Actor John Krasinski recently told Ellen that he would be open to a reboot of 'The Office' (Image via E)
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Actor John Krasinski recently told Ellen that he would be open to a reboot of 'The Office' (Image via E)

Is Nelly really going raise Ryan’s son? Will Oscar be a state senator? Will the Nard dog ever have any Nard pups?

NBC’s “The Office” was a mockumentary that followed the lives of everyday employees of a paper company. The days at Dunder Mifflin were filled with “That’s what she said” jokes, pranks including gelatinizing office supplies and ego clashes.

Naturally, fans everywhere were heartbroken when the final season came to its end.

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Recently though, as other shows, such as “Will and Grace,” landed reboots, rumors began to circulate that everyone’s favorite Scrantonites might be returning to television.

Many cast members have openly stated their stance on the reboot. Most recently, John Krasinski, a.k.a. Jim Halpert, appeared on “Ellen.”

When she asked Krasinski about the reboot, he said that he would love to “get that gang back together.” Since then, fans have begun speculating about what they would want the reboot to consist of.

So, here are 10 things that I personally would love to see if (or when) “The Office” gets its reboot.

1. What Happened to Dunder Mifflin?

Throughout the series, a number of obstacles, such as downsizing and closing branches, threatened to be the downfall of Dunder Mifflin.

Threats posed by the increasing computerization of the business world, such as companies cutting out the middleman — a.k.a. Dunder Mifflin— and going paperless, make the future of the paper industry uncertain.

Plus, given that Dunder Mifflin has been constantly fighting an uphill battle against large paper supply chains like Staples, fans would be happy to see Dunder Mifflin still in business. Or at least the Scranton branch.

2. Nelly with Ryan’s Son

Nelly and Ryan are a must in “The Office” reboot. First off, fans need to know if Ryan really meant what he said about wanting to spend his life with Kelly, as, in the series finale, the on-and-off couple are last seen running away from Dwight and Angela’s wedding together.

In doing so, Ryan leaves his own baby behind. Fans who followed the series know that Nelly had spent much of her time on the show attempting to adopt a child. Coincidentally, Ryan left one right in front of her.

It would be kind of funny to see his reaction to his son being raised by the British redhead and if the child picked up an English accent in “The Office” reboot.

3. Andy Making It Big

Office reboot
And struggled throughout the series to realize that he needn’t to pursue his true calling: performing. (Image via PBS)

Andy Bernard, a.k.a. the Nard Dog and a previous member of the collegiate a capella group “Here Comes Treble,” was later named regional manager by the infamous Robert California.

Throughout his reign, Andy showcased his, dare I say, musical abilities with his appearance in a local showing of “Sweeney Todd” and multiple in-office performances. He even auditioned for a televised singing contest, in which he became famous for crying in front of Aaron Rodgers.

Considering that Andy so ardently believed in his own talent, fans would probably love to see if Andy ever makes it big in “The Office” reboot or if he’s forever haunted by his “sit here and cry” autotuned video.

4. Return of Michael Scott

While there were plenty of good regional managers of Dunder Mifflin throughout the series, none quite measure up to Michael Scott.

For the reboot, everyone would like more “That’s what she said” jokes, antics like jumping from a roof to a bounce house to showcase the effects of depression and, of course, more Dwight and Michael moments.

Maybe the reboot could even include a return of Michael’s bizarre counterpart, Holly, as well.

5. Dwight’s Beet Farm

In the original series, a lot of classic moments happen on Dwight’s beet farm: Pam and Jim’ stay there, Dwight deserting Ryan, Angela and Dwight’s wedding and a few company gatherings.

In “The Office” reboot, everyone would want to know if the farm is still running, as well as maybe have some longtime questions about the operation answered, such as whether or not Mose lives there. Or does Angela finally make Dwight sever ties with his bizarre cousin who once kidnapped her and trapped her in the trunk of his car?

6. Toby

Poor Toby. Numerous times throughout the series, fans found themselves sympathizing with the awkward human resources advisor.

In particular, Michael Scott had an inexplicable hatred for Toby. Ostensibly, the HR rep infuriated Michael because Toby was tasked with reining in Michaels’ antics, but the exaggerated level of Michael’s hatred for Toby was a big part of the humor. Remember diversity day?

Toby once tried to ask Pam out, and later moved on to crushing on Nelly. Maybe in the reboot Toby could find someone and put an end to the divorce and being-alone jokes. He could maybe even find someone who wants to hear all about his witnessing of the Scranton Strangler trial.

Office reboot
Michael’s hatred for Toby was one of the show’s funnier, darker components (Image via Zimbio)

7. The Halperts

It is no secret that Jim and Pam were some of the best members of “The Office.” Their long-developed office romance was one of the best parts of the show and the pair instantly became relationship goals.

All of which would lead viewers to wonder what their lives are like now. How old is Cece? Philip? Is Jim finally doing a job he enjoys? Is Pam still pursuing art? No “Office” reboot would be complete without a complete update on the show’s GOAT couple.

8. Oscar as State Senator

If you recall, there was a weird love triangle between Oscar, Angela and the state senator. Trying to hide his true sexuality, the senator stays with Angela and keeps his affair with Oscar a secret from everyone, except Angela.

Oscar and Angela then work together to keep the senator’s secret, only to later be blindsided by his public coming-out, when he revealed he had yet another lover.

In the series finale, Dwight is driving down the road and discussing propaganda of PBS. Meanwhile, several signs reading “Oscar Martinez for State Senate” are shown.

In “The Office” reboot, fans would love to see if Oscar Martinez replaced his own ex-lover.

9. Kevin

One of fans’ last moments with Kevin was Dwight handing him a chocolate cake that read “Get Out.”

When Kevin asked for an explanation, Dwight told him he was fired. The office members tried to argue for his job but were silenced when Dwight asked if someone could give him a good reason for Kevin to stay based on merit.

Does Kevin still work at the bar? Or does he find another job in sales? As one of the best members of the original group and champion of “How many M&Ms can you fit in your mouth,” fans need Kevin in “The Office” reboot.

10. Creed

In the series finale, fans learned that office member Creed was in the band “The Grassroots” in the 1960s. He allegedly sold drugs, stole military-grade weapons and trafficked an endangered species meat.

After the documentary aired, Creed faked his own death in the bailor of Dunder Mifflin’s warehouse, apparently only fooling Kevin.

In “The Office” reboot fans would like to learn of Creed’s whereabouts. Does he return to Dunder Mifflin under a new alias? Maybe named Jeff Bomondo? A man who sells ceramic tile out of Newark with a wife named Kathryn? Equipped with a social security card “if it helps.”

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