After tips, casino croupiers can make more money than many college graduates do in a year. (Image via Situs Asia Poker)

Is Being a Casino Croupier as Exciting as It Sounds?

Making money dealing cards doesn’t sound bad at all.

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After tips, casino croupiers can make more money than many college graduates do in a year. (Image via Situs Asia Poker)

Making money dealing cards doesn’t sound bad at all.

The gambling industry is worth billions of dollars, and it’s no wonder — more than 2 billion people indulge in gambling every day.

As you know, in gambling two sides exist: the house and the gamblers. It is no secret that the public is mostly interested in the latter side, that of the gamblers. But this is not to say that the house’s side is boring. In fact, according to some analysts, one of the most exciting professions in the world has to do with being a representative of “the house”: the casino croupier. So why is this profession exciting?

Casino Croupier Job Description

Casino croupiers work at different tables (blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette, etc.) and control a game’s progress. Croupiers throw roulette ball, deal cards and make payouts in the form of casino chips.

What’s more, croupiers are responsible for the smooth development of a game, and they have to make sure that nobody cheats. Additionally, croupiers inform security if they suspect card counting and the like.

Last but not least, casino croupiers make sure the casino policy is upheld and, if necessary, explain a game’s rules to beginners. If you are interested in deeply understanding roulette, for example, you should visit a dedicated roulette website like RouletteVision. Websites like these can also help find the best online casinos rated.

Usually, dealers stand behind the table they are managing while dealing cards or throwing roulette dice. Their job is to announce players’ moves, which helps players keep up and know when it is their turn. A major downside of the profession is the fact that croupiers have to stand throughout their shift.

The Salary of a Casino Croupier

Undoubtedly, salary is one of the essential motivators for a person to take on a job. As with most jobs, croupier salary increases as croupiers gain more experience.

Oddly enough, up to 75 percent of a croupier’s annual income is composed of tips — the average salary for a croupier is about $15,450, but it can grow to as much as $60,000 with tips.

Training and Positive Sides of Becoming a Casino Croupier

One of the best things about being a casino croupier is that you do not need much experience. Typically, training courses last for two months (some are shorter), and they come at humble prices (less than $1,000). Some casinos, especially newly opened ones, offer in-house training, too.

One of the best things about casinos is that they are open 24/7, which means flexible schedules for croupiers who are studying at university and have to work odd hours. Plus, flexible work schedules make it possible for personnel to know when they are off work, too.

Of course, working on a schedule is not always so fun. For example, a croupier’s worst nightmare might be a scheduler who assigns them to work at inconvenient hours.

Another thing is that even though casino croupiers work eight-hour shifts, most of them actually work just six hours. That is because at most casinos, croupiers work for an hour and a half and then get take a thirty-minute break.

Another major benefit of being a casino croupier is the bonuses. Big names in the casino industry often provide appealing benefits to their employees, such as health and retirement plans, and even flexible time-off opportunities.

If you struggle with math, you might consider becoming a live dealer, a position that allows casino croupiers to work at online casinos and gain experience. Here, a computer determines winning hands as well as payouts and numbers. On the other hand, live dealers must look perfect in front of multiple cameras.

And what about cruise ship casino personnel? Well, that is just about the best profession for those who love gambling and sailing. First of all, cruise ship croupiers get to travel all around the globe and see the most beautiful places on earth. Second, cruise ship croupiers get a higher salary. In this line of thought, cruise ship croupiers are said to receive bigger tips as well. On top of all, cruise ship dealers do not have to pay taxes on their earnings.

Career Expansion

Some say that being a casino croupier does not offer career expansion opportunities, but that’s not the case. Most operators allow their croupiers to move from one company-owned venue to another, sometimes even to different venues. What is more, as croupiers gain experience, a wide variety of job opportunities within the casino become available.

Hard work and diligence, as well as a good work ethic, may reward a croupier with the position of a supervisor in two years or less. In time, if they continuously improve their skills, a croupier can become a bit boss, earning more than $50,000 a year.

Gaining experience as a casino croupier is a major benefit, because experienced croupiers may be offered to work as online casino game supervisors (they have to monitor the performance of croupier bots).

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