How ‘Fit to Fat to Fit’ is Revolutionizing the Weight-Loss Show
How ‘Fit to Fat to Fit’ is Revolutionizing the Weight-Loss Show

How ‘Fit to Fat to Fit’ Is Revolutionizing the Genre of Weight-Loss Shows

By making the trainers gain weight alongside their clients, ‘Fit to Fat to Fit’ better reflects the real struggle of weight loss.

Many people seem to be obsessed with obtaining a certain physique far out of realistic reach, but nevertheless, they strive to get there. People feel pressure to be thin, and losing weight can be harder than what is shown on TV and in those overly excited Slimfast or Hydroxycut commercials. The best advice is to eat healthy, work out and be consistent. Finding a balance between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and indulging is a big part of life, especially in college.

The worst part about these seemingly innocent weight-loss ads is that you can get sucked into thinking it is realistic to lose X amount of weight in X amount of time without having to change your lifestyle. People constantly fall into this mindset, and it simply isn’t true. These ads lie about helping you lose weight, so that you can keep buying the products, even though they don’t work. People get stuck in a rut, where they feel like there is no help.

Another popular branch of the weight-loss craze is the multitude of fitness shows that all seem to look the same. A perfectly fit trainer takes a client, screams at them and pushes them to the brink, all without an ounce of sympathy for how difficult the sudden onslaught of workouts are to the client’s body.

Amongst the fitness shows, there is one that stands out in its approach, though.

Fit to Fat to Fit is a show on A&E that has made quite the impression since its debut. Unlike the other weight-loss shows viewers have grown accustomed to, “Fit to Fat to Fit” goes the extra mile.

What makes “Fit to Fat to Fit” so original is that the perfectly sculpted trainer agrees to gain weight in order to lose it alongside their client. The show has been attacked with a fair share of criticism, claiming that it is not safe for the trainer to load on so many pounds only to shed them.

How ‘Fit to Fat to Fit’ is Revolutionizing the Weight-Loss Show
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But, don’t you think an experienced fitness expert would know if it were detrimental to their health, the very thing they try to uphold and nurture every day? Despite the polar opinions the show has received, it has managed to find success.

Viewers are tired of seeing the oiled up and ripped coaches yelling at their clients, saying they are not working hard enough. Instead, “Fit to Fat to Fit” encourages teamwork and understanding in each episode, emphasizing the actual struggle of losing weight. The reason the trainers agree to gain the weight is to better understand their clients and the struggle to lose weight.

In each episode, viewers are first introduced to the trainer, who will most likely have been active for their entire lives and never had an issue with weight. Next, you will meet the client, who will discuss their lifestyle and goals for their journey on the show. The two separate, and the trainer adopts the eating habits of the client for a certain amount of time. Then, the trainer gains a significant amount of weight, so when the time comes to workout with the client, the trainer feels the struggle as well.

The next part of the show displays a subtle shift in dynamic, where the workouts aren’t just trainer and client, but two partners working together to achieve their fitness goals. The pair encourages and vents to each other about the hardest parts of losing weight and what is keeping them motivated to push forward. In some cases, the client will encourage the trainer to keep pushing forward.

How ‘Fit to Fat to Fit’ is Revolutionizing the Weight-Loss Show
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In the conclusion of the show, viewers see the progress of both the client and trainer as they weigh in together and hear their thoughts on the experience. For the most part, both are grateful for having the journey and often make a standing friendship that lasts after the cameras stop rolling.

“Fit to Fat to Fit” is a stand-out among the rude, unforgiving coaches of the past. Your worth and lifestyle are not determined by a number on the scale, and clients are not forced to pin themselves or their weight against someone else’s. You are an individual, so don’t feel the pressure to be like anyone else.

Be the “Fit to Fat to Fit” among the Biggest Losers. This show celebrates everyone’s journey and does not attempt to transform them into an unrecognizable version of who they were; it presses the idea of self-acceptance and pushing to better yourself.

Losing weight is a real struggle that has become nearly impossible to overcome, especially if you have to face it alone. “Fit to Fat to Fit” uses the power of compassion and camaraderie to make the show interesting.

Viewers can use the show as an example to implicate into their own lives. The show makes it clear that reaching out for help and achieving your goals with a partner is beneficial. You don’t have to sweat alone.

If you want to start working out, use “Fit to Fat to Fit” as an example, and find a workout buddy. It is not about reaching a perfect physique, but being happy with yourself. If your goals include sweating more, find a friend who shares that goal. Things are more tolerable when there is someone standing next to you who is going to have your back and understands the struggle.

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