5 Movies Perfect for a Foolproof Date Night

Whether it's your first date or your 50th, the right films make all the difference.
April 1, 2019
7 mins read

So it’s date night and maybe you plan on keeping it casual with some good old Netflix and chill. Perhaps the person that you’ve just started seeing suggests you come over for a movie, wine and Chinese takeout kind of night. Whatever the case may be, a movie date night is always a great way to snuggle up close to your significant other.

Movie date nights can be romantic and, depending on the status of your relationship with this person of interest, they can lead to anticipation and feelings of nervousness and excitement too.

However, before any snuggling can commence, the two of you first have to agree on what movie to watch, a proposition that can prove to be a challenge if the two of you are just getting to know each other. Indeed, the entire flow of date night can be disrupted all thanks to indecision.

To avoid this predicament, you can curate a rough sort of outline or list of movies prior to the start of the date. Having a list of various movies is not only a great way to keep a conversation from fading, but it can lead to a more in-depth discussion of movie interests, preferred genres and favorite actors and actresses. You’re learning about each other’s tastes and streamlining the movie-streaming process later on.

It is important to keep in mind that the movie you choose can also set the tone for date night. If you and your significant other have been dating for some time, then it is likely that the two of you have become familiar with one another’s interests. This kind of situation tends to be more forgiving and movie picks might even be more daring and experimental, which in itself can make date night fun. However, if it is the first time that you and your significant other are spending alone time together on a spatially confined loveseat than it’s more desirable to select a movie that adds to the intimate atmosphere.

As a way to simplify and inspire, I’ve come up with what I consider to be five foolproof movies for date night. These top-five picks are meant to transcend any stage of the relationship you might be in. I’ve made sure to pick movies that cater to the romance side of things, because it is date night after all, but they’ve all got their own unique twist.

I wanted to stay away from blatantly obvious romantic films, like “The Notebook,” for example. Instead I’ve included older and newer movies of various genres that all have a certain upbeat feeling to keep date night fairly light-hearted, fun and engaging while still alluding to the flirty undertones of the evening.

1. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” is one of the more quirky choices, but its quirkiness is what makes it so spectacular. The movie is about a boy who falls in love with a girl at first sight then subsequently must defeat her seven evil exes before he can date her. You’ll never get bored, as it is fast-paced and punchy.

The visual style of the film is similar to a graphic novel. Despite the storyline being about a boy trying to win the heart of a girl, it is action-packed and comedic as well, which instantly livens up any basic love story.

2. Indiana Jones

“Indiana Jones” is a no-brainer in my book. I didn’t specify a specific “Indiana Jones” film, because any of them would be great for date night. Indiana Jones, played by the hunky Harrison Ford, is visually pleasing, but the constant action and adventure in distant and exotic lands is enticing as well.

Maybe it’s the whip that Indiana Jones is always cracking, but there’s a certain kind of wild and dauntless feeling that comes with watching these films that could make date night a little bit spicier.

 3. Silver Linings Playbook

“Silver Linings Playbook” falls more into the drama category of things. It’s about a man who struggles with bipolar disorder and is trying to win his wife back after being released from a mental ward. Along the way, he makes friends with a recently widowed woman.

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The two of them eventually hit it off as they practice for a dance competition. The film is witty, quick and at times melodramatic. However, the chemistry and tension that builds between the characters is realistic, relatable and sure to get you feeling flustered.

4. Pulp Fiction

Quite arguably a cult classic, “Pulp Fiction” is off-beat and raunchy. It’s got action, crime, drama and even a little bit of comedy sprinkled into the mix.

The film is well-known for many things, but its dance scene in particular is pretty unforgettable. Perhaps with the help of a little wine, you and your significant other can twist things up and re-create the scene together.

5. Zombieland

 Last, but certainly not least is “Zombieland.” Oftentimes, I think horror is a movie date night default. Getting spooked and spooning seem to go hand in hand. Yet, sometimes this method can backfire. A movie can be so scary that it’s not even enjoyable.

“Zombieland” is that perfect in-between. It’s got its scary bits, but it’s also filled with comedic relief. The film is about a boy who stumbles upon a girl and her younger sister in a zombie apocalyptic world. Naturally, the two fall for one another as they share fleeting moments of romance while fighting off flesh-eating zombies. It’s gory, but tolerable.

Depending on the situation, date nights can be awkward and stressful. However, minor hiccups like being unable to settle on a movie together should not make or break the future of a relationship. With that being said, it is quite the smooth move to come prepared with a well thought out list of movies to pick from for movie night. This shows your date that you have been thoughtful and caring about what goes on during date night which is impressive enough. Hopefully you find these five movie suggestions helpful in terms of picking a film for your next date night or influences you to start thinking of a list of your own.

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