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How To Play Slots Like a Pro: Know All About Slots

If you want to win, you should know what you're doing first.
January 27, 2022
9 mins read

Slots are the most attractive online casino games as well as the most played, according to Statista. The Jerusalem Post noted that slots make up 70% of the best real money online casinos and games in the market in September of 2019. Consequently, there has been a rise in Internet free slots Canada, instructional videos, posts and other tutorials advising gamblers on how to play like a pro.

Many advise playing progressive slot titles that offer the highest prize amount; others prefer predicting when a slots game will hit, while others see the game purely as a game of chance that can go either way, “win or lose.” But, what is important is knowing all about slots and how to play like a pro, even if you are a novice.

  • Pick the highest payouts
  • Monitor the variance/volatility of the slots game of choice
  • Understand game features and their applications
  • Take advantage of bonuses like free spins
  • Take other player reviews into consideration
  • Play different games but for a definite timeline

Pick the Highest Payouts 

Choose slots with a low house edge but the highest RTP. House edge is a calculation that shows the advantage a casino has over its players and is expressed as a percentage. The RTP, on the other hand, is the amount a player can expect back from the casino after placing a bet or wager in a specific period and is also expressed as a percentage. Players should pick slots with the highest RTP rates to gather the highest payouts due to the casino house advantage. In most instances, slots RTPs range from 90% to 96%. If possible, always pick games with 96% RTP. If you are worried about identifying a slots game’s RTP, check the online game reviews that list the RTP rates. Such review sites include gamblingsites.org or betandbeat.com, among others.

Monitor the Variance/Volatility of the Slots Game of Choice 

Slots variance or volatility levels depend on the game and providers. For instance, a slots game can have high or low variance levels. High variance means the game has a long dry period before a player can earn a win or a prize, but it delivers huge prizes in winnings. High volatility payout rates are the highest. However, the rate at which a player can trigger a winning combination is quite low.

On the other hand, low volatility slots games mean players can win more often. However, the amount won is lower. Your choice depends on personal preferences. The volatility level is difficult to determine for new players as casinos don’t reveal this information. Still, online review sites and game providers have all the essential data about a slots game. Check there for any reviews.

Understand Game Features and Their Applications 

Knowing the game’s approach is an important factor in becoming a pro. For instance, you cannot play slots without knowing all the game features and applications. Some of the features of a slots game include symbols such as:

  • Wilds: These are game symbols that automatically generate a winning pay line when they appear.
  • Scatter: Symbols that trigger promotional features or the appearance of a winning payline on the slot machine or game.
  • Payline: A payline can be horizontal or diagonal with marks on the slots game windows. Paylines indicate if you have a winning combination or spin.
  • Multipliers: Factors issued by a game that multiply your bet winnings.
  • Free spins: These are bonuses or promotional features that allow players to take a free game session. Free spins appear with Scatter symbols.

Take Advantage of Bonuses Like Free Spins

Playing for free is the best option for most pros, which can be done with free bonuses. Players can take charge of a single or several gaming sessions with free spins without any cost. Bonuses and free spins can also help overturn the house edge. Players can take up the no deposit bonus that delivers free gaming sessions without an initial deposit condition. A no wager bonus is also a popular choice among players; no wager means that the player does not have to suffer through wagering requirements with cash or bonus funds issued. In most instances, free spins and no deposit bonuses are given as welcome offers and are only available to new players. Other offers include cashback or reload deposit bonuses.

Take Other Player Reviews Into Consideration 

Player reviews can be found for many popular game titles. Therefore, players should never take up a slots game without looking at the reviews and ratings. The main reason is that players post their challenges, gaming strategy and perspective, bet sizes and winning amounts. Thus, you can gather more data and information about a particular slot before you play it. Plus, continuous gaming increases your chances of winning at that particular slot. Gathering necessary information for a less popular slot is tasking and can result in more losses than winnings, however. Plus, as an unknown entity for the player, the winning symbols such as Scatters or Wilds that deliver the best winnings may be difficult to find during gameplay.

Play Different Games but for a Definite Timeline

Accessing the same gameplay and mode becomes redundant with slots games. Your technique may improve at first, but you may draw the same conclusions and earn no winnings over time. There are many winning and popular slots in the industry. With newer entries, some lose popularity while others gain. Similarly, players should try new and popular slots with high payouts while online. Only play a game title for a specific period, then leave it — pick another title. However, you can go back to the initial game title after a while.

Final Words

After identifying all the essential factors of slots games, it is time to put all the knowledge and skills gained into practice. Here is how to play slots like a pro:

  • Choose the right slots game: Slots machines differ in gameplay, design RTP, and much more. Always check the game review before you play.
  • Practice free or demo slot game versions: Pick games you can play without worrying about costs. Demo versions are similar to real money casino games. Thus, you learn the game and gain the skills to play on a real-money platform.
  • Study and understand the paytable: Keep a close eye on the paytable and understand how much each symbol is worth, then play!
  • Stick to your gaming budget: Always pay attention to the amount you want to bet and what is available for your gaming needs. Set a budget and keep to it to avoid addiction.
  • Take a chance at a jackpot: Games with small jackpot prizes have a lower volatility rate and, thus, pay less and more frequently.


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