Natal Birth Chart

Stars Tell Stories and a Natal Birth Chart Explains Yours

Astrology is more than just a zodiac sign, and a natal birth chart explains how each planet relates to you.
February 13, 2018
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Usually, when people think of astrology, they ultimately jump to their given sun sign. From Aries to Sagittarius, there are a total of 12 astrological signs that correspond to a person’s birthdate. While some may relate to their sun sign immensely, others may not feel any connection whatsoever. This lack of connection where the natal birth chart comes into play because it considers the distinct planet placements at the time of an individual’s birth.

A natal birth chart explores the deeper meaning of a person’s personality traits and their ultimate purpose in life. More specifically, a natal birth chart is unique to everyone and identifies strengths and weaknesses found in a person, as well as, giving insight to a person’s journey, transformation and ultimate destiny in life.

Free interpretations are offered online on sites like Café Astrology. All a person needs is their date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth to have a complete reading of their natal birth chart.

The natal birth chart is complex and lengthy because it is an extensive personality profile reading. Each of the eight planets of the solar system plays a specific role in the natal birth chart. Here are some helpful tips to properly navigate you through your natal birth chart reading.

1. Once you have entered in your birthday, birth time and location of birth, a report of your natal birth chart will be made.

The natal birth chart shows the exact degree placement of the planets on your day of birth. First, it shows the planets and points in correlation to the astrological signs. Each person has three distinct astrological signs that serve as the foundation of their personality. These three signs are known as the ascendant, moon and sun.

The ascendant sign represents how you appear to the outside world. Your physical appearance, and how you take care of yourself physically contribute to your ascendant sign traits. It also tells you how you respond to new challenges and new beginnings. Sometimes the ascendant sign is referred to as the mask we wear in public or how we make first impressions on others.

The sun sign is at the center of your natal birth chart. It is seen as the voice of reason to all other planets in the natal birth chart. Your sun sign is most popularly known because it is based on your birthdate only. Because the sun is at the center of the natal birth chart, it symbolizes your personal identity, direction and how you make decisions.

The moon sign unveils the way you respond to things on an emotional level. It represents self-expression, instincts and personal compulsions. Furthermore, your moon sign is a very deep look into how you act in private rather than to the outside world.

zodiac signs
A sun sign is a label for the traditional zodiac signs that everyone uses (Image via Sarcasm Co)

2. Aside from the three different signs mentioned above, each planet is assigned to an astrological sign in your natal birth chart.

The planets all symbolize different aspects of your life and how you go about things. Starting with Mercury, this planet rules your thinking and communication. The planet Venus represents how you love and what you find attractive in a partner. Mars embodies your energy and your ambitions in life.

Additionally, Jupiter showcases your luck, growth and knowledge. Saturn accounts for any obstacles you may face in life and how you handle adversity. Uranus is in charge of how you view change, traditions and innovation.

Neptune taps into your psychic abilities, aspirations and dreams. Lastly, the planet of Pluto symbolizes power and the ability to transform or be reborn.

3. In addition to planet placement, another key factor in your natal birth chart are the houses.

The zodiac chart is shaped like a clock and operates counterclockwise. Depending on your day of birth, time of birth, and location of birth, each zodiac falls under a certain house.

There are 12 houses to represent each of the zodiac signs and each house has more or less significance on your natal birth chart. The houses on your natal birth chart will help predict successes and failures you can come across in your time on earth.

The first house deals with your personality and characteristics. Which zodiac sign your house falls under will have a major impact on your psyche and the ways other people observe you.

The second house places an emphasis on your self-worth and how you manage your finances and materials. It goes into depth about the ways in which you could gain or lose money throughout your lifetime.

The third house represents how you communicate with others. Furthermore, it examines how you share information with people in your life or to the outside world in general.

The fourth house represents family relationships and where you find yourself to be the most emotionally secure. This house delves into your childhood upbringing.

The fifth house is about all things that you find pleasurable in life. From love relationships to personal pursuits, the fifth house harps on self-expression and how you like to enjoy yourself.

The sixth house symbolizes your work ethic and how you complete simple everyday tasks. The way in which you respond to challenges is also represented through your sixth house.

The seventh house alludes to serious relations like in marriage and business. These more significant relations also relate to potential interferences with higher authority like the law.

The eighth house represents how you attain power and grow throughout life. It also represents death and how you handle money when other people are involved.

The ninth house is based on your own spiritual wisdom. It is very philosophical and represents everything that deals with your personal religious beliefs.

The 10th house refers to the social status’ you will hold in your life. It talks about your career, successes and reputation among colleagues.

The 11th house focuses on your goals and desires. It’s also associated with how you contribute back to your community.

The 12th house is an intricate look into your unconscious and subconscious mind. Additionally, it represents your innermost self that the physical world does not get to see. In this house struggles that can greatly interfere with your quality of life can be identified. For example, personal drug addictions, incarceration and suicide are all life problems that are associated with the 12th house that you may or not face during your life.

Altogether, your natal birth chart is a compilation of distinct information that pertains to you and only you. Your natal birth chart is like a personal self-help guide to assist you on your journey throughout life.  Your natal birth chart is like a gift from the astrological gods, taking into account all aspects of your existence, to better steer your fate.


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