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What would your life look like if your partner dictated it?

Imagine being forced to listen to and obey the requests of your friend, significant other or even a younger sibling. Now imagine being forced to do it for 24 hours straight.

As a matter of fact, many YouTube channels have decided to participate in the trendy “Saying Yes for 24 Hours” challenge where individuals must comply with any request from their designated partner for a full day. The task is simple: Don’t disobey your partner.

The challenge presents endless possibilities. But are there any similarities among the hundreds of videos? Let’s take a look at six videos from popular YouTube channels to find out.

The descriptions calculated below are not representative of all the 24-hour challenge videos across YouTube, but there were some overlapping themes within the three types of participant dynamics.

1. Girlfriend Performs Challenge with Boyfriend

Channel: Ace Family, Austin listens to girlfriend Catherine

Channel: Maddie and Elijah, Elijah listens to girlfriend Maddie

Show Kindness

Though the girlfriends had a blast in making their boyfriends their personal puppets, they encouraged kindness during the challenge. Catherine made her beau Austin pay for everyone in the drive-thru line at a Starbucks, while Maddie made her boyfriend Elijah buy her a sundae from Dairy Queen and Christmas decorations from Target.

The gestures were heartwarming to watch, as the girls used their power for goodness, whether it was for themselves or someone else. The acts of kindness were great examples of how this challenge can be meaningful, and not entirely about comic stunts.

Brush off the Embarrassment and Be Bold

In addition to promoting kindness, the girlfriends had no problem in advising their boyfriends to break out of their shells and be audacious in public. Feeling romantic while shopping at Costco, Catherine made Austin propose to her in the middle of the store, which came as quite the surprise to many surrounding customers.

In another stunt, Elijah was instructed to proclaim the phrase “Subscribe to our channel” inside a Dick’s Sporting Goods. The proclamation was met with awkward expressions from fellow shoppers. Catherine used a similar technique, by making Austin declare a phrase about subscribing to their channel inside an Apple Store. The acts were tough pills to swallow, but the guys had to embrace all parts of the 24-hour challenge and conquer unfamiliar situations.

2. Boyfriend Performs Challenge with Girlfriend

Channel: Maddie and Elijah, Maddie listens to boyfriend Elijah

Channel: Jordyn Jones, Jordyn listens to boyfriend Jordan

Treat Yourself

Like girlfriends, boyfriends were generally keen on promoting kindness, but only for their benefit. To level the playing field, Elijah (from the previous section) wasted no time in making his girlfriend Maddie pay for his dinner and Target purchases. To top it off, Maddie had to give Elijah a special foot massage to launch that grueling day of no fiscal responsibility.

In another channel called “Jordyn Jones,” Jones’ boyfriend, Jordan, allowed her to pay for their lunch. Jordan also requested his girlfriend act happy as the receipt came, much to her chagrin. If anything, the boyfriends pampered themselves using this challenge.

Be Humorous

The guys were also insistent on making this 24-hour challenge enjoyable for both themselves and their viewers. During the entirety of their Target excursion, Elijah requested that Maddie wear a Thanksgiving turkey shaped hat. Later in the day, he made his girlfriend’s dinner (which she paid for) a bit peculiar: a cheeseburger with nothing but cheese and ketchup.

Likewise, Jordan was determined to produce chuckles, so he requested his girlfriend open the windows in the car to make her hair instantly disheveled. Later in the challenge, Jordan calls for his girlfriend to dance in the mall with the Jojo Siwa merchandise she purchased at Target. Though kindness was a component of this challenge, humor composed an equal portion.

3. Siblings Perform Challenge with Siblings

Channel: Dolan Twins, Twins Ethan and Grayson listen to each other

Channel: Jake Mitchell, Jake listens to sister Eloise

Stimulate Nerves

Most siblings enjoy concocting evil schemes to bother each other, and this 24-hour challenge only escalated that notion. The Dolan Twins, Ethan and Grayson, targeted each other’s weaknesses to make the challenge difficult. For instance, Ethan requested Grayson go grocery shopping alone, which is typically a frustrating experience for Grayson. Consequently, Grayson turned the tables on his twin and demanded Ethan tag along for the shopping, to which Ethan could not refuse.

On their collaborative trek, Grayson made Ethan purchase a nauseating array of protein shakes, in a tank top and tiny yellow shorts. However, Ethan made his brother drink the protein shakes at will, as Grayson found them repulsive upon first glimpse.

Throughout the challenge, the steadfast twins were locked in on getting the best of each other. The way the twins performed this challenge was a bit different from the other participants, as both brothers took turns handing out their demands.

Another YouTuber named Jake Mitchell performed the 24-hour challenge with his sister, Eloise. From the get-go, Eloise successfully got on her brother’s nerves by allowing him to pay for expensive makeup at the mall. The wallet thinning didn’t stop there, as Jake drove 40 minutes in rush hour traffic to the nearest Starbucks, upon Eloise’s request. To add insult to injury, Jake was not allowed to buy anything once they arrived at Starbucks. The slightly frustrated YouTuber understood the obligations of the challenge, but his wallet took the real brunt of the suffering.

Go 0-100 Real Fast

Mind twisting was a pervasive aspect in the requests between the Dolan Twins. Upon each demand, there was a rapid turning of the tables. Though Grayson had to go grocery shopping alone, he cunningly used his request to force Ethan to tag along. And though Ethan had to buy the protein shakes, Grayson had to drink them. After brushing off the protein shake ordeal, Ethan was ordered to drink a milkshake, but dairy ordinarily gives him constipation. The sip was unbearable for the trembling twin, but once again, the challenge proved unrelenting as Grayson’s subsequent request involved receiving a pedicure, to Ethan’s vexation.

In Jake’s case, the first request he had to obey was taking his sister to the mall for makeup, which was basic. However, the situation quickly intensified as he was coerced into drinking a fiery sauce at the mall. His immediate reaction was to gag and vomit, as the unknown sauce stimulated this ensuing reaction.

To say the least, life was pretty hectic for the YouTubers who endured the 24-hour challenge, but the point of the trend was to assess their durability in foreign situations, all while providing a humorous video for viewers.

So, if frivolous entertainment is your idea of a pleasant time, then you should certainly say yes to watching this gratifying challenge.


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