4 YouTubers to Subscribe to For All Things Disney

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July 26, 2019
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College is hard, the world is scary and sometimes, everyone wishes their life was just a little bit more like a Disney movie. Well, not everyone, but Disney devotees sure do.

For decades, Disney has served as an escape for countless fans. While there is certainly nothing wrong with watching “Beauty and the Beast” for the 30th time, YouTube has made it possible to delve even deeper into the wonderful world of Disney than one could have ever imagined.

Whether you’re a die-hard stan who knows all the songs and has been on every Disney ride more times than you can count, or just a casual fan looking for a distraction from your schoolwork, here are four YouTubers to subscribe to for when you need your Disney fix. 

1. TheTimTracker

Anyone who has visited Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida can agree that Disney-withdrawals are, in fact, a real thing. Heck, even people who have never been to Disney can experience them. What’s the perfect thing to do when you’re sitting in your room, missing those warm Florida days and daydreaming of the happiest place on earth then? Watch TheTimTracker, of course.

With 670,000 subscribers and a whopping nearly 4,000 YouTube videos, Tim Tracker and his wife, Jenn — who are now expecting their first baby Tracker, by the way — offer their subscribers daily vlogs concerning all things Disney.

Whether they are providing updates on one of the four Walt Disney World theme parks, giving detailed tours of the various resorts and hotels, or simply enjoying themselves at one of the water parks or DisneySprings, the Trackers aren’t only Disney experts, but lend detailed, real-world tips about how to make the most out of a Disney visit.

The Trackers aren’t all Disney all the time, however. Take a look at recent uploads like “I Finally Rode Hagrid’s Magical Creature’s Motorbike Adventure” and you’ll see that they are the perfect channel for Potterheads and Marvel-fanatics too. Because they live in Orlando, they take frequent trips to the many other theme parks and resorts, such as Universal Studios and Legoland.

As their fan base continues to grow, the Trackers have even been able to visit parks and resorts outside of the Orlando area, including DollyWood, Tokyo Disney and even a few Disney Cruiseline experiences.

Their detailed reviews of theme parks and love for Disney aren’t the only thing that keeps viewers coming back to their channel. The fun-loving Trackers are extremely personable. Each and every one of their subscribers would be likely to attest that the more you watch their vlogs, the more you feel like you know them in real life.

Whether you are looking for helpful tips or just looking for some Disney fun, a subscription to TheTimTracker will have you binge-watching and recounting their catchphrase, “And with that, we are off. And now it’s time to pay the price.”

2. Magic Journeys

Two words: Disney food. The delicious delicacies that can be found at any of the Disney parks are arguably the best part of going. Who wouldn’t want to taste a Disneyland Churro or Animal Kingdom Dole Whip?

Whether you’re well-versed in Disney park food from looking at far too many Pinterest boards like myself or are new to the obsession, Magic Journeys is a must-subscribe channel.

SoCal natives Jannell and Mig Vee are Disneyland experts who have been taking their subscribers on a journey through the wonderful world of food since 2015.

With videos like “The Infinity Stone Churros at Disney’s Heroes Assemble,” the couple keeps their 96,000 subscribers up to date on all the new snacks, restaurants and experiences at Disneyland, California Adventure and occasionally Universal Studios Hollywood.

Mig Vee’s taste for mouthwatering savory meals and Jannell’s sweet tooth combined with their fun, youthful attitudes and knowledge of Disney parks make them the perfect YouTubers for any Disney connoisseur and foodie. You’ll be anxiously awaiting their uploads every single week, and desperate to jump on a plane and try every new snack as quickly as possible.  

3. Patrick Dougall

Looking for a channel that won’t make you quite as hungry? Then Patrick Dougall is the place to go, although beware, this cheerful guy’s channel will leave you with some serious FOMO.

If you can’t actually get out to California, then Dougall’s channel is the next best thing. More often than not accompanied by his best friend, Francis, Dougall takes his subscribers on virtual weekly trips to Disney’s two California theme parks and Universal Studios.

With innovative videos like “Instagram Followers Control our Day at Disney” and “Trying to do EVERYTHING in Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge,” the iconic duo that is Patrick and Francis would send just about anyone into a Disney binge-watching adventure. Their excitement when it comes to seeing both new and old attractions at Disneyland is infectious and Patrick’s knowledge of the parks will leave anyone feeling like a Disney expert after just a few videos.

Dougall doesn’t just offer subscribers a view of what it’s like to live near Disneyland, but takes them on other adventures too. With a few trips to Tokyo Disney under his belt, a recent jaunt to Disneyland Paris and even vlogs at more cultural and historical wonders like the Great Wall of China, he is sure to cure anyone’s wanderlust with just one click.

4. Miss Cherrys Channel 

Over the last few years, unboxing videos have taken the internet by storm, and the Disney community is no different. If you’re looking for someone who is just as obsessed with all things Disney as you, then you have to subscribe to Miss Cherry’s Channel.

Although she lives in Alaska, and therefore can’t visit the parks quite as often as the other influencers on this list, Miss Cherry is still living every Disney fan’s dream. Her channel focuses on hauls, Disney DIYs and unboxings from just about every Disney-themed subscription imaginable. You have to wonder what her house looks like; it probably puts a Disney theme park merch store to shame.

Her bubbly, enthusiastic personality will make you feel like you’re right there opening the boxes with her. What makes this YouTuber especially personal is that she has her own Etsy shop where she creates custom Minnie and Mickey Mouse ears so that you can take a piece of her magic with you on your next Disney trip.

Even though the majority of people don’t have the luxury of a Disney park in their backyard, YouTube and the wonderful creators on the platform have made it possible for everyone to have a little bit of magic in their daily life.

When the excitement of making Disney-bounding Pinterest boards and checking wait times on your Disney Parks App wears off, check in with one of these four YouTubers, and it will never feel like you’re too far from the happiest place on earth.

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