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If you gamble, make sure these books are in your home library. (Photo by Peter Herrmann on Unsplash)

Top 5 Gambling-Related eBooks That Will Increase Your Win Ratio

When it comes to casinos, consider learning from books before you learn from experience.

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in article about gambling books, a photo of a bookshelf

When it comes to casinos, consider learning from books before you learn from experience.

Online gambling is fun and gives you a chance to win some cool payouts. Of course, you are not going to win all the time, because the house always has the edge. There are ways to ensure that your win ratio is not too skewed in favor of the casino, but there is no way of ensuring you win all the time. Here are five gambling-related eBooks that discuss how to increase your win ratio when you are at an online casino.

1. Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games

For those who are familiar with content relating to casino games that is available online, the reputation of the author precedes this book: It is written by Michael Shackleford, the man behind one of the most sought-after websites when it comes to gambling odds and math.

This math wizard has literally spewed out millions of bytes of information through his site on all things related to probability when it comes to casino games. Most of the information is available in the form of mathematical calculations to help you determine the odds of winning for the various card and table games that you find at online casinos.

The book was published originally in 2005, and now an updated edition is available online. There are numerous aspects of gambling odds that the book covers. For example, it talks about figuring out the best probability of winning at baccarat after your first two cards are dealt.

It also discusses the realistic probability of winning a side bet — like a progressive side bet for instance — when you play blackjack. To put it simply, your chances of winning said bet is abysmally low, because the house edge on winning a progressive side bet in a blackjack game a high 43.90%!

Other topics it discusses include the importance of blackjack rules and how some of them make certain games very desirable to play by offering you higher RTP rates and guaranteeing more player participation. A higher RTP rate is good: It ensures that over the long haul you win more than you lose.

2. The Intelligent Guide to Casino Gaming Kindle Edition

“The Intelligent Guide to Casino Gaming” is a great option for players of all shapes, forms and sizes with a passion for online casino gaming. The scope of the book is massive and includes explanations of how the different casino games, including roulette, baccarat, blackjack, Keno and poker games like Caribbean Stud and Texas Hold ‘Em work.

The book also provides information on the best strategy to adopt while betting on horse races and other sports events, and there is data about the basic strategies one can use while playing games like Keno and slots. There are details about the various bets available for different games — roulette, for instance, has a wide range of bets and the book provides you details about all of them.

Other details include pay tables for a wide range of slots and video poker games. For anyone looking to play at an online casino, this e-book is a very good buy and 100% value for money.

3. The Mammoth Book of Casino Games

Wondering how to beat the odds when you are setting out to play blackjack at a land-based casino? Or figuring out what the best bet could be when you are about to play your favorite variant of online roulette? The answers to them all lie in the amazing e-book that is “The Mammoth Book of Casino Games.”

This e-book by Paul Mendelson is exceptional because of the sheer breadth of the casino gambling spectrum that it covers and the incredible depth it offers to all things related to strategy, wagers and the odds of winning and how to make them work for you. Follow these and you could end up a winner. But remember, most importantly, make sure to gamble safely and have fun.

All the major games that you find at online as well as land-based casinos — from blackjack and roulette to baccarat and poker and including Wheel of Fortune and video poker variants — are covered in this book. The information available includes the rules associated with the various games and how to play them, discussions on betting and hand strategies and tips from an actual player’s perspective.

4. Casino Conquest: Beat the Casinos at their Games

This is a little gem of a book when it comes to strategies that you can adopt to, as the title says clearly, “beat the casinos at their games.” “Casino Conquest: Beat the Casinos at their Games” is written by Frank Scoblete, someone who knows a thing or two about casino gambling.

Frank Scoblete is considered an authority on casino gambling. And all you have to do for confirmation of this fact is Google him — he has authored more than 40 books on gambling, including “Casino Craps: Shoot to Win!,” “Best Blackjack,” “Break the One-Armed Bandits” and “Guerilla Gambling.”

This is a fun book with a unique approach — it has guidelines, tips and data in general on all things relating to the various aspects of online and land-based casino gaming. It talks about the possibility of beating the odds at these casinos and ensuring you don’t get into the losing habit.

The information is well-researched and the style of delivery is instructional. And that is just brilliant because it almost works like a training manual and guide, except that it is shiny and happy too. The level of detail and the broad spectrum of games it covers — blackjack, roulette, baccarat, poker and more — make this the perfect game not just for the professionals but the casual players and rookies too.

5. A Man for All Markets

“A Man for All Markets” is a phenomenal book whose content stretches from the blackjack tables and Las Vegas to the posh offices of Wall Street. The book is authored by Edward O. Thorp and was first published in 2017 by Random House.

Edward O. Thorp uses his personal experience as a mathematician to deconstruct and shatter myths related to gambling and trading, like the premise that the amount of wealth you amass is related in some way or the other to chance, luck or that odd word ‘kismet.’

He talks about his use of math to count cards while playing blackjack and, surprise — to predict the patterns in behavior that various stocks display on Wall Street. And he has the goodies to back up his claims — a personal fortune of over $800 million made through trading, gambling and wagering.

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