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Buy YouTube Subscribers — Safe and Organic

Here are some ways to grow your channel.
July 15, 2021
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YouTube is the world’s second most used search engine and one of the most popular social media networks out there. The video-sharing platform receives more than 2 billion active user logins every month. This massive number has brought fame and fortune to those who have made YouTube their career, but to attain success is not easy — since YouTube is a large market, there is tremendous competition among creators to grab a significant share.

YouTube has something for everyone’s needs, but if your content does not cut it, a person will choose to watch videos from another creator.

YouTubers look for alternative solutions to gain credibility among their target audience and bring more viewers to their channel; one way is to buy YouTube subscribers or views. With the help of legit service providers like realsubscribers.com, you can quickly climb the ranks and be among the most formidable players in the game.

Without wasting any more time, let’s dive into this topic.

Why Should You Buy YouTube Subscribers?

Before talking about the “why,” one needs to address some bad practices prevalent among those who pay for subscribers.

Purchasing subscribers carries both risks and benefits. And it is essential to know what you can or cannot do to avoid any repercussions as a consequence of your actions.

Using underhanded ways to increase your subscriptions and level of engagement is a clear indication of cutting corners to look popular. And this does not sit well with YouTube. In some cases, your channel is also liable for suspension or even termination.

Although YouTube’s terms of service do not prevent you from buying YouTube subscribers, where you choose to get them from matters. You should never spend money on bots; unlike a natural person, a bot is incapable of giving organic engagement.

Still considering bots? Don’t. Not when there are millions of real users that log on to YouTube every month. Remember, the ratio of your subscribers to views is essential. Suppose you invest in bots but did not generate nearly enough engagement on your videos — the YouTube algorithm will consider your subscribers fake and further lower your organic reach.

Understanding the risks involved is essential, but that shouldn’t stop you from buying real YouTube subscribers. All you need to do is choose the correct path to get them.

Now that you know what not to do, here’s a look at why you should buy real YouTube subscribers:

1. Enhanced Channel Visibility

People tend to be more curious about channels that host subscribers in large numbers. At the same time, smaller channels with low subscriber count will immediately draw criticism from viewers for having lower-quality content. These channels are less likely to witness any significant increase in subscriptions anytime soon. As you can see, it can get tough to grow your channel if you cannot attract new people.

Lower numbers of subscribers can often dampen your enthusiasm to create more videos, especially when you see others in your niche producing similar content as you but managing to successfully draw in more views.

You could say that your number of subscribers is like proof that you deliver quality content consistently. It is like a green light of approval that makes you seem legit and trustworthy.

2. Attract More Subscribers

When you buy organic YouTube subscribers from legit service providers like realsubscribers.com, your channel will grow with real people interested in the content you create. Your subscribers will watch more of your videos and for a much longer duration. They are the first to get pinged when your new video goes online, bringing in more viewers and watch time.

YouTube is a search engine that takes user behavior into account when promoting a channel and its content. When your videos receive high engagement, the YT algorithm will boost your channel discoverability, and more like-minded viewers will see your creation, who can even convert into permanent subscribers.

How To Buy YouTube Subscribers

A few upcoming sections will discuss how you can get YouTube subscribers free of cost. However, now get ready to shell out some cash.

1. Purchase Directly from Vendors

In the first paid approach, you can buy real YouTube subscribers from legit service providers like realsubscribers.com. YouTubers consider this alternative for rapid growth in channel subscribers and to appear credible to their target audience.

But why realsubscribers.com? This website is recommended because they have a long history of working with over 50,000 YouTubers who have nothing but praises for their services. The subscribers you receive are real people who give real engagement.

Remember, YouTube is well within its right to penalize your channel if the service you acquire uses bots. However, you do not need to worry; your channel is in safe hands because the staff at realsubscribers.com have high ethical standards. The methods they employee are 100% safe and time tested.

2. YouTube Ads

You don’t have to possess a massive marketing budget, but keep some money on the side to promote your channel — this is sure to get you real YouTube subscribers.

YouTube is getting more competitive with time, and you should be willing to loosen up your pockets to stay ahead in the game.

You can run ads on YouTube via Google Ads. Google is flexible and presents a variety of ad formats to choose from:

  • Videos display ad
  • Non-skippable in-stream ad
  • Skippable in-stream ad
  • Outstream ad
  • Masthead ad
  • Bumper ad
  • Sponsored cards

Moreover, you can decide who sees your ads by targeting the audience based on their age, gender, interest, behaviors, channels visited, videos watched or websites.

How To Gain Organic YouTube Subscribers

This section will skip the more popular YouTube SEO techniques like creating keyword-optimized titles, descriptions, tags, custom thumbnails, using cards/end screen or structured playlists.

This article will assume that you already know how to optimize your videos for search. Instead, it will focus on techniques that are lesser known by the masses but give the desired results:

1. Pull in the Audience from Other Social Media Handles

YouTube may not be the only platform where you have set up shop. Your accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Reddit or Instagram can also have a solid following that you can redirect toward your YouTube channel.

One way to go about it is to promote your new video uploads on each social network by creating relevant posts for the same.

It would be great to time your social media post uploads just before your videos go online; that way, you will prompt your viewers to subscribe to your channel to not miss out on viewing your content.

You can create a short trailer video and share it on multiple social media platforms. Instagram stories are great for trailer posting; you can include a solid call to action asking your viewers to swipe up and check out your channel. You can also have your YouTube channel link in your bio.

2. Do Contests and Giveaways

Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and ask yourself this question: “Would you give up on an opportunity to win free goodies?” Of course not, and neither will your potential subscribers.

One great way to up your subscriber count is to organize contests and giveaways.

The requirements for entry can be anything, but since your goal is to get more people to join your channel, you can ask them to press the subscribe button to be eligible for the giveaway.

Pro tip: The contests you conduct have to adhere to guidelines laid down by YouTube, so make sure to brush up on them before you take the next step.

For your convenience, here are a few key points to consider before undertaking any social media contest:

  • Do not make contestants do something that potentially causes bodily harm.
  • The price you select should be relevant to your channel theme.
  • Do not make promises that you cannot keep; once you lose your audience’s trust, it isn’t easy to regain it.

Since the outcome you expect from your contest and giveaway is an increase in subscribers, make sure to analyze the contest results at the end. If the results are satisfactory, you can consider organizing more similar events.

3. Email Marketing

Please don’t waste time looking for new ways to grow your subscriber base when your most excellent avenue is still untapped —that’s right: your email list. The same list contains scores of potential subscribers that willingly decide to hear from you.

What you can now do is send a timely email to your email list as reminders of your new content uploads. If you do everything right, not only will you generate more views and watch time, but you will also encourage your email audience to convert themselves into YouTube channel subscribers.

4. YouTube Live Streaming

Let’s be honest for a second. Have you tried everything? Everything. If yes, then surely you are no stranger to YouTube live streams. On the other hand, if you haven’t tried this YouTube feature, you are seriously missing out on a fantastic opportunity to increase your subscribers.

You can use live streaming for various purposes; brands use it to promote or market their offerings, whereas individual creators like to use interactive features to demonstrate their skills and expertise.

If you manage to mesmerize your audience via your webinars, live Q&A sessions or tutorials, then congratulations, you have won yourself an interested audience who would like to see more from you.

Once you terminate your live broadcast, your footage automatically gets saved with the other content on your channel.

To Sum Up

Whether you take the paid path or go with the free approach, your choice will depend on several factors, the key one being your budget.

Try to conduct a series of tests with different methods until you develop the right mix that brings your desired outcome.

For example, when you buy real YouTube subscribers from websites like realsubscribers.com, run YouTube ads in parallel to see which one gives you a higher return on your investment. You can later extend your efforts into other areas, paid or otherwise.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with valuable insights. Feel free to share.

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