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Why You Should Be Watching YouTuber Joey Kidney

The Ottawa-born star and his 'Kidney Beans' address thorny, important issues like love, gender roles, depression, anxiety attacks and mental health.
April 15, 2018
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Joey Kidney is a YouTube star who uses his channel to inspire viewers to find self-happiness in their everyday lives. The Ottawa-born star deals with the same issues as every day college students while teaching them how to “live to be happy, and be happy to live.”

Kidney chronicles his everyday life in his daily vlogs. At the beginning of his career, he initially became famous when he was a guest on the infamous PressPlay tour — a tour for YouTube personalities, Viners and up-and-coming singers.

Although Kidney was only in high school when he first started the channel, he has since been able to hone his craft while studying interactive media at college. Kidney is a “Friends” and pasta enthusiast that loves to spend time with his dog, Eddie.

He moved out on his own about a year ago and shares an apartment with his roommate, Jesus, who is occasionally featured in videos. The YouTube personality shares his thoughts through his videos on his Twitter and also gives fans photo goals on his photography Instagram.

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Kidney started his YouTube channel in 2013 and has gained around 700,000 followers, or “Kidney Beans,” between both channels. This is a number that keeps on rising. His channel started out as a relationship/advice channel, but has grown into so much more. Kidney’s channel has tackled issues like love, gender roles, depression, anxiety attacks and mental health.

He gets very real, which is why his fanbase remains dedicated. New videos are uploaded on Fridays on his main channel and almost daily on his vlog channel. The vlog channel is more focused on day-to-day topics and activities chronicling his life than advice and serious topics.

Recently, Joey Kidney started his own podcast called “Young, Dumb and 21” on Soundcloud that addresses some of the same issues his videos do. There are featured guests, including some of his best friends, and are uploaded every Sunday.


His voice is really soothing, so it will make you happy and content in more than one way. The podcast is an alternative way to get his advice and tips while on the go.

Kidney’s YouTube channel is perfect for college students because the issues that he tackles are very relatable in college. For example, one video even documents Kidney filming every anxiety attack he had for a week. Also, there are other videos that give advice on how to deal with anxiety and his struggle with it.

One of his latest videos, titled “The Little Things,” teaches you how to be happy about small things in life like a cup of coffee, surprising your friends and spending time with the ones you love. It reminds you to find happiness, in the even the smallest things, when something in your life is not going right. Focus on the positive and not the negative.

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Another reason he is so relatable is because, even though he tries to keep his relationship with fellow YouTuber Danielle Marie Carolan out of the spotlight, when he does post about how happy he is in a relationship. His experience with love makes his fans want to be happy and have hope of finding the one person to share their life with.

When the YouTubers make videos together, they cover the experience of being in a long-distance relationship and how to make the rare moments you do get worth it. Long-distance relationships are very popular in college, so this channel could help you when you’re missing your long-distance love.

While his videos are serious and cover important topics, the fun Q&A’s he throws in lighten up the mood and make his videos very entertaining.

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Kidney has never been afraid to be himself, which is why he is adored by many. He isn’t concerned with the typical “YouTuber’s image” — getting likes, being famous and getting views. Instead, he just wants to be the voice for those who are too afraid to speak up about controversial topics.

The 21-year-old considers his fans his friends and interacts with them daily on social media, including live videos on Instagram. Kidney is so close to his fans that he even went to a sorority formal with one of them.

Another reason to follow him is that he has a merch line. Sponsored by District Lines, the line is not only comfy and affordable but spreads positivity with the messages and quotes on the shirts, such as “Be Happy!” Although the store is still small, he announced on Twitter that new products are coming soon.

Kidney’s tagline at the end of every video is “Stay you. Stay beautiful.” However, he is not only alluding to physical beauty exclusively, but rather beauty of the personality, mind and actions. Also, it encourages viewers to be their true selves no matter who or what that is.

Many people think that celebrities and YouTubers live perfect lives and never face problems, but Kidney proves that everyone is human and everyone has bad days and moments in life. He shares his ups and downs with the world, which most public figures don’t do.

While he does typical YouTube videos like Q&A’s, How To’s and collaborations, Kidney always has an underlying meaning or message to relay in each video that serves a purpose to ensure others’ happiness.

The evolution of Kidney’s channel is like how a person grows up. First, you start off as an insecure, awkward teenager who thinks they know everything about love and make funny videos with your friends. Next, you fall in love and showcase to the world how happy you are. Finally, on top of that love, you talk about real issues like how seasonal depression is a real thing, self-love and not getting that dream job of yours.

His official website has notes that were supposed to be released in a book that he never published, so for more inspiration and insight into who Joey Kidney is, check out the site. Be sure to check out his channel and social media accounts whenever you need your daily dose of motivation and empathy.

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