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4 Must-See Horror Films That Are Expecting Remakes or Sequels

Later this year, a whole new generation will have the opportunity to be scared witless by Chucky, Michael Myers and creepy clowns.

Summer is just around the corner, and you know what comes after summer? That’s right, horror-movie season.

All year long, movies of all genres are released, but you can always count on September to early November being full of horror movies. While there are plenty of new scream flicks being produced throughout the year, there are several classic reboots and sequels coming this fall.

The 2017 horror season will bring plenty of terrifying originals, reboots, remakes and sequels, so here is a list of four horror movies you should be streaming before the newer versions are released.

1. It

The newest trailer for “It” was recently released, showing a scene that is well known even to those who have not seen the original movie. The original film sent chills down the spines of viewers, so it’s hard to imagine what the remake will do.

4 Must-See Horror Films That Are Expecting Remakes or Sequels
Image via Impressive Magazine

The original plot follows the story of seven individuals who had encounters with It, a clown that terrified them as children, and now, as adults, plan to kill the clown. The movie is set in the town of Derry, where local kids are slowly disappearing, meaning the clown is back in town. The remake is set to follow the same storyline with a modern twist.

Both the original “It,” which premiered as a televised miniseries in November 1990, and the new one, set to premiere on Friday, September 8, 2017, will follow the novel written by Stephen King.

The novel is sure to make you toss and turn at night, but the original movie will make you walk the other way when encountering a clown. It’s that kind of horror that makes the original worth watching before going to the theaters to see the reboot.

2. Halloween

“Halloween” is a classic that just about everyone has heard of and watched at least one of the ten films. First premiering in October 1978, it has since grown into a massive franchise, with the last reboot in 2002. The franchise will add its eleventh movie, another reboot, on Friday the 13th this October, called “Halloween: The Night Evil Died.”

The original movie follows the story of Michael Myers, who stabs his younger sister before being institutionalized for 15 years. He then breaks out and heads back to Haddonfield, his hometown, on the day of Halloween. By the time people know he’s back in town, though, it’s far too late.

4 Must-See Horror Films That Are Expecting Remakes or Sequels
Image via Adventures in Poor Taste

The newest reboot will illustrate what happened after “Halloween Resurrection,” the 2002 sequel, according to a plot summary written on IMDb by Kohl Bladen, the director and cowriter of “Halloween: The Night Evil Died.”

The eleventh installment of the Halloween franchise will follow Emma, the daughter of John Tate, and her friends on a road trip to Haddonfield, where family secrets are discovered. The Halloween films have been fan favorites for generations, so if you plan to watch the latest, take some time to stream the earlier versions.

3. Insidious

This horror movie series started in April 2011 with “Insidious,” and it has since added three more movies. Fans can expect “Insidious: Chapter 4” to be reach theaters on Friday, October 20, 2017. Before watching this upcoming film, though, I suggest streaming the original three first, due to their complex storyline.

The story begins with “Insidious: Chapter 3,” released in June 2015. This movie is a prequel to the first two, and it follows the story of a psychic girl named Elise Rainier who uses her gift of contacting the dead to help another girl.

4 Must-See Horror Films That Are Expecting Remakes or Sequels
Image via Buzzfeed

The storyline then connects to the first “Insidious” movie, which follows a family whose son is in a coma after a mysterious event. While at first, it seems that their son is simply in a coma, there is more to it as the movie takes viewers through an adventure of the supernatural.

This plot then bleeds into “Insidious: Chapter 2,” where the family believes that they have shaken the paranormal from the previous movie, but they are wrong. While there is no confirmed plot for “Insidious: Chapter 4,” it’s sure to keep viewers on their toes throughout a complex storyline, like that of its predecessors.

4. Chucky

Chucky, the doll that started it all, is back, giving me yet another reason to refuse to buy creepy-looking dolls. Beginning with “Child’s Play” in November 1988, the Chucky franchise has six movies, and it’s about to add another. Said to premiere the same day as “Insidious: Chapter 4,” the sequel “Cult of Chucky” is sure to remind movie-goers of the potential evil of childhood toys.

In “Child’s Play,” Chucky, a doll thought to be a harmless toy, gains the soul of Charles Lee Ray, an infamous killer. The owner of the doll, Andy Barclay, learns of this fact and tries to warn the adults, but it’s too late.

4 Must-See Horror Films That Are Expecting Remakes or Sequels
Image via Cineplex

IMDb’s plot summary for the sequel, “Cult of Chucky,” reveals that Nica Pierce, who has been in an asylum since Chucky killed her family, faces the doll again. This time, Andy Barclay is around, and he is trying to help her, but he must also deal with Chucky’s bride, Tiffany.

Reviving not only Chucky, but also his bride and two previous owners, is a good reason to watch the original, if not all, of the Chucky series.

With so many horror remakes, reboots and sequels coming out this year, it’s time to either remind yourself of the original storylines or watch them for the first time. I know my summer will be spent prepping for the horror-film season, watching prequels and originals, making it possible for me not only to know the back stories, but the original stories as well. Maybe then, I won’t be so scared, but let’s be honest, I’ll probably still jump out of my seat a little.

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