a hashtag, for an article about instagram hashtags
#BestHashtags. (Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash)

The Best Instagram Hashtags To Use in 2021

There’s more to the social media platform than just images and captions.

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a hashtag, for an article about instagram hashtags
#BestHashtags. (Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash)

There’s more to the social media platform than just images and captions.

Instagram is a huge platform that receives almost a billion users each month. This means that the number of posts every day is huge. So, how can you manage to make your content reach a wide audience apart from Instagram autolikes? First of all, you can buy Instagram followers instant delivery to start building a community and get your content recommended to more users. Then, you can also use the popular hashtags to reach as many users as you can.

Hashtags have become something essential for anyone who is using social media. Users are typing these words to find the content that interests them, and so, you can reach the specific audience that will follow your account. For this reason, you need to study the most popular and best hashtags that will bring your posts to your audience. However, don’t forget to apply Instagram autolikes to your posts so that your content is featured as part of the top posts of each hashtag.

In this article, let’s take a look at the best hashtags to use in 2021.

General Hashtags

First, the general hashtags that you can use on all of your posts are the following:

1. #love

Everyone wants to feel love, especially now that the pandemic is keeping them away from their loved ones. Therefore, positive posts with the hashtag #love will always get a lot of likes and comments.

2. #instagood

#Instagood is a hashtag that has been on the popular list for years. It fits any type of post and any niche, and for this reason, it can be found on more than 1.28 billion posts.

3. #photooftheday, #picoftheday, and #photography

Each of these three hashtags are ideal to use on the images that you have shot with your camera or mobile device. Apart from this, remember to buy Instagram followers instant delivery to boost your account even more.

4. #beautiful

One more hashtag that you can use on any post is #beautiful. The popularity of this hashtag becomes clear when you consider that more than 718 million posts use it. Therefore, include it in your captions whenever you post something beautiful.

5. #happy

Another positive hashtag that many users search for is #happy. With over 616 million posts, this hashtag can help your content reach a huge number of users. No matter what you choose to post, Instagram autolikes will enhance your content.

6. #cute

#Cute is another optimistic hashtag that has been on the trending list for years. As a result, more than 609 million posts have been tagged as #cute and most of them get a huge number of likes.

7. #follow and #followme

Instagram is a social media, and so, the bigger your community the better. With the hashtags #follow and #followme, you ask your content’s viewers to check out your account and follow you. Many of them will ask you for a follow for follow.

8. #tbt or #throwbackthursday

#Tbt or #throwbackthursday is one of the most popular hashtags on the platform. When you use this hashtag, you are posting a highlight or picture from your past. If you participate in challenges and buy Instagram followers instant delivery, you can start gaining traffic.

9. #instagram

Many users are including #instagram on their posts. For this reason, this particular hashtag has surpassed 596 million posts. Therefore, make sure that you include it on any post that you create.

10. #like4like

The last popular general hashtag that you can use is #like4like. This is yet another hashtag that encourages engagement, even though you commit to visiting the users’ profile and liking some of their posts.

Niche Hashtags

Secondly, the hashtags below refer to specific niches. Find the ones that fit your account and use them as much as you can.

11. #fashion

The most popular niche hashtag on Instagram is #fashion. Therefore, make sure that you post your outfits of the day, include this hashtag and apply Instagram autolikes for the best results.

12. #art

Another niche that is booming on Instagram is art, and for this reason, the hashtag #art has more than 749 million posts attached to it. If you have a special talent in art, make sure to include this particular hashtag.

13. #nature

#Nature is a hashtag that can be used as both a general and a niche one. Every time that you post a nature-related image, you can include this hashtag, even when you don’t belong in this niche.

14. #travel

#Travel and images with traveling destinations get thousands and millions of likes on Instagram. So, you will benefit from posting photos from your travels. No matter what you do, remember to buy Instagram followers instant delivery to have immediate results.

15. #style

Just like #fashion, #style has been one of the most popular niche hashtags for years. Use #style the same way. Namely, post stylish images with impressive outfits to capture your audience’s attention.

16. #fitness

Another niche that is rising on Instagram is fitness and well-being. For this reason, #fitness has more than 432 million posts. If you like to work out, then you should definitely use this hashtag to attract users with the same interests as you.

17. #food

If you browse on Instagram, you will find a huge number of posts that show food and desserts. So, it is not surprising that #food has over 427 million posts.

18. #beauty

The next niche hashtag that you can use is none other than #beauty. As on every other social media, the beauty niche is strong on this platform. Use it on your makeup-related posts to gain a lot of likes.

19. #music

One more hashtag to use on Instagram in 2021 is #music. Whether you share your love for a singer or promoting your own music, this is an excellent hashtag to gain exposure. The only thing you need to do is to get Instagram autolikes to boost your posts even more.

20. #makeup

Lastly, #makeup is similar to #beauty, both in the niche and in popularity. Whenever you use one of them, use the other one as well.

These hashtags will help your posts reach the audience you want. In any case, remember to buy Instagram followers instant delivery from likes.io to start building your community.

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