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4 Best Places To Buy 4000 YouTube Watch Hours for Monetization in 2022

These sites might be able to get you to the point where you can make money from your content.
December 27, 2021
7 mins read

Everyone want to get to that coveted place on YouTube where they can start making money from their videos.

However, this is easier said than done.

Let’s review what many believe to be some of the best places to buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube, so that you can eventually monetize your YouTube account, and turn it into a full-time gig.

Best Places to Buy 4000 YouTube Watch Hours for Monetization

Media Mister

Media Mister has a lot going for it as a company that can help you buy 4000 watch hours on YouTube, because they are committed, and have been around the block enough times to know what it is that you’re looking for when it comes to your watch hours.

They can get you to that 4000 mark, and they can even take you over it, making sure that you continue to get the watch hours that you need so that you can increase your social proof and credibility in general. Many people love that they also leave it up to their clients how much they pay for their services.


GetaFollower is another excellent source if you’re looking for a place to buy 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers, and while they might not be the oldest company out there, they certainly have the kind of reputation that you want to be associated with.

Their reputation is that of someone that is known for rooting for the underdog, meaning that they are going to care about you especially if you are just starting out and have a long way to go before you reach that 4000 mark. They offer targeted watch hours that are relevant to your content.


Lenos is unique when it comes to being able to help you buy YouTube watch hours, because they can help you exclusively with YouTube.

Other companies are going to spread their resources across many social media platforms, but these guys want to get really specific, ensuring that you are getting the help that you need when you need it. They can help you buy YouTube watch time, and they are going to be there for you even after you have purchased their features. They achieve this through their really good customer support.

Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media is a great place that can help you buy YouTube watch time because they can assist you with powerful promotional services — and they can do this for all social networks.

This allows you to focus on multiple facets of your online brand, not just one.

They also have a chat box, which opens up immediately as soon as you visit the site, so that you can ask them any preliminary questions that you might have. Many people also think that their money-back guarantee makes them a safe option.

Why YouTube?

YouTube is a great way to not only grow as an individual, but to grow as a brand. Whether you are trying to become a YouTube creator, or you are trying to expand your brand’s presence on YouTube, getting to those 4000 YouTube watch hours can be a time-consuming process.

YouTube is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon, and the fact that it is the second biggest search engine in the world means that it is a great place to feature your brand.

Why Buy YouTube Watch Hours?

In the beginning, you might not have thought too much about being able to buy YouTube watch hours because you were too busy focusing on your content.

However, your YouTube watch time hours are important, and the quicker you can get it to 4000, the easier your life will be.

This is because you’re going to be able to start making money from your YouTube channel straight away, and if you have always planned on being able to turn your YouTube content into a job, this will help fulfill that goal.

Things To Know About the Company

One thing to think about when trying to decide which site to help you with YouTube watch time hours is what information they have on the website about their team.

If they are being elusive, or not very forthcoming about how much information they have, then it is perhaps safe to say that they’ve probably got something to hide. Another thing to consider is how secure their site is. If they have good security, meaning that they have encrypted their website and made sure that their payment gateways are protected, then you can feel free to share personal information without worrying about it being stolen.

It’s also important that you think about how many payment options they have, because if they don’t have that many, you’re going to have to compromise personal information like your credit card details.

Final Thoughts

When thinking about achieving your YouTube channel goals and getting your numbers up to that 4000 mark, you’ve got to think outside the box.

This involves either putting in the effort yourself, or it involves getting the help from an outside company.

If you don’t want to spend the next couple of years reaching 4000 YouTube watch time hours, then many strongly suggest that you go for a company that knows what they are doing, which can help shortcut the process.

The companies on this list are credible, have great reputations with their existing clients, and are going to get you there without compromising your social proof in any way.

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