5 YouTube Travel Channels Every Wanderlusting Student Should Watch

Get inspired, pack your bags and get out there.
February 27, 2019
7 mins read

How dreamy does it sound to travel the world, living out of your suitcase and jet-setting to far-off distant lands? It sounds pretty freaking great if you ask me. So many people have “travel the world” on their bucket list, but for many, actually doing so can seem like a pipedream. Oftentimes you don’t even know where to begin the process of planning a trip, which makes the whole idea seem unattainable.

Getting caught up in the daily grind can make people lose sight of their traveling goals. Then there are days where you can’t think of anything else except getting the heck out of dodge and escaping life’s monotony. Another huge factor that hangs on the back of people’s minds is expenses. If you aren’t well-versed in traveling methods, then your adventure can easily become a costly excursion.

Whether you are serious about planning a trip, interested in learning more about how to travel or you just want to be entertained, then I suggest you check out these YouTube travel channels. Each is a great resources for anyone who needs visual proof that your fantasies of exploring the world can become a reality. Not all of these YouTubers have declared their channels as YouTube travel channels, but they all offer varying degrees of travel content.

1. Alex Hayes

Alex Hayes is an Australian YouTuber, and while his channel is not strictly a YouTube travel channel, a large number of his videos are of him traveling to different parts of the world. After watching a few of them, you can tell that Hayes aims to wow viewers. He achieves this by going to wild and exotic places and then doing all sorts of daredevil stunts, like sky diving, bungee jumping, cliff diving and more.

His content exudes adventure at its most extreme level and will certainly get your adrenaline going. That being said, Hayes’ channel doesn’t offer much traveling advice, but it is great if you’re looking to be inspired by something spontaneous.

2. DamonAndJo

DamonAndJo is a YouTube travel channel hosted by, you guessed it, Damon and Jo. The two friends met while they were in college and both had a hunger for studying new languages and learning about other cultures. They got tired of the corny travel shows shown on TV, so they decided to create one of their own.

All of their content is fun and relatable because it is made by young travelers and for young travelers. DamonAndJo provides viewers with resourceful content, like the best way to learn a new language, how to find cheap plane tickets and where to find the best places to stay while traveling.

If you are serious about taking the leap and traveling, then I highly suggest that you check out DamonAndJo. Aside from their helpful tips, the two are hilarious, and their YouTube travel channel is the freshest.

3. Elena Taber

A native to California, living in New York and drifting in between, Elena Taber is a YouTuber making content about her everyday life. In addition, Taber frequently takes trips to amazing places and brings her viewers along with her.

She also is an ambassador for the United Nations (UN), which has given her some spectacular opportunities for adventure. An experienced traveler, Taber gives great advice to young adults who are aren’t just looking to travel, but to temporarily move across country and/or live overseas.

4. Erik Conover

Erik Conover is originally from New Jersey, but he has been living in New York for several years now. He is, hands-down, my favorite travel channel YouTuber.

Conover is a prime example of an underdog living the American dream. He joined YouTube in 2012, and initially his videos were all about the daily grind of living in New York and working hard to make things happen, yet over the course of his YouTube career he has taken his viewers on a bigger journey with him.

Slowly but surely, Conover began purchasing high-quality equipment, enhancing his filmmaking skills and receiving offers from tourism boards around the globe. He now gets paid to do what he loves. The promotional tourism videos that Conover makes are eye-opening, breathtaking and give you a sense of the uniqueness that each country has to offer.

5. Zoey Arielle

A strong, fierce and independent female traveler is the best way to describe Zoey Arielle. She is from Canada and attended college in Vancouver, but after spending time in the corporate world, Arielle realized that it wasn’t the life for her. Eventually, she packed up her things and moved to Rome, where she began to document her life as a digital nomad. Being a digital nomad means that Arielle gets to travel for work, and in the meantime she is able to create wonderful videos that document her experiences.

What is so great about Arielle’s travel videos is that they are informative and showcase that you can enjoy travel independently. If you are someone who is interested in finding out more about the digital nomad lifestyle or are curious to know how a young woman makes it on her own as she treks through Europe, then consider making Zoey Arielle your travel guide.

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