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This Season of ‘The Bachelor’ Is Unbelievably, Unsustainably Dramatic

Every new season comes with a brand new set of conflicts and opportunities for sabotage. This time, it might be too much to take.
February 13, 2020
9 mins read

Peter Weber stole the hearts of millions during his time on Hannah Brown’s season of “The Bachelorette.” Now it’s his turn to take the spotlight as he embarks on his new adventure as the Bachelor. While he’s only a few episodes into his season, it is clear that this season is unlike any other.

There was drama right from day one. In the 3-hour season premiere of the show, Brown made an appearance as all the girls introduced themselves to Weber. While at first Brown said she was only there to give Weber “his wings back,” referencing a wing pin that Weber had given Brown when he first introduced himself to her, she made another appearance in the episode during the first group date. This time, the former couple spent a lot more time talking through everything that happened between them. The emotional heart-to-heart made the two realize they still had feelings for each other.

However, Weber didn’t want to be her third option; in Brown’s season of “The Bachelorette,” she eliminated Weber with only two other suitors remaining, and then publicly asked Tyler Cameron out after ending her engagement to Jed Wyatt.

Despite this, Weber still cared for Brown and seeing her brought back feelings he didn’t know he had. In his informational interview he stated, “I look at her, and I just don’t want to stop looking at her, and I want to just kiss her and just … have had all this work out. And it didn’t, and I know it didn’t. I feel like such a jerk because I have such an awesome group of girls here, expecting to meet someone that was truly ready to have this work for them as well.” Brown told Weber that she was excited for him to be the Bachelor, but it still hurt her. In the end, Weber sent Brown home and officially closed that chapter of his life.

In the second episode, two contestants got into a massive argument over champagne. Kelsey Weier, one of 30 Bachelor contestants, wanted to pop a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne with Weber. She explained that the bottle, which was a birthday gift, was really special to her and she was saving it for a special moment. She decided that she wanted to open it with Weber, so she brought it to California from her hometown in Iowa.

However, things didn’t go as planned. As Weier was explaining her plan to her fellow contestants, Hannah Ann Sluss ended up popping the bottle of champagne without Weier knowing. Upon hearing the pop, Weier stormed over to Sluss and accused her of intentionally opening her champagne bottle. Weier and Sluss got into a massive argument in front of Weber and the cameras. Weier then stormed off while Sluss tried to clear her name with Weber, who was confused about the whole situation.

Once Weier calmed down, Weber offered her another bottle of champagne for the two. However, once again, things didn’t go the way they were supposed to. After the two opened the bottle, Weier went to drink from it and ended up getting sprayed in the face with champagne. Since this incident, Sluss and Weier have stayed away from each other and tried to avoid confrontation at all times. The incident left many wondering if the show’s producers were involved with this. It hasn’t been confirmed but it certainly wouldn’t be the first time the producers got involved to stir up some drama.

The producers of “The Bachelor” have been known to get involved to create some drama among the contestants; however, this time they may have gone too far. Victoria Fuller and Weber went on a one-on-one date, and everything seemed perfect — until the two went to a Chase Rice concert. Chase Rice is Fuller’s ex and, upon realizing who was playing, Fuller was furious. She was seen talking to producers, clearly unhappy.

Both parties admitted that they had no idea that they were going to see each other. In an interview, Rice confirmed that he just went on the show to promote his music and that he had no idea that he was going to be performing during Fuller and Weber’s one-on-one date. While it isn’t confirmed that the producers of “The Bachelor” set this up, there’s a pretty good chance that they did.

Lastly, most recently, Weber found himself conflicted about Alayah Benavidez. Benavidez was called out by her fellow contestant Sydney Hightower for being fake and putting on an act when the cameras were on. Hightower told Weber her concerns and how she believed that Benavidez didn’t belong in the house. Later, a few other contestants came forward and told Weber they felt the same way, including Victoria Paul.

Paul and Benavidez are friends who have competed in many pageants together. Benavidez was accused of getting Paul to lie to everyone about their friendship, and that’s when Paul said she didn’t really know Benavidez. All these accusations led to Weber eliminating Benavidez.

However, she wasn’t going down without a fight. Benavidez returned to “The Bachelor” in the next episode to clear her name. She crashed a group date and explained herself to Weber and later got Paul to admit she lied. Weber, who was already regretting sending Benavidez home, decided to let her stay and ended up giving her the group date rose. This didn’t sit well with the other girls on the date. A lot of them expressed how upset they were with Weber but also went after Benavidez.

After a night of constant arguing, Weber stepped in and sent her home for good. However, this wasn’t easy for him. In his conversation with Benavidez, he said, “I felt such a strong connection with you from night one. You opened up to me and showed a side to me that I could tell wasn’t easy for you to do. And that meant too much to me as well. With everything that has happened, this is, like, too much. I don’t want to have to put you through any more of this. But I think it’s probably time to say goodbye.”

With only a few more episodes left, Weber is about to end his journey as the Bachelor, and who he will pick is still up in the air. This season’s ending will be something that producers claim has never been seen before, so what that means is still up for interpretation. However, one thing is for sure: This season isn’t ending without a few more drama-filled episodes.

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