiac symbol as your tattoo, just like Leo and the lion, the scorpion is the perfect ink for you. They have that exoskeleton on the outside protecting their soft insides, and when somebody tries them, they have a poisonous sting, just like any Scorpio worth their salt. Get your fellow arachnid permanently printed curled around your left underboob (or underpec for men) so that it cradles and protects your heart. 


zodiac tattoo
For the adventurous Sag. (Image via Pinterest)

The epitome of extroversion, Sagittarius are known for holding nothing back. You say whatever pops into your head; quite often you come off as rude, but most people do appreciate your candor as you are quite hilarious. It helps that you most likely have a great sense of humor, so whatever you do say isn’t terribly scathing. 

Your extroverted nature also shows through in your curiosity and wanderlust, which compels you to constantly explore new lands and new ideas. Freedom and adventure are the air you breathe.

As a true explorer, what better tattoo to get than a map of the continents enormously sprawled out across your skin? As you travel, you can even put little markers or color in the locations that you’ve seen. 


Goal-oriented and highly motivated, you are one who never stops climbing. You never stop trying to better yourself and will do whatever it takes to become successful. However, just because you’re constantly imagining a better future for yourself, that doesn’t mean you are mindlessly daydreaming your life away. As an earth sign, you are connected to the ground, which makes you very practical in your carefully calculated thoughts and actions. 

To best symbolize your thirst for upward mobility, along with your down-to-earth mindset, get a landscape of a mountain range as a sleeve on your upper arm. I know a sleeve might sound a little intense for your business-driven mind, but it’ll be covered in the workplace under your long-sleeved button downs and suit jackets. After all, you’ll probably ed up as a CEO somewhere.


You look at the world as a place filled with possibilities. Although you are filled with energy and wonder, however, you may also be shy and quiet. Often putting yourself last, you always make sure to take care of the world around you. As an Aquarius, you are a true humanitarian who is constantly thinking of the next best way to improve the quality of life for others before yourself. 

Because of your progressive ways, the best zodiac tattoo for you would be a unique and personal mantra that inspires you to always move forward. Put this little phrase of power on the inner forearm of your dominant hand; that way, a quick flick of your wrist will remind you that you are a powerful human being whom the world needs.  


Just like your star sign, you are always on the move. However, only rarely do you spend your energy fighting something; instead, you prefer to go with the flow. In addition, you are a very spiritual person and others enjoy just being around you. As a constant dreamer, you tend to look at the world through rose-colored lenses and see the best in a situation.

Since you are a true water sign, to best represent your ever-changing motion and positive dream-like mindset, you should get a wave tattooed on your sternum as a way of illustrating your mobility and ideal paradise. 

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