Bad Bunny and El Último Tour del Mundo

Bad Bunny’s ‘El Último Tour Del Mundo’ Takes Reggaetón to New Heights

Laying rumors of retirement to rest, the artist has conjured up an album filled with diverse musical styles and songs of heartbreak.
December 13, 2020
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Rumors of Bad Bunny’s retirement were put to rest with the release of his third solo studio album, “El Último Tour Del Mundo.” The 16-song project quickly rose to the top of the charts, with multiple songs topping Spotify’s global Top 50. Unlike his last two albums, “YHLQMDLG” and “Las Que No Iban Salir,” “El Último Tour Del Mundo” is more mellow and draws inspiration from other music styles besides reggaetón.

The Latin trap artist announced the album a few days before its Black Friday release; however, he had given fans many hints about the project. On “<3” (pronounced “Corazon”) from his last album, he rapped about plans to release another project in November. Bad Bunny also held a virtual concert in September where he sang on top of a truck as it drove through parts of New York City. Coincidently, the album’s cover is an image of Bad Bunny standing on top of a truck at sunset.

Rumors of Bad Bunny retiring circulated when fans heard the lyrics “to retire quietly like Miguel Cotto” from his last album. Bad Bunny cleared up fans’ confusion in an interview where he explained that he felt overworked at the time of the release of his second album. He had just performed at the Super Bowl with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira while simultaneously working on “YHLQMDLG.” He was exhausted and wanted a break, which the pandemic granted him.

Many fans were disappointed that they couldn’t jam out to hit songs from “YHLQMDLG” at clubs because of COVID-19. In response to this, Bad Bunny wrote songs that could easily be enjoyed alone or in a car ride with friends.

Heartbreak Is A Recurring Theme in the Album

Bad Bunny is known for writing songs that capture the emotions behind breakups and difficult times in a relationship. He does not disappoint fans with his new album and delivers quite a few songs about heartbreak from different perspectives.

In “Te Mudaste” (which translates to “You Moved”), Bad Bunny reminisces about a past love. The song opens up with simple electronic beats as he raps about how he has not seen his ex in a very long time and misses the sexual tension between them. The chorus opens up with a common reggaeton drum beat. While looking at pictures of when they were together, Bad Bunny notes that they were “bonitos recuerdos de cuando nos escapamos” (nice memories of when we escaped). Even if she moved on to another man, he doesn’t mind sharing her. The song ends with the lyrics “Desde que te desnudaste, a mi mente te mudaste” (Ever since you undressed, you moved my mind.)

Another heartbreak hit on the album is “Maldita Pobreza” (Damn Poverty), a unique take on being in poverty while simultaneously wanting to conquer the world. A guitar plays in the background to set in the helplessness Bad Bunny feels as he sings “Yo quiero comprar un Ferrari a mi novia, pero no puedo, no tengo dinero” (I want to buy my girlfriend a Ferrari, but I can’t, I don’t have money). The chorus kicks off with a beach-like guitar sound and 2000s rock influences while Bad Bunny sings “Maldita pobreza, solo se me olvida cuando tu me besas” (I only forget about it when you kiss me.)

He knows that his girlfriend loves him and doesn’t care about money, but he still wants to “Comprarte todo Gucci y una casa frente al mar” (buy her all the Gucci and a house facing the sea). In the final verse, Bad Bunny describes a dream he had where he got shot while trying to steal money and his girlfriend arrives at his funeral in a Ferrari. This last line is one of the few moments of vulnerability on the album. He is scared that his girlfriend will leave him for another man that can give her everything she wants. Echoes of gunshots paired with harmonica stylings can be heard as the song closes.

Bad Bunny Is Proud To Be His Unapologetic Self

Similar to other rap or trap artists, Bad Bunny includes many of his accomplishments in his lyrics. He has a lot to be proud of, especially this year. Spotify recently announced that he was the most-streamed artist of 2020 with 8.3 billion streams, and his album “YHLQMDLG” was the most-streamed album of 2020 with 3.3 billion streams.

“Yo Visto Asi” (I Dress Like This) is just another example of Bad Bunny being confident with himself and the way he dresses. The song starts with his iconic “Yeh-yeh-yeh-yeh” before the beat drops and the tempo changes. In the first verse, he raps about how he does not care about what people think about his fashion sense, especially since “Tú no lo va’ a pagar” (They are not paying for his clothes). He tells his fans to never let hate dictate their life and that “Mi valor no se basa en cómo yo me vista” (My value is not based on how I dress). Bad Bunny uses this song to let his haters know that he is confident and does not need other people’s approval of his life or career.

Another fan favorite is “Booker T” — a fun and light-hearted song about all of Bad Bunny’s artistic accomplishments. Trap beats start the song before Bad Bunny raps about how his songs are anthems that never expire. He’s a world-renowned rapper who “no contesto DM, hablan con mi manejo” (doesn’t answer to DMs, talk to my management). In the chorus, he raps about how he is at the peak of his career and how he is a champion just like the professional wrestler Booker T.

Bad Bunny pushes the boundaries with “El Último Tour Del Mundo” by seamlessly infusing rock and electronic influences with conventional reggaeton beats in all 16 of his songs. Although this new album does not have traditional “perreo” songs, he appeals to his fan base with his catchy tunes and relatable lyrics. The 16-song project takes listeners from feeling hype in one moment to experiencing the pain of heartbreak in another. Reggaeton, a musical styling that started in the Caribbean, is now played by millions across the world and enjoyed for its groovy beats thanks to artists like Bad Bunny who continue to push the status quo.

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