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How Mobile Slots Can Be a Welcome Study Distraction

Simple puzzle games have been shown to increase focus, so why not try to win something at the same time?
June 3, 2020
3 mins read

During the busy exams period, the constant revising, checking and rereading can quickly become a drain on morale and even affect performance if not handled correctly.

This means incorporating breaks into your studying — and not just for the bathroom! One of the most popular ways for students to take a break from their studies is to enjoy some mobile slots games as a study distraction.

Not only are mobile slots stimulating, relaxing and thrilling, they also keep our brains working without being too overwhelming. In this way, they feel like a break but don’t allow us to totally switch off and go into snooze mode. Mobile slots sites such as Fruity King provide a great place to play games that make for a perfect study distraction.

Here’s a deeper look at how mobile slots can be a welcome study distraction.

Studies show mobile slots can increase focus, reduce anxiety

It has long been thought by scientists that using mobile slots games as a form of distraction from demanding mental work can be beneficial. Now, a study from Michigan State University has all but proved this to be true.

In the study carried out by researchers led by Jason Moser, it was found that “anxious college students who completed a video game-like exercise that involved identifying shapes stayed more focused and showed less anxiety.”

Sound familiar? If you know your slots it will, as many classic games work just like this. If it sounds appealing, you can play the popular Starburst slot here.

With over 40 million people in the U.S. alone suffering from one form of anxiety disorder or another, with the issue especially prevalent in those of university age, using quality study distractions such as mobile online slots is essential.

Why choose mobile slots games?

The above study noted that games that involved identifying shapes helped students stay more focused and show less anxiety. Now, whilst there are many unproven brain training apps and games on the market, the opportunity to achieve the positive effects of a quality distraction yet also win money is something that gives mobile slots games the advantage.

During a break from study, what could be better than increasing focus, decreasing anxiety and, maybe, winning some serious coinage in the process?

Overall, mobile slots can be a welcome study distraction when enjoyed responsibly. It is important to only bet as much as you can afford at mobile online slots and remember, they should be used to complement your studies, not in place of them!

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