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Get some help on Instagram. (Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash)

Gain Real Instagram Followers – Top 3 Sites in 2021 To Grow Your Following

These sites say they have a shortcut.

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Get some help on Instagram. (Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash)

These sites say they have a shortcut.

Gaining more followers on social media platforms has gradually become a necessity for staying relevant online. Without an adequate number of followers, your account and posts get fewer interactions because they don’t get seen.

For businesses or brands looking for progress on online platforms like Instagram, they must have a sufficient number of followers (minimum of a few thousand) to grow their accounts. However, growing Instagram account followers often proves to be challenging for newbies.

Generally, there are two significant ways Instagrammers can effectively gain real followers to foster account growth. One of those ways is through organic means and patiently posting relevant content to catch other Instagrammers’ attention or making adverts.

The other way of growing your followers on Instagram is by buying them. Although buying followers on Instagram is very effective, sometimes it doesn’t suit the account’s long-term goals. Some Instagrammers buy followers from unreliable sites that end up selling bots instead of real accounts.

Regardless, many websites perform positively. Using a reliable site like iDigic, you get to purchase authentic, real and actively engaging accounts. And these accounts will work to boost your profile, improving your impressions and post reach.

How To Buy Instagram Followers

Like it or not, buying followers on Instagram is gradually becoming a norm in today’s world. These days all it takes to gain followers on Instagram is using any of the services offered by websites selling profiles. Learning “how to buy Instagram followers” is as easy as searching the web for sites selling.

However, you do not need to search for the best sites; this post will reveal the top three to use later. To buy, you need to ensure that you select a payment option that works best for you; many of these sites will offer various paying methods.

When buying Instagram followers, you need to make some facts clear between you and the seller: How long will the purchased accounts follow you? Are they real and active profiles? Are the purchasing account bots or dead profiles?

Be sure to have these questions answered before purchasing.

After reaching an agreement with the service provider with payment made, confirm the delivery period again if you haven’t before. Ensure that you buy Instagram followers from sites with speedy responses to orders.

Suppose you are thinking long-term with what you will do with the purchased followers, like becoming an influencer. You must ensure that you purchase real Instagram accounts. Many businesses or brands wanting to collaborate with influencers to market products or services use an auditing tool to confirm if your followers count is fake or authentic.

Do I Have To Give My Password Out To Grow My Followers?

Instagram followers growth can occur in several ways, and depending on the service provider you decide to buy from, you may or may not be required to give out your password. However, it is often safe to assume that most service providers growing your account will request your password.

You should use sites that do not request passwords to perform their operations for security reasons. Regardless, if the sites claim to have good services that prove helpful, you will need to thoroughly go through their policies and privacy statements on their web page.

Some other service providers might request that you log into your Instagram account to access their network. Furthermore, they might outright mention that the log-in will not be from their end, but rather, you will be signing into your account through Instagram’s portal.

The Good and Bad Side Of Using Follower’s Growth

Primarily, the ultimate goal of Instagram growth service providers is to increase the follower count and improve engagement on an account. Furthermore, some of the best service providers go through the trouble of helping their customers organically attain large numbers of real followers — instead of showcasing just numbers.

As much as these Instagram followers growth service providers offer several benefits for an account, there are also dark sides to using them. Some service providers put your account at risk of a shadowban with consistent spammy growth tactics and low-quality operations.

The good side with using these service providers include;

  • Saving your time.
  • Increase your account’s credibility.
  • Improve engagement rate.
  • Enhance account sales — for business profiles.

Whereas the bad side with using these service providers include:

  • Getting shadowbanned.
  • Permanently losing your Instagram account.
  • Lack of trust in company or brand name.
  • Ruining future Instagram engagements.

Top 3 Sites To Grow Your Instagram Following

If you are looking for ways to effectively grow your Instagram account and gain more followers without side effects, you have come to the right spot. This section will show you sites that you can use to buy real followers and get likes, comments and shares for your posts.

1. Twicsy

Twicsy is a social media improving agency that effectively grows your Instagram account by supplying more followers and increasing engagements. You can fearlessly buy Instagram likes and followers from Twicsy to ensure real and authentic profiles follow your account.

Twicsy dedicates its time and expertise to growing its customers’ Instagram accounts. Twicsy uses an innovative strategic method of organically growing Instagrammers followers without fake accounts or bots. Additionally, Twicsy offers a refund policy for unfulfilled orders.

2. Buzzoid

Individuals or companies lacking the patience and time to build their profiles organically can buy Instagram followers from Buzzoid. Buzzoid acknowledges that few followers are no good for a business hoping to make a large number of sales in the online sphere.

For that reason, it is committed to delivering orders in a speedy and timely manner. Primarily, Buzzoid delivers followers to customers within hours of purchase. The company mainly performs two operations: growing the followers count and increasing post engagement.

3. iDigic

iDigic is the modern revolutionalizing company it claims to be — growing Instagram accounts with advanced software techniques. iDigic has gained popularity for improving thousands of Instagram accounts by maximizing the number of engagements through likes, comments and shares.

iDigic is famous for offering real accounts to customers willing to buy followers through its platform. The same way Instagram hates the use of bots, iDigic feels the same. This company offers various package plans for customers to choose from to grow their follower count.


Growing Instagram followers is relatively easy with the right information available. And even easier when using sites that can conveniently grow your followers for you. However, there are some risks to using these service providers; that said, the benefits outweigh the bad.

If you must use third-party services to grow your follower count, ensure that you use trustworthy sites. Consider using any of the three sites mentioned above to grow your followers on Instagram effectively.

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