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5 Most Shocking Moments on This Season’s ‘The Bachelor’

This popular ABC TV show has reached its 24th season, and, despite its long run, the series still has moments that leaves fans completely astounded.
February 18, 2020
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Jaws dropped and minds have been blown. This season of “The Bachelor” with “pilot” Pete has sent us spiraling. The producers mercilessly set this cast up for some of the wildest moments ever and boy, do we feel for sweet, innocent Peter.

However, Peter is not completely in the clear for all this season’s crazy. His easily influential character might be his own kryptonite and send him falling for the wrong girl — or no girl at all.

1. A Girl with “Drug and Alcohol Addiction”

Tammy, a house flipper from Syracuse, came for Kelsey full force alleging she has a drug and alcohol addiction. Kelsey has proven to us she loves a good drink or two (vodka soda, hold the soda) with the occasional mental breakdown. Nonetheless, it should go without saying you don’t accuse someone of being a pill popper and alcoholic, especially with a girl you just met.

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Nervous that Peter would overhear these rumors, Kelsey snuck away to confront Peter as to what was going down between her and Tammy. Their conversation ended better than Kelsey could’ve hoped for because she left with an unexpected rose hours before the cocktail party. Obviously, this upset the girls in the house, but they have Tammy to thank for there being one less rose.

2. “I have to trust my gut.”- Peter Weber

Time after time we hear Peter tell himself, “I have to trust to my gut.” And does he ever. These girls are queens at manipulating and getting inside a man’s head. Peter continues to send girls home left and right, not based off his own opinion, but based on the opinions of these women. Question Peter: Do you really believe these women will not drag another girl given the opportunity when competing for your heart?

Miss Texas 2019, Alayah, was first to be dethroned by the women in the house. Peter raved about Alayah, feeling an honest connection and picturing a real future alongside her. And instead of Peter trusting his gut, he trusted the opinions given to him by the women he met just days ago. Brilliant. The contestants burned Alayah, but Victoria P., former Miss Louisiana pageant girl, sent her up in flames.

Like Alayah, Peter connected strongly with Victoria P. and valued her opinion over any other contestant. Knowing so, Victoria P. used this to her advantage, suggesting to Peter that Alayah lied to get on the show and acts “different” when the cameras are not around. That being all Peter needed to hear from Victoria, Alayah got sent home.

But not for long because in Episode 4 our girl returns (and then was sent home yet again, but let’s not skip the deets Alayah spilled with us first). Turns out Alayah and Victoria P. didn’t just have history, but a friendship. Although Victoria P. claimed to only have met Alayah once for a mere three hours at a competition, the two actually became friends through pageantry and spent time together on more than one occasion — including a trip to Vegas.

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Trust your gut Peter and not just a pretty face.

3. Champagne Fiasco with Hannah Ann and Kelsey W.

Can someone please tell me how tipsy Kelsey W. was when the ultimate champagne showdown happened? First, let’s applaud “The Bachelor” producers for staging this iconic mishap. Kelsey, an increasingly emotional blonde from Iowa, brought a Champagne bottle from home to share an intimate moment with Peter.

However, by an unfortunate mistake made by Hannah Ann, a contestant and model from Tennessee, said girl shared a glass of that special bottle with Peter. And not only did that cork pop off, but so did Kelsey. Turns out, the Champagne and glasses meant for Hannah Ann sat across the yard and, although innocent Hannah Ann tried to plead her case, Kelsey claimed sabotage.

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Kelsey did have a chance later that night to redeem her moment with Peter, which if only she had been more understanding of earlier night’s confusion, this one might not have blown up in her face too — literally. Kelsey ditched the glasses and went for a sip from the bottle where Champagne then fizzed all over this poor girl’s face. Maybe one day she can laugh about it? Or not, who knows.

4. Shocked but Glad to See Her Go

Kelley F., attorney and ostensibly most grounded and not-your-typical catty girl, was sent home after her 3-on-1 date with Peter. She met Peter before the show filmed at the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village and Peter thought it was fate to come face to face with her at the Bachelor mansion. Kelley flew under the radar this season having a strong connection with Peter, but never giving the Bachelor nation a real reason to dislike her. That is until last week.

Kelley’s true colors blinded us. Talk about a not so humble brag. Kelley walked into this 3-on-1 date thinking no way in hell could Peter send her home because of her occupation and so-called maturity. Not only did every interview that night consist of her talking about how much more accomplished she is than every other girl there, but she apparently also believes no one there is ready for marriage besides herself. Anyway, there’s a fine line between confidence and cocky, and Kelley, you crossed it.

5. We Love You Peter Weber, but Chase Rice?

Although we feel bad the ‘Bachelor’ producers schemed country singer Chase Rice into serenading his ex-girlfriend Victoria F. and Peter, this moment sent us. On Victoria F. and Peter’s 1-on-1, “The Bachelor” revealed that Victoria F. dated Rice prior to going on the show but chose to end things to meet Peter.

While Peter took the news extremely well, Victoria F. raised several red flags. She left her relationship with Rice to immediately start a new one with Peter. I don’t know how seriously Victoria F. takes her relationships, but to drop feelings for one guy so quickly and throw yourself at another shortly after (and this one likely ending in marriage) I would think would raise a few eyebrows.

Furthermore, did anyone else find it suspicious how flustered and dramatic Victoria F. reacted even after Peter found the whole situation comical? Most everyone has an ex that our future boyfriends will come to know. If there’s no more feelings for that ex, what’s the big deal of your current boyfriend knowing about him?

The red flags don’t stop there. Time after time Victoria F. doubts her relationship with Peter, and last week was no different. Victoria F. has an angle and she plays it well: the victim. Pro tip for Peter: If a person can’t look you in the eyes when they’re pouring their ‘truth’ to you, it isn’t the truth.

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