How To Buy Discord Members for Your Server

Get more people chatting in your community.
November 26, 2021
5 mins read

Are you looking for a way to increase the number of your Discord server members? One of the best ways that you can do this is by buying Discord members.

This article has compiled all of the information that you need to know about buying members, including some of the best sites to get them from, in order for you to quickly grow your server’s member count.

Why Buy Server Members

The primary goal of buying members is to improve a Discord server’s social proof. When a new user joins a server and learns that it has a large membership, they are more likely to get involved with the community. Others then notice how active the community is, which serves as a good reinforcement cycle that attracts more members.

How To Buy Discord Members

If you’ve never bought them before, here’s a rough outline of how to buy Discord members for your server:

  1. Find a trusted Discord member provider online.
  2. Give them a Discord invite link to your server.
  3. Pay for your server members using PayPal, credit card or cryptocurrency.
  4. Wait 4-48 hours for the providers to automatically add the members to your server using the link you’ve provided.

Best Places To Buy Discord Members

There are a number of businesses that sell server members online, but here are three of the best sites to buy Discord members from:


Gramlike is currently the leading provider of Discord members. They can add Discord members to a server within approximately 4-12 hours, compared to most other providers who need days to deliver the members. They also offer cheap prices and a variety of package sizes to suit all kinds of buyers. Truly a solid choice if you’re looking to quickly boost your Discord server’s member or invite count.


HypeFreaks is quickly making a name for itself within the Discord community, and for good reason. They sell high-quality members and deliver them within a reasonable time frame. They’re also currently the only company to sell online Discord members, which really sets them apart from others.


If you’d prefer to use a more well-known site to buy Discord members, then Fiverr is the perfect choice for you. Fiverr has many independent sellers who can add Discord members to your server. While the prices on Fiverr are slightly more expensive than other sites, you can rest easy knowing you’ll get what you pay for, as Fiverr has a tried and tested digital services refund policy.

Other Ways To Get More Discord Members

Share Your Server on Social Media

Remember that your server is like a business. It has to be marketed in order for it to grow and thrive. Posting about your server on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Snapchat can bring new members into the fold; they’ll see all of the fun things you’re doing with other users and want to join up themselves.

Add Your Server to Discord Directories

A Discord directory is just a website that lists servers. Many directories have hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Discord servers listed on them. You can post your own server for free. The more popular the directory is, the better chance you’ll have at getting new members to join up with you.

Buy Influencer Shoutouts to Your Server

Another way of buying server members is by paying for influencer shoutouts.  Influencer shoutouts are when an influencer posts to their own social media account that they are involved with your server. They’ll then post a link to it, which will bring in a new bunch of Discord members who follow them.

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