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A Guide to the Top 6 Healing Crystals for Finals Week

Have no fear; healing crystals are here to save you during finals week.
May 2, 2018
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Final exams and healing crystals may sound like an odd pairing, but the ongoing trend of using crystals to recharge the mind, body and spirit is very useful for this time of year.

Finals week is quickly approaching, and with it comes the extreme amounts of stress and work. Between finishing up projects and studying for exams, it’s no doubt that finals week is one of the most dreaded times of the semester.

With the pressure to get everything done, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose focus. However, healing crystals have been around for centuries and provide healing properties that can give you a sense of peace and mental clarity, which is something that is especially useful when under a lot of stress.

There are a wide variety of healing crystals, and each crystal supplies a different benefit. For finals week, mental clarity is key to acing exams and finishing tasks.

You can easily buy healing crystals online from websites such as Amazon, and they are small enough to fit into your pocket to have on you throughout the day. That said, here are some of the top healing crystals to help you survive finals.

1. Fluorite

Fluorite can give you the much-needed motivation to study harder, and it can relieve your stress (Image via Energy Muse)

This type of crystal is perfect for keeping you motivated. During finals week, it is easy to break under pressure and simply put off important tasks until the very last minute.

Some people believe fluorite has stress-fighting properties and wards off feelings of negativity. Ultimately, it will give you the motivation and positivity you need to get through exams and deadlines.

2. Clear Quartz

When picking out a clear quartz, the clearer the stone, the better. Clear quartz offers a wide range of benefits and helps you to retain information more easily. It also improves focus, which is perfect for studying.

3. Green Tourmaline

Concentration and creative energy are green tourmaline’s most notable traits. The crystal promotes productivity and eliminates negative energy. You use it to purify energy, which helps to declutter the mind.

4. Honey Calcite

If you’re afraid you’ll score low grades on your finals, honey calcite can change your mindset by giving you more confidence (Image via The Whimsical Offshoot)

Honey calcite is a great crystal for enhancing confidence and courage. It also works well for combating anxiety and overthinking by providing a calming effect. It’s very useful when handling a lot of things simultaneously because it provides clarity to find the best possible solutions for any stressors you may have.

5. Tiger Eye

The end of the school year can get quite demanding. With so many exams to study for and deadlines to complete, it’s easy to feel burnt out.

Tiger eye promises success and gives you the determination and diligence needed to finish all of your responsibilities. Like many of the other crystals, it has a known calming effect that will fight off any test anxiety you may have.

6. Amazonite

If you ever get bad test anxiety or get nervous easily, amazonite is a wonderful crystal that promotes relaxation. It allows you to work harder without the large amounts of stress, and it yields a Zen feeling to get you through your study sessions.

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