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You might want to focus solely on major-oriented courses, but other helpful college classes are available as well (Image via Assignment Box)
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helpful college classes

Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that your advisor pressured you to take that seemingly useless class next semester.

By the time you reach college, you’re no doubt eager to dive into your major and study it exclusively. You want to hone one subject and become an expert on it.

Because you’re closer to achieving a career goal in college, that makes sense. Besides the necessities of your major-oriented courses, however, you can’t forget about some other helpful college classes that you might not have considered were important for the future.

These classes will teach you some basic but crucial life skills and knowledge that will benefit whatever profession you choose.


Taking a class about learning how to talk might seem odd, but there is an art behind it. Just like you should know how to communicate your point in the written form, knowing how to communicate effectively in the verbal form will be invaluable in the future.

Speaking to others is something you do quite a lot in the professional world as well as the social world, so it’s important to know how to express yourself in the right way in order to achieve exactly what you are aiming for.

Amazingly, talking a good talk can get you pretty far, which is why communication courses are helpful college classes.

Business or Project Management

You will face some form of project in any kind of profession one way or another, so it would be crucial to know how to manage it. Even if you aren’t aiming for a managerial kind of position, there will always be a chance of taking charge, and when that time comes, you want to be ready with the right skills; make sure that you take a few project management courses so that you’re prepared.

Business skills will definitely be used in any profession, as you’ll need to know how to sell yourself as you seek out that dream position in the professional world. 

Personal Finance or Accounting

Considering it’s (sadly) omitted from most high school curriculums, taking something along the lines of finance will probably benefit you the most out of any other course.

Every single person will, without doubt, deal with finance, particularly the management of their personal finances, and you will struggle in the future without at least a little knowledge in this area.

If you didn’t get the chance in high school, take advantage of college to learn about this. If you take nothing else, at least take a personal finance course.

Web Design

The world wide web makes up a huge portion of the professional world, sometimes all of it for some careers. Even if your chosen profession has little to do with computers, knowing how to handle one would be extremely useful, and understanding how to design and manage a website would be even more beneficial.

If you understand at least one platform, such as WordPress or Square Space, you can enhance the quality of your resume. You’d be surprised how much this knowledge will come in handy in the future.

If you’re pursuing an artistic career, you should definitely consider a web design course, as you’ll need to know how to build an online platform. You may also want to get into the web design industry eventually, and work for top design agencies like Clay.Global in San Francisco.

Web design courses can teach you valuable skills that are necessary in the modern world (Image via Get Webs)

Public Relations

What is a public relations course? Although it’s a bit of an ambiguous term, public relations is no less a crucial skill to have. PR is the professional maintenance of a public image for a company, organization or person.

The subject focuses on the relationship the public has with a particular business entity and how the entity works to maintain a good relationship. PR thus involves a lot of different skills coming together, and it’s helpful to not only have these skills but also to know how to combine them into one cohesive goal.

Whatever your profession is, even if it’s far from the public eye, having some public relations skills will benefit your career, and ultimately, PR courses can be helpful college classes.


Linguistics is not the same as learning a second language. Instead, the subject dives into the science and history of language itself, as well as the sociological aspects.

Linguistics courses would be especially helpful college classes for English and communications majors, but anyone from any field of study can benefit from them as well.

Just as communication helps you learn how to communicate effectively, linguistics digs a little deeper and helps you understand why we communicate and how that communication manifests. There’s a social influence in this study, and anything that can help you in the social world can help you in the professional world.

Creative Writing

Just as professional writing is an invaluable skill in the career sphere, creative writing is also an advantageous skill to have. If your chosen profession involves some writing in the professional nonfiction aspect, there’s an opportunity to integrate some creative words too.

Combining those styles will elevate you to an advanced writing ability. After all, the business world always provides chances for some good storytelling, and, more often than not, proficiency in creative writing will garner more success.


Understating people is always an advantage; in fact, it will help you to get far in life. Knowing what people do and why they do it gives you an insight into the human psyche, and that can benefit any area of study.

Even if you don’t have any intention of going into anything remotely medical, you will understand how to appeal to people’s minds and hearts, and that can give you a leg up in your pathway to success.

Some form of Physical Education

Even if you’re not a sporty person or don’t intend to pursue a sports-oriented career, doing something remotely physical is still beneficial. Dabbling in different kinds of physical activity might even help you discover a passion you didn’t know you had.

Also, a physical education class doesn’t have to be a certain sport: ballroom dancing, yoga, shooting or a simple daily walk can be excellent sources for physical development. You can increase your self-discipline by joining a class or club at school, and having company always makes it more motivating and fun.

While you hone your focus into one specific area of study, don’t forgo the general, and often forgotten, classes that can improve your journey and even be applied to your specialized pursuit. You’ll thank yourself years from now when opportunities to use this knowledge come up because they most definitely will.

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