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Top 3 Casino Bonuses

It's always nice to get a little extra.
January 25, 2022
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Casino bonuses are the selling and marketing point of any casino online. According to the website Casino.org, about 17% of the world’s gambling population gamble online. And the World Casino Directory reports that there are 2106 online casinos in the world. What helps the popularity of online casinos stay on the rise is casino bonuses. Of course, the gamblers often claim for free spins bonus codes alongside bonuses for deposits. However, the no deposit casino bonus is a little more interesting. This is because these are no-risk, real cash funds a player can use on any of the casino games and other gambling activities online.

Here are the top three casino bonuses a player can find at almost every online casino:

  • Casino deposit bonuses
  • Casino no deposit bonuses
  • Casino wager-free bonuses

Casino Deposit Bonuses

JohnSlots, an online gambling website and casino, identifies deposit bonuses as the most popular. The Times of Malta defines deposit bonuses as gifts awarded to players after making a real money deposit to a casino. The bonus expression can appear pretty enticing — for instance, a 100% match offer of up to $100. The bonus offer means that the player gets a 100% more of the amount deposited. In other words, if you deposit $20, the amount will double to $40 after receiving the bonus. However, the awarded amount cannot exceed $100.

In most instances, deposit bonuses come in welcome or sign-up offers. Forbes describes welcome offers as incentives offered to new customers to entice them to sign up for a specific product or service. As a result, new players can experience gambling without suffering high costs. But, the deposit bonuses have conditions a player must meet before you can make a withdrawal. So be sure to review these before taking up the offer!

Casino No Deposit Bonuses

Casino no deposit bonuses can also be described as risk-free offers. Punters can abstain from depositing to the casino with this offer. NetEnt Casinos describe no deposit bonuses as a free cash bonus. But the term does not mean that you get the cash and cash it in, oh no! It means you get free money to use when playing online. An expression of the no deposit bonus can match that of a deposit bonus. For instance, you get a cash bonus where the casino issues $20 for free. Players can also receive the no deposit free spins bonus where the casino gives your $20 worth of free spins or time-restricted free spins where the casino gives $20 in free spins for an hour every day, often between midnight and one in the morning.

Casino Wager-Free Bonuses

Wager free bonuses are described as no-conditions offers from casinos. CasinoShortList.org defines wager-free bonuses as deposit or no deposit casino bonuses that do not feature a wagering condition from the casino. Instead, players can take up bonus funds and play real money games online. Once the bonus balance is depleted, players can withdraw bonus wins without facing any wager terms. In most instances, wager-free bonuses are delivered in the form of wager-free spins; Inkedin defines the wager-free spins as spins that don’t require you to gamble your winnings a set number of times before you can withdraw them.

These are most convenient and perfect for any gambler. However, wager-free bonuses are tough to find. Plus, if issued, the amount attached as bonus funds is relatively low compared to no deposit and other deposit bonuses with wagering terms.

What To Consider When Ranking a Bonus

There are no limitations to the casino bonuses an online website can invent. The best casinos always aim at a win-win situation with bonus offers. Players get a chance to play with minimal risks, win real cash and try out new games online. As a result, casinos retain the regular customers of the website and entice new ones to register.

Thus, players have to evaluate a casino bonus. The main criteria is the amount the bonus actually delivers to your casino balance. Players have to consider the means used to acquire the bonus amount. For instance, some online payment platforms may not be compatible with the bonus funds. The validity or the time limit attached to the bonus amount is crucial. Ensure that the bonus offer has enough time before it expires. The casino terms specify the percentage, and games come last. Most casinos will deliver a specific rate to increase your deposit amount but with a maximum amount. The games attached follow the offer, the casino terms and providers.

Players should always review the terms and conditions, even with exciting and capable bonuses. These determine whether you get to pick the casino bonus or step back and leave it alone. The terms include wagering conditions and bonus or spin value. In addition, players must calculate the bonus value, amount to play with, and the associate caps or limits to bonus fund withdrawals. Again, the aim is to ensure the casino is giving you a fair deal.

How To Activate Top Casino Bonuses

When activating a top casino bonus, casinos will have different conditions or processes to follow. Reputable websites provide an activation code, often referred to as a bonus code. The code uniquely identifies any bonus offer issued to a player. All a player requires is to enter the bonus code, and the bonus becomes active.

But, casinos will have a registration condition before activating any offer, whether automatically or with a bonus code. Registration requires a few simple steps to enter your pertinent data, including names, emails, as well as passwords and usernames. In addition, some casinos will ask for your location and currency before activating the account and crediting the bonus.

Others will seek the least deposit amount as a condition to crediting the offer. Once you deposit, say, $20, the bonus activates. Some casinos combine the requirements for the prize, requiring players to register, deposit the least amount and use a bonus code. Use your bonus funds as desired. Enjoy it like a business owner who decided to go green and saw his stationery hitting store shelves.


The top three bonus codes cover the basics of the bonuses issued to a casino. All others have a base or a foundation from the three indicated above. In addition, you can use a deposit bonus for all activities online. These tend to have minimal restrictions compared to wager-free and no deposit offers. But, each delivers free game time, enhances casino gaming balance, or grows your bankroll.


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