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Oprah’s ‘Super Soul’ Podcast Is Medicine for the Heart, Spirit and Body

Listen to the talk-show host weekly with an open mind and self-reflective attitude for the best results.

“If you have an inner joy, nothing can stop it,” author Gary Zukav resolutely attests in his 1998 interview with Oprah Winfrey. “The inner sun doesn’t stop shinning. As it becomes ignited, you begin to see the beauty in everything around you.” The author’s tone is logical and matter of fact.

Although these words were spoken over 20 years ago, they remain ever-powerful and acutely moving today in 2021.

Conversations between Oprah and the world’s “thought-leaders, best-selling authors, spiritual luminaries, as well as health and wellness experts” are given new life on the talk show host’s “Super Soul” podcast. Comprised of her “personal selection of her interviews,” such as the conversation between the TV personality and Zukav, Oprah’s podcast invites her listeners to take a spiritual deep dive and reflect on topics such as meaning, happiness and fulfillment.

Since the start of her career, Oprah has built her personal brand around empathy and self-improvement. On her 28-season talk show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” Oprah sat down with notable guests such as Deepak Chopra, Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela.

With these guests and countless others, Oprah gives testament to why her interviews are able to stand the test of time. Oprah cries on her show, often while she shares her own experiences of pain. She is vulnerable and sympathizes with both her audience and her interviewees. Through her own unapologetic expression of emotion, Oprah creates a safe space for guests and viewers, allowing for honest and open communication.

“The Oprah Winfrey Show” was so authentic, poignant and powerful, listeners couldn’t get enough. For this reason, the “Super Soul” podcast was born.

An extension of the greater Oprah Winfrey universe, “Super Soul” was designed to “light [its listeners] up, guide [them] through life’s big questions and help bring [them] one step closer to [their] best [selves].” The podcast features thoughtful, weekly content, and offers its listeners a short reprieve from the turbulence of day-to-day life.

In a two-part, ninety-minute-long “Super Soul” conversation with author and founder of the #MeToo movement Tarana Burke, Oprah reads a single sentence from the activist’s new memoir, “Unbound”: “Unkindness is a serial killer.”

She pauses for a moment, interjecting that “just that sentence alone knocked [her] out.” Going on to read the remainder of the passage, Oprah’s diction is clear, and her words are heartfelt. Although the listener cannot see Burke’s reaction to Oprah’s recitation of her work, it’s clear from the author’s slight sniffle and laughter that she is moved.

From this starting interaction, Oprah and Burke establish a rapport built on mutual respect and admiration. The two women bond over shared lived experiences and the significant roles their respective works have played in each other’s lives.

Oprah speaks on the abuse she faced as a child — the same abuse Burke faced as a young girl. The candid nature of the two survivors’ interview feels like an intimate heart-to-heart between lifelong friends.

Another episode of the “Super Soul” podcast shares a 2009 conversation between Oprah, Reverend Michael Bernard Beckwith, Elizabeth Lesser and Reverend Ed Bacon titled “Finding Your Spiritual Path.” Here, the show host and spiritual teachers take questions from viewers of “The Oprah Winfrey Show” and together discuss “how to handle life when it isn’t as expected.”

“I saw you roll your eyes just then,” says Oprah to a member of her audience, named Tanya, as one of her guests offers advice on the importance of gratitude. Tanya stumbles over her words as she responds, “It seems like everything is just falling apart.” She continues to explain that it’s hard for her to be grateful as her business appears to be on its last legs. Oprah is stern yet compassionate, encouraging Tanya to appreciate what she still has — her breath.

In addition to interviews, both long past and very recent, “Super Soul” also shares episodes that solely feature Oprah. Sometimes this is in the form of a casual monologue about the personality’s favorite things or reading from one of Oprah’s books.

In an episode of “Super Soul” posted in June 2021, Oprah narrates an excerpt from her New York Times bestselling book “What I Know For Sure.” Speaking on connection and gratitude, Oprah shares her journey to understanding “that the love and approval [she craved as a young woman] would not be found outside [herself].” This relatable telling is eye-opening and cathartic, allowing listeners to relate to Oprah’s struggles and realize their own potential in her self-growth.

“What I Know For Sure” is a curated collection of lessons the famed host originally shared in O., The Oprah Magazine. Published in 2014, “What I Know For Sure” received acclaim from critics and the media. AudioFile Magazine said that: “Winfrey’s warm, familiar voice makes each personal story powerful and entertaining. Her narration adds authenticity to the underlying teachings on the importance of spirit and love.”

Oprah’s warm nature is the underlying constant in everything she does, and the “Super Soul” podcast is no different. She is brilliant and astoundingly authentic ­— this is true of her magazine, TV shows, books and standalone interviews. Now, the best of this content has been curated for easy weekly listening through the podcast.

Listen to “Super Soul” now for a quick pick-me-up and start your journey toward a better you today.

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