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October 12, 2021
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Instagram is the most used social media site in the world today. With over a billion daily engagements, Instagram has the highest value in the world of digital marketing. It is the platform where you need to be if you wish to influence consumers and want your brand to get noticed.

If you do things the right way, there is no doubt that you can get a lot of attention and engagement over the platform. However, there are many things that can get in your way of gaining popularity over the platform quickly and effectively.

The latest Instagram algorithms have made it difficult for accounts to connect with each other. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising if you have to try various tactics to leverage your position on Instagram. While the idea of buying followers on Instagram can seem a little unorthodox, the truth is that there are numerous benefits to choosing a trusted website to help you increase your follower count on your Instagram profile.

Benefits of Buying Real Instagram Followers

  • Builds credibility – Having more followers on your Instagram account will first help you to gain the trust of your customers. No Instagram user is interested in following a company with no posts or with a few followers. They are on the lookout for brands and individuals they can trust who have an established reputation. When people see that your account has thousands of followers, they will assume you are popular and reliable.
  • It’s inexpensive – Buying Instagram followers will also help your business get started on the platform and is less expensive in comparison to other forms of social media marketing you can engage in. You must remember that the higher your follower count is, the more likely that your services, products and brand-specific hashtags will be seen by a wider audience.
  • Instant visibility – The most essential benefit of buying Instagram followers through any of the trusted websites out there is that they will push your brand or business profile to a wider audience. This is how the Instagram algorithms work currently. The more engagement — likes and views — your account content has, the more your account will be boosted by Instagram algorithms.
  • Saves time and energy – Marketing via social media sites is a difficult task and requires a lot of work. Despite investing a ton of energy to grow your Instagram account, you will develop slowly as the latest algorithms make it hard to add followers and go viral on the platform. This can be tiring and will also test your confidence in the process. If you purchase followers from a trusted platform, you will gain the much-needed support and boost to make your account or brand thrive. There are different sites that provide real followers almost instantly at exceptional rates. This will set you free from investing your time and energy in growing your Instagram account.

The Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

There are plenty of businesses out there that help Instagram accounts and businesses to gain the reach they wish to achieve. They help you add real followers to your profile who will like, save, share and comment on your posts and reels. This will compel the Instagram bots to take notice of what you are offering and push your content further.

With plenty of businesses offering the service, it becomes more than necessary to check which service you need to trust when it comes to buying Instagram followers. Though there are plenty of options available, not everybody can be trusted. This is the reason why this article has compiled a list of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.

Recommended Sites Price per 100 Instagram followers Minimum –Maximum Instagram follower count Ratings 
Bulkoid $3 100-50,000 4.8/5.0
FastPromo $2.5 100-3000 4.7/5.0
Viralyft $3.89 100-10,000 4.5/5.0
Fastlikes.io $2.99 250-10,000 4.4/5.0
Famoid $3.95 100-15,000 4.2/5.0



Bulkoid is one of the best platforms to buy Instagram followers and to purchase other engagement services. This is because they offer the most specialized services that are unique in the field. The team has been working on various domains of Instagram promotion and what they bring to the table sets them apart from the rest in the industry.

If visibility is your greatest area of concern as an upcoming brand or an influencer on Instagram, then consider the services offered by Bulkoid. They use unique tactics to fetch instant results for their customers. The company offers simple and diversified plans to its customers. For instance, if you want to start with buying 100 followers on your Instagram account, then you can do so for as low as $0.50.

You need to enter the link to your Instagram account and choose from the options presented to you.

  • Instagram followers – Real/Mixed- This package provides you a mix of followers. The minimum number of followers you can get by choosing this package is 250 and the maximum number of followers assured by the team is 4000. Currently, the price for availing this package is $19.
  • Instagram followers – 100% Real – If you are looking for 100% real followers, then this package from Bulkoid would really appeal to you. The minimum number of followers you gain by choosing this package is 300 and the maximum number is 4000. The price for gaining 1000 real followers is $16. All users who follow you when you choose this package are real users. You can receive a refill in 18 days if you wish to add more.
  • Instagram followers – Best Quality – This is yet another package offered by Bulkoid that fetches you real followers. By paying $23 for this package, you can get between 250-2000 followers. You need to remember that when purchasing this package, you must insert your profile link and not your Instagram username. You will start receiving followers almost instantly. Refill is available 30 days from the date of the previous purchase.

The entire process of placing a request for real Instagram followers on Bulkoid.com is really simple and hassle-free. Moreover, the team has taken extra care to ensure that all your queries are resolved in no time. This is why they have a dedicated customer support team catering to the requests of their customers. You can connect to them through the live chat facility made available to receive an immediate response.

Key features

  • The best platform to buy Instagram followers really quick;
  • Offers a host of trusted engagement services for various social media platforms;
  • Instantly improve the quality of your account through maximum interaction;
  • You can buy 100 followers for less than $3;
  • The company assures the quickest delivery in the market so that you stay ahead of your competitors.


FastPromo is one of the best places to shop for followers, likes and views over your Instagram account. FastPromo is one of the best sites to buy followers on Instagram as they connect you with genuine Instagram accounts that boost the credibility of your Instagram account. If you are looking for a simple, hassle-free platform that helps you get great engagement on your Instagram account over a long-term basis, then consider choosing packages from fastpromo.net.

Millions of social media users rely on this platform for boosting their engagement and visibility. You can take a look at their Trustpilot reviews from their customers to learn about their quality services. They help you grow your social media account in the right way and never spam your account with fake profiles or bots. They engage you with real followers and help you create an exclusive fan base for your account.

Despite offering stellar services, FastPromo has inexpensive prices so that anyone can afford to make their mark on social media. The entire process of buying real Instagram followers over the platform is quite simple. You just need to visit their official website and click on the icon that says Instagram promotions. This will let you explore their offerings and prices, which you can avail to boost your Instagram account.

How does it work?

The process is quite simple. Just follow the steps mentioned below to receive instant followers on your Instagram account.

Step 1: Insert the link

You need to paste your social media link in the space provided and choose the desired quantity of followers, likes, views or comments you are looking for. Remember to share the link of your profile instead of entering your Instagram username, or else you will not be able to proceed further while placing a request.

Step 2: Use sliders for customizing your order 

Once you have inserted the link to your Instagram profile, you are just a step away from completing your order. You can customize your order quantity as per your needs by using the sliders provided. You can drag it and choose the order quantity you wish to place and proceed further.

Step 3: Complete your order

To complete the order, you will have to choose a payment method accepted by the platform. Currently, you can pay for your order via PayPal. However, the company has plans to include more popular payment methods in the near future.

Once you have successfully completed the above-mentioned steps, you will start noticing the follower count grow on your Instagram profile. To gain 100 real Instagram followers through FastPromo, you would be spending less than $2.50. This is one of the cheapest rates currently for gaining real followers from a legit site.

Key Features

  • One of the best sites to grow your follower count organically;
  • Gain 100 followers for as low as $2.50;
  • Offers various promotion packages for various social media platforms;
  • Delivers results almost instantly;
  • The platform has a dedicated support team to assist their customers;
  • Has a network of real 10,000+ Instagram users.


Viralyft helps you become popular instantly on Instagram with its host of services available for influencers and brands. The platform provides you with a range of features for boosting your growth on social media. Connect with real and active Instagram users. They have a good network of premium accounts on Instagram related to every niche. If you are looking for extensive Instagram marketing and to boost your growth organically, then this is one of the sites you can consider for the process.

Viralyft offers some of the most affordable plans for boosting your reach on Instagram. Their most basic plan will cost you anywhere around $2.89 per 100 followers. The plans promise you real followers and a high retention rate. The order, once placed successfully, will be delivered anywhere between 24-72 hours.

The platform offers various packages to boost your Instagram followers. You can add anywhere between 100-10,000 followers by choosing the services offered by Viralyft. For the biggest package, you will have to spend $94.99 and the delivery will happen between 24-72 hours.

The process

Buying real Instagram followers from Viralyft is easy. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Choose the followers package

Viralyft provides a range of packages to its customers. You can choose the size that is appropriate for you from the options available. You can benefit from 24/7 live support in case you have any queries. Once you have decided on the package, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Enter your username

Once you have decided on the package, you can enter the username and share your Instagram username with Viralyft. There is no need to share your password. You just need to ensure that your account is set to public so that you can start adding followers.

Step 3: Complete checkout

Once you have furnished all the details requested, you can pay for the order securely through the payment gateway. Viralyft accepts all major credit and debit cards. Moreover, you can rest assured that your data is safe as the payment gateway is secured with encryption and the company never stores the financial information of its customers during transactions.

Key Features

  • Viralyft offers followers, likes and views to Instagram users in no time;
  • It offers super cheap packages and genuine followers;
  • Gain 100 high-quality followers on Instagram for as low as $2.89;
  • The company doesn’t ask for your password or any other personal information to complete the order;
  • They offer a refund guarantee too in case things don’t go as planned.


This platform provides Instagram growth service to brands and influencers looking to expand their reach and credibility over the platform. Grow organically with real Instagram followers with fastlikes.io. The platform assures you genuine Instagram users and no fakes or bots. The site is efficient and dependable if you are looking for some real engagement on your account.

Their plans are highly cost-efficient and accessible. They make sure that you have an edge over your rivals by providing quick delivery of Instagram followers you request from them. Their package starts for as low as $3.99 fetching you about 250 followers. Receive worldwide followers in no time and grow your account gradually with their other packages. Their maximum offering is that of 10,000 followers and you will have to pay $107.99 to purchase it.

How does it work?

Fastlikes.io packages make growing your Instagram following a breeze. The process is simple and you just need to follow a few steps to start gaining followers on your Instagram account.

Step 1: Choose your package

Simply select the package that you feel would work the best for you from the options available. You can choose anywhere between 250-10,000 followers for your account.

Step 2: Enter your Instagram profile URL

Once you have decided on your package, you can proceed to the next step. Enter the page URL and make sure that your profile is set to public. This will allow the company to process your order conveniently.

Step 3: Make the payment

Once you have furnished all the details requested, you need to proceed to the checkout. The platform accepts all major payment modes including all major credit and debit cards. You can make the payment via PayPal as well. Upon completing the payment, you can let the team manage the process. You will soon start noticing an increase in your Instagram followers within 3-4 days.

Key Features

  • Gain real followers from a strong network of real and active Instagram users;
  • Grow your account organically with real followers;
  • Get great exposure and maximum visibility over your account;
  • Receive 250 followers for as low as $3.99;
  • 24/7 customer support available for resolving the queries of the customers.


Famoid is another platform you can turn to boost your Instagram account followers. The platform helps you achieve organic growth through various tools and methods. They start with finding the perfect target audience for you and your brand. Based on this information, they provide the best advice and service for you to grow your current audience base. The team is extremely dedicated to their clients and they are with you throughout the process.

Famoid provides the gradual delivery of followers within the given time. You can gain 100 followers for your account on Instagram for as low as $3.95. They provide different packages for growing your Instagram followers and they are highly affordable. Their biggest package would fetch you about 15,000 follows on Instagram and would cost you about $199.95.

  • Ad-based followers – Famoid understands how crucial it is to operate quickly in this fast-paced world. Their accessible and affordable packages for boosting your Instagram followers are ad-powered. This ensures that you receive the best results while buying followers for your Instagram account through Famoid.
  • Simple order process – Famoid assures you what exactly you need. If you are looking for real followers on your Instagram account, then simply follow their process to place a request. Choose the packages from the list provided and proceed to the payment step. The platform is now accepting payments in the form of cryptocurrencies. This means that you can use Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin to pay for your Instagram follower package on Famoid.
  • Safety & Privacy – Famoid prioritizes the safety of its customers and also cares about maintaining privacy about the transactions that take place over the platform. This is the reason why it has ensured that all the transactions that happen over the account are done via robust 256-bit SSL encryption. When it comes to accepted payments, the company accepts all major credit card payments and also PayPal. They never share your personal information such as your name and contact details with third parties, nor do they ask you to share your credentials with them while processing an order.

Key Features

  • They never ask for your Instagram password when you place a request from them;
  • All of the followers they provide are authentic and come directly from ad networks;
  • No bot or fake followers delivered;
  • They help you find the right kind of followers based on your niche;
  • They have some of the best account management tools to boost your growth on social media;
  • Gain 100 followers for as low as $3.95.

In Summary

Growing your Instagram account doesn’t have to be tiresome and challenging. Instead of investing your time in manually managing the marketing process, you can buy Instagram followers from trusted platforms. This will help you focus more on other strategies and engage with your audience as your reach grows.

Finding the best site to buy Instagram followers is not as tricky as it appears to be as there are plenty of options available. You just need to find the right service and the right package to start growing your Instagram account. This article has listed some of the most trusted and popular sites that you can rely on to boost your Instagram activity and increase your follower count. You can study them and choose the best one to collaborate with as per your needs.

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