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Is Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s Mini Controversy Palette Worth It?

We'll see if it lives up to the hype.
November 25, 2019
9 mins read

Fans of Shane Dawson have begun to open their front doors to the welcoming site of a pink Jeffree Star Cosmetics box. While excitement has started wafting through Twitter threads and social media over the makeup collection, some wonder if it lives up to the hype. Are the colors as pigmented as they appear in the photos? How creamy is the lipstick formula? Is the packaging as eye-catching as Dawson and Star describe it? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answers to all of these questions. However, after receiving my Mini Controversy palette from Beautylish.com a few weeks ago, I can promise that the wait is worth it.

The Packaging

Many don’t think twice about the cardboard or plastic packaging surrounding a product. For the most part, it is a small obstacle separating the buyer from the merchandise. However, when it comes to Jeffree Star Cosmetics, the brand has been known for mainstreaming more appealing and marketable packaging. And the Conspiracy collection hasn’t fallen short of this expectation.

As I had purchased the palette from Beautylish.com, my package did not arrive in a pretty hot pink box donned with Jeffree Star logos. While its plain cardboard box was an eyesore, what was revealed underneath the lid was somewhat of a surprise. Wrapped carefully in tissue paper illustrated with various celebrities and other designs, the palette was protected better than a newborn child. Inside of this paper emerged a thick wad of foam wrap with a small box peeking out from the middle.

After removing all of the layers accompanying the Mini Controversy palette, I found myself staring at an almost dull metallic silver box. It resembled static, something I knew from watching this exact packaging get designed on Dawson’s YouTube series on the matter.

Writing covered the front and back of the small box. It covered all of the standards. Then, it was time to slide the real star of the show out of its thin, cardboard shelter. With a lightweight plastic body, the palette gives off a holographic effect as a rainbow of color dances across the front. In big bold letters, the words “Mini Controversy” shine across the middle with both a Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson logo topping it off.

For an item that is only slightly bigger than a CD case, the Mini Controversy palette packs a serious punch. Not only does the packaging behind the product hold Dawson and Star true to their word, it holds the personality and energy of Dawson within every color.

The Eyeshadow

Upon flipping open the lid to the Mini Controversy Palette for the first time, I was left in shock as I stared at the nine vibrant colors placed before me and packed so neatly in its case. Each color is meticulously stamped with a symbol, ranging from the iconic star connected to Jeffree Star Cosmetics, to teacups and root beer, referencing some of Dawson’s quirks.

The shades are aligned in rows of three with each row holding a color scheme. The first row of colors is soft and airy: a baby blue (“Flat Earth”), a pale yellow (“Cry On My Couch”), a muted silver shimmer (“My Boyfriend’s Purse”) — all colors that are perfect for an average trip to the office or class.

The second row plays a darker melody — a hypnotic purple (“Controversy”), a disturbing brown (“Diet Root Beer”), a mysterious shimmer red (“My Apology”). Consider these selections as perfect for a romantic date night or casual drinks with the girls.

Dawson’s third and final row of colors in the Mini Conspiracy Palette is a celebration confined to its tiny box. Inside is a soft, yet risky pink (“Exposed”), an electric blue (“Cancelled”) and a dark metallic blue (“The Simulation”). A trio ready to make their appearance in the neon lights of clubs.

Combined together, the color story behind the Mini Controversy palette brings definition to Dawson’s true aura.


As is customary when receiving a new piece of makeup, I decided to swatch the colors onto the inner side of my wrist. Carefully rubbing my index finger into the center of each color, I slowly dragged it down my skin watching the color make its debut appearance. Creating a brighter and bolder version of the appearance that each shade takes on within the palette, metallics and shimmers make a statement against the skin.

Unable to contain my curiosity, I pulled out my small bag of makeup brushes and decided to test the full potential of the Mini Conspiracy Palette on my eyes. Swiping the shades across my eyelids, it was easy to notice that the eyeshadow gave little to no fall out. While some shades were more muted and gave off the effect of a sheer blanket over the eyelid, others dominated the small space with an explosion of reds and blues. I found the look perfect and versatile for a variety of uses.

After playing with the palette over the course of a few days, I’ve found myself using the shimmer silver for a quick touch of shine to the inner corner of my eye while the dark metallic red has been specifically saved to liven up my favorite colors from the Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette. The blue shades “Cancelled” and “The Simulation” have yet to be used as they’re quite intimidating for someone who’s still learning more about the abilities of eyeshadow. Maybe, with the right kind of event to attend, I’ll find the courage to sport a vibrant blue look.

What are others saying?

Twitter has become an explosion of Dawson fans praising the Conspiracy collection and raving about the quality of the products. Many have made the same claims that I’m making: The palette is an explosion of versatile color. And the looks that some are posting alongside their reviews are out of this world. From subtle everyday looks to bold artistry, the palette is able to serve the needs of so many beauty lovers. The price of the products, ranging between $18 and $52, is hard to beat for the quality.



Paying $28 for the Mini Controversy, a palette that gives a big punch, was worth it in my eyes. I can see myself using the eyeshadow for a long stretch of time without getting bored of the color scheme. Although I don’t have any experience with the other products from the collection, I would assume that they all hold the same promise: a perfect way to explore your inner makeup artist.


After much anticipation, the influencers’ Mini Controversy Palette is out. Does it live up to the hype, or is it a letdown?

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