The Office
One theory suggests that Jim was the mastermind behind the show. (Image via The Odyssey Online)

5 Fan Theories for ‘The Office’ That Are Actually Probably True

Is ‘The Office’ even a mockumentary?

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The Office
One theory suggests that Jim was the mastermind behind the show. (Image via The Odyssey Online)

Is ‘The Office’ even a mockumentary?

“The Office” is one of the most successful situational comedies of all time, and its humor and wit continue to resonate with audiences almost five years after the series’ finale.

When the show officially ended in 2013, several characters were scrutinized, and many outrageous conspiracy theories emerged as a result. While many are too far-fetched, a few theories appear to be perfectly plausible. Remember, these ideas are only theories and may be offensive to your favorite “Office” characters — don’t take it personally!

1. Roy and Angela had an affair.

Well, for starters, Angela isn’t exactly a “faithful” romantic partner. While she has a genuine connection with Dwight and never cheats on him, she proceeds to hook-up with him, even when she’s engaged to Andy.

So, seeing Roy romantically while he’s engaged to Pam really shouldn’t have bothered her, as she proceeds to partake in similar behaviors. Not to mention, neither Roy nor Angela are shy about their attraction to one another, as their flirtatious behavior has been documented in several episodes.

The Office
Throughout the series, Angela has romantic relationships with Roy, Andy, The Senator and Dwight. (Image via EW)

In Episode 14 of Season 2 of “The Office”, for instance, Roy states that he would hook-up with Angela during a friendly game of “Who Would You Do?” Then, in Episode 22 of Season 2, “Casino Night,” when Michael greets everyone with “Old friends! New lovers,” Roy and Angela are shown flirtatiously gazing at one another, perhaps confirming that they are, in fact, “new lovers.”

2. “The Office” was actually written by Jim Halpert.

Jim is easily one of the most likable and relatable characters in “The Office,” even though he admits to being lazy and is prone to pulling pranks. One fan theory suggests that Jim wrote “The Office” himself, and purposely portrays his character as being innocently funny and sweet. Fans also suggest that other characters attempt to have genuine relationships with Jim in order to have a positive portrayal in the show.

The Office
Jim is never caught on camera in an embarrassing light and often looks into the camera, suggesting he has extra behind-the-scenes info than his coworkers. (Image via Moviefone)

This theory suggests that “The Office” isn’t a mockumentary, but a sitcom written by Jim, and the documentary set-up being employed for comedic purposes. Not only does Jim mock the other characters while being interviewed, but he refuses to reveal anything too personal or embarrassing about himself, and he’s never shown engaging in odd behaviors, as Dwight and Michael often are. I mean, the theory explains why Jim is one of the only characters who looks directly into the camera, aside from his wife, Pam.

3. Pam is the office “bitch.”

As in Jim’s case, Pam is an extremely well-liked character in “The Office,” due to her quiet, often sweet personality, or so she seems. It’s no secret that Pam and Jim’s relationship was destined to come about, but I must say, Pam didn’t express her feelings for Jim in a timely or respectable manner … Karen, anyone?

The Office
Pam is the sweetheart of “The Office,” or is she? (Image via Viral Feels)

While she and Jim had been engaging in flirtatious behaviors since Season 1, Pam didn’t fully accept his advances until Season 3, when he was in a relationship with Karen from the Stamford branch. That being said, Pam was engaged to Roy during seasons one and two when Jim’s flirtations first began, and she proceeded to flirt with him regardless, implying that she returned his feelings of love and affection.

Not to mention, Pam is hardly supportive of Jim’s journalistic dreams, even though he encouraged her to attend art school and forgives her affair with a cameraman in Season 9. Maybe Angela shouldn’t have the “Office Bitch” title after all…

4. Michael Scott has father issues, which is why he hates Toby (who’s divorced!).

Michael makes his hatred for Toby perfectly clear, one instance being his claim to shoot Toby twice over Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin Laden. Many fans believe Michael’s hateful feelings for Toby stem from their opposing personalities, as Toby is often bland and depressive, while Michael is overwhelmingly optimistic. That being said, “Office” fans have also linked Michael’s “daddy issues” to Toby’s “divorced father” title.

The Office
Toby and Michael have always had a strained relationship in “The Office.” (Image via Basement Rejects)

When Michael is forced into a counseling session in Episode 2 of Season 7, and with Toby, no less, he begins to open up about his childhood and upbringing, which is when his father issues are first brought to light. Michael also makes several condescending comments about Toby’s marital status throughout the entire series, which, again, seem to stem from his own broken family.

In Season 2: Episode 2, for instance, Michael states that Toby isn’t part of the Dunder Mifflin family, as he technically works for corporate. Shortly thereafter, he claims that Toby is divorced, “so he’s not a part of his own family” either. Not to mention, Michael tends to introduce Toby as a divorced father to new employees, perhaps absent-mindedly playing off his own self-consciousness.

5. Toby is the Scranton Strangler.

The poor guy can’t seem to catch a break. As mentioned in the previous theory, Toby isn’t well-liked around the office, which often leaves him feeling isolated and lonely. There have been several episodes in which Toby is conveniently missing, including Episode 8 of Season 7, “Viewing Party,” when the Strangler is pursued via car chase. Coincidence

The Office
Toby’s sense of isolation and his disappearance during mentions of the Scranton Strangler point to the possibility that Toby is more dangerous than he seems. (Image via Red State Blue State)

When the “Strangler” is finally arrested, Toby is selected for jury duty, and he seems to enjoy the attention he receives from his fellow office employees. When the trial concludes, Toby claims, guiltily, that he sentenced an innocent man to life imprisonment. Why would he be so sure of this harrowing claim? Well, many believe that he felt overwhelming guilt knowingly sending an innocent man to prison, as Toby knew himself to be the Scranton Strangler.

Later in “The Office,” during Season 9, Toby pays the accused Scranton Strangler, George Howard Skub, a visit only to leave wounded, and in a neck brace. His sole reason for visiting the Skub is to apologize for his unjust guilty verdict. According to this theory, Toby’s so-called “apology” has more dimension to it, as fans believe he confessed to being the real Scranton Strangler. In turn, blinded by rage, Skub attacks Toby, and forces him into a neck brace.

Could fans be reading too much into the Strangler case? Possibly. However, Toby’s long-term psychological abuse and isolation have been documented throughout the entire series, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he reached his breaking point by Season 7.

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