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'The Real' has won several awards for their discussion of pop culture topics. (Image via YouTube)

‘The Real’ Is the Only Talk Show You Need to Be Watching

The envelope-pushing series grapples with taboo topics but avoids being divisive.

Even though streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and HBO GO have allowed more people to “cut the cord,” there are still some great shows to look forward to on live television. And because summer vacation is made for spending days wrapped up in a blanket while binge-watching, now’s the time to turn on your TV and watch “The Real.”

The daytime talk show discusses the small pop culture stories that aren’t necessarily highlighted in the news. Co-hosted by Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley, “The Real” is on FOX at 11 a.m. everyday. There are also segments where the hosts invite celebrities, spread some fan love, give beauty tips and provide drink recipes

Bailon was a part of a musical group called 3LW before becoming a Disney actress that starred in “The Cheetah Girls” Series. Once an electrical engineer, Love began her comedic career and eventually worked her way up to star in multiple movies and TV shows. Mai, who used to be a MAC cosmetics trainee, is now a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with some of the biggest celebrities, including Alicia Keys and  Jennifer Aniston. Mowry-Housley is most well known for her role as Tamera Campbell in “Sister, Sister” with her identical twin Tia Mowry.

The co-hosts of “The Real” offer an extremely diverse set of opinions that support one another rather than tear each other down. A lot of the show centers around their “Girl Chat” segment where the co-hosts discuss interesting pop culture stories. In most cases, each host offers a different perspective to the story, but the conflicting views meld together well. Instead of completely rejecting other people’s views, “The Real” co-hosts are open to discussion and understand that not everyone may agree with each other’s opinion, but respect each opinion nonetheless.

The talk show is very similar to “The Talk” or “The View,” where all the shows have strong-opinionated hosts that frequently conflict with each other when discussing hot topics in the news. However, “The Real” stands out from the others in that the discussions veer away from political or other serious issues in the news and focus more on the fun, light, pop culture stories. Each host’s authenticity toward their “Girl Chat” segments make the show truly “real” in that viewers can more easily relate to the hosts.

The show also maintains its fans through exclusives on social media. Their YouTube channel is filled with web-exclusive videos including fan question and answers with the co-hosts in addition to many other small segments that come together as a mini episode of the show. What’s even better is the fact that you can scroll through past episodes and watch all of the footage from that particular episode.

On their YouTube channel, “The Real” has some memorable segments, like the moment where all the co-hosts took DNA tests and revealed the results on the show. These hosts don’t shy away from any topic, including those not widely discussed (especially on national television), such as sex.  The ladies of “The Real” don’t hold back, discussion questions such as do men or women want sex more, and how long should sex last?

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One of the most watched videos on the show’s YouTube channel is titled, “Baggage Check! ‘The Real’ Ladies Let It Go,” and truly separates itself from other daytime talk shows. In the video, the hosts, including Braxton, let go of baggage that they’ve been holding onto for too long.

Love starts off by speaking about her struggle to dress better when she was an electrical engineer. Wanting to be a talk show host at a young age, Mai’s aunt noted that Mai didn’t look like any of the talk show hosts on TV, which became a barrier to Mai’s dream career. Trying to hold back tears, Mowry-Housley admitted how twin comparisons between her and her sister took a toll on her self-perception. Braxton opened up about how she deals with vitiligo, which is a skin disease that involves the loss of skin color in blotches. Bailon ended by revealing her relationship baggage based on the idea that men only wanted her because she was successful.

By coming to terms with their life struggles, “The Real” proves that hardships can clutter anyone’s mind, even celebrities’. Other daytime talk shows comment about the struggles of other people or the world, but rarely speak about their own faults. “The Real” hosts aren’t afraid of being their true selves on TV. They make viewers a little bit more comfortable and create a safer environment to be vulnerable to the people around you. That vulnerability opens up a realer conversation with others and helps to form deeper connections with the show’s hosts.

The down-to-earth and likable personalities of the show’s hosts make this daytime talk show an exciting start to your day. Rather than discussing trending topics in the news, which you can look at later throughout the day, “The Real” gives you plenty of life lessons and tips in a laughable and fun way.

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