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After admitting her channel is dying, YouTuber Bunny Meyer is ready to come back.

If you don’t know the name Bunny Meyer, maybe you might know the YouTube name Grav3yardgirl. Known for her eccentric personality and quirky content, Grav3yardgirl stole the hearts of many subscribers with videos that have an eclectic range.

Recently in a miniseries by Shane Dawson, Meyer explained in confessional-esque videos that her channel is digital ready for the graveyard, significantly lacking the views and motivation to put out eye-catching content.

For seven years, Rachel “Bunny” Meyer has uploaded over a thousand videos that range from makeup tutorials, paranormal confessions, as seen on TV reviews and even trying out eccentric gadgets to see if they really worked.

With her shining personality and her hilarious nature, made for hilarious content. Originally set for a career in clothing design, YouTube became an outlet after a horrible car wreck that left Meyer injured along with being a coping mechanism to her anxiety.

In recent years, Meyer has been categorized and put onto the list like “Boring YouTubers” while the statistics showed a significant decline in her videos, with some getting as little as 150,000 views. With decreasing responses to her videos, Meyer’s channel started to lurk outside the spotlight.

The repetitive similarities within each video became outdated and stagnant, starting to give Meyer a one-sided personality. Numbers dwindling and content driven in the slow lane, Grav3yardgirl started her procession to the has-beens of YouTubers.

On May 8, Shane Dawson uploaded a 35-minute video where Dawson helped Meyer explain and expose why her YouTube channel is dying and what she can do to increase her views. From the opening minutes of the video, viewers get to see that Meyer has something to hide about her personality that has affected a majority of video content.

On May 9, Dawson posted a second video where both Dawson and Meyer sat down for 30 minutes exclusively talking about how to change up her channel.

Hoping to help turn her reputation to a positive one, Dawson helped give Meyer insight into what viewers and fans enjoy watching. The first thing that Dawson wanted to help Meyer understand was being honest and authentic throughout all of her videos.

Dawson most recently has been known for his new perspective towards his videos, where originally he created videos with a moral message and multiple characters that had unique personalities.

After a brief couple of years where he lost his creative spark making videos with the same premise, he got a creative spark again making videos with the moral sentiments that bring people together and show some of his personal life.

Meyer’s life was not fully seen in her content, which has changed since her appearance on Dawson’s channel. The introductory video of Meyer on Dawson’s channel didn’t show her house or most of her lifestyle, explicitly giving Dawson and his posse strict guidelines that had to be followed when filming.

After talking with her, Meyer revealed that she doesn’t like showing her personal life so much because of the backlash that comes to socialites that have expensive things and show their wealth online. A successful entrepreneur, Meyer has worked hard for all of the things that she has worked for.

Resume boosters like owning a successful makeup line from Tarte Cosmetics and a hairstyle line and hair appliances, Meyer’s career goes far beyond her YouTube platform and is also shown in her wealth that she has accumulated throughout the years.

With Dawson’s help, Meyer started to understand why her videos might not reach the following that they previously did. Repetitive content, similar looking titles, word choice for titles and thumbnails show that grav3yardgirl has lost her creativity and fell into a routine. Throughout both videos, however, viewers got to see the quirky and funny personality that every fan has known and loved.

A confessional Q&A later, Meyer started to understand what she needed to do to change her channel — show more of herself. While expressing that she wanted to make sure that her mental health hindered her motivation as a YouTuber, also emphasized that her moral for posting every day started to dwindle.

To get herself motivated, Meyer has shown that she will start to look into videos that will catch viewer’s eye, while also showing a bit of who she is in front of the camera beyond her eccentric personality.

YouTubers have a tough career that heavily demands their time and motivation. From channels that have little subscribers to ones that have millions like Grav3yardgirl, needing to constantly put out new videos and keep people entertained is a tough feat to tackle.

For views, YouTubers need to evolve or be left in the digital dust from newer entertainers that take over the platform. Knowing — and admitting — that their content and channel needs a change is a huge and admirable confession.

Since Meyer’s exposé on Dawson’s channel, she has posted videos that personally dove into her personal life, her fears that she has being a YouTuber, how she would make videos on YouTube, while also promising to change her platform.

From the confessional video onward, she has revamped her “Does this Really Work?” — with a Glide Cycle as the feature in this week’s video — segment with new editing cuts and in real time, funny and hilarious snippets. She has not posted much since her time with Dawson but has a promising future with her real personality and lifestyle shining through some of her new videos.

Audience wise, Grav3yardgirl plummeted in the last year, but as of these last couple of weeks has raised not only her view count but her subscribers as well. Charting currently at an average of 1,500,000,000 views and raising her subscriber count to now over 8.7 million, it seems like Meyer’s channel is slowly emerging out of the digital graveyard and back to life.

Time will only tell just how much success will come since Meyer’s appearance on Dawson’s channel. For now, give her a view to see just how quirky and wonderful Meyer has always been, just now, a more real version of herself.

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