In an article about Caffeinication, an illustration of an array of colorful and vibrant coffee drinks
Try these recipes and find your new favorite caffeinated drink! (Illustration by Peyton Stark, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)
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In an article about Caffeinication, an illustration of an array of colorful and vibrant coffee drinks
Try these recipes and find your new favorite caffeinated drink! (Illustration by Peyton Stark, Minneapolis College of Art and Design)

In an effort to romanticize life’s simplest tasks, this content creator turns at-home coffee making into a culinary art form.

The rhythmic strum of an acoustic guitar accompanies the words “when you kiss me heaven sighs” in Emily Watts’ lullaby-like rendition of “La Vie on Rose.” Watts’ voice is soft, sweet and hypnotic as it accompanies a clip of coffee extraordinaire Caffeinication creating one of their mesmerizing cold brew concoctions. A single sprig of flowers dangles from the top left corner of the video as the detail-oriented barista continues their work by adding some finishing touches. Awe and desire engulf the video’s viewers who watch the trending TikToker top off their liquid art with a generous serving of milk. This is how a perfect cup of coffee is made.

In 2020 a realization dawned upon the masses: We are in control of very little about our lives. Jobs are temporary, routines are impossible to manage and stability is fleeting. But these unfortunate truths do not mean life can’t be enjoyable. In the midst of a global pandemic characterized by uncertainty, people across the United States made a conscious effort to relish the quotidian activities of their otherwise turbulent lives. City dwellers and small-town residents alike took to savoring strolls through their neighborhoods, tidying their homes and crafting their morning brew.

The rise of ASMR coffee content creators such as @coffeebae97, @coffee_mates and of course, @caffeinication coincided with the world’s newfound appreciation for everyday tasks. Their popularity has not faltered since.

The Cream of CoffeeTok

Caffeinication, the most followed internet barista, has collected 46.2 million likes on TikTok and is responsible for numerous viral videos. They have even created their own line of beverage glassware. The trendy coffee crafter films short videos on their white marble countertop, contrasting their multicolored caffeinated creations. Caffeinication once confidently commented, “I don’t make coffee, I make art.” This couldn’t be more evident than by the social media star’s expert use of light, music and video editing.

After watching a few of the TikToks posted by Caffeinication, there is no question that the at-home coffee virtuoso’s content is aesthetically beautiful. Their videos are equal parts relaxing and enticing, beckoning their followers to try the recipes out for themselves and see if they live up to the glory of those featured on Caffeinication’s online portfolio. After doing just that, one can safely say: “Yes, Caffeinication’s creations are as delicious as they are visually appealing.”

Salted Caramel Macchiato

Caffeinication’s salted caramel macchiato is thick, rich and decadent. Made with ice, espresso, milk, froth, caramel and ice cream, the drink is loaded with sugary goodness, sure to cure any sweet-tooth craving. If you like to drink coffee as dessert, this may be the perfect choice for you as it tastes like a sophisticated version of a milkshake.


Comment ❤️ if Iced Caramel Macchiato is your fave coffee!😋 #moneytok #coffee #caffeinication #easyrecipe

♬ Bamboleo – Gipsy Kings

You don’t need any fancy tools to make this drink either. If you need to, you can use a simple mason jar to make milk froth in lieu of a traditional electronic frother. The one snag you may run into is in trying to emulate Caffeinication’s perfect gradient of froth to coffee to milk. Things get messy when making this drink and it certainly isn’t as effortless as it seems on TikTok.

Although making the salted caramel macchiato recipe in real life may not be as artful or as peaceful as it appears in the viral content creator’s video, it is equally, if not more, satisfying. By taking the time to treat yourself to such a luxury, you are sending yourself the message that you are worthy of life’s pleasures and your life can be filled with moments of glorious indulgence and creation.

Caffe Mocha

While the salted caramel macchiato makes an incredible, sweet summer dessert, Caffeinication’s caffe mocha is perfect for winter’s holiday season. Made with dark chocolate syrup, frothed milk, espresso and peppermint whipped cream, the drink is reminiscent of a homemade hot chocolate you would drink by the fireplace in December among family.


Starbucks Caffè Mocha-Upgraded😍 Stirring at the end😱 #yearontiktok #wishlist #coffee #caffeinication

♬ Holly Jolly Christmas – Michael Bublé

Although the caffe mocha is a bit challenging to create, as you may need to make its dark chocolate syrup and peppermint whipped cream from scratch, it makes up for this with its visual appeal. In terms of assembly, the drink’s fluffy whipped cream and dusting of chocolate garnish are easy add-ons, giving the caffe mocha that “straight out of the café” look.

On top of this coffee’s picturesque quality, it also tastes heavenly, and by heavenly, I mean ultra-chocolatey and extraordinarily sweet. If you want to treat yourself and briefly escape to a Colorado ski cottage, this is the drink for you.

Cold Brew with Caramel Cold Foam

Caffeinication’s cold brew with caramel sweet foam is the coffee wizard’s most popular drink. With over 60 million views on TikTok, the beverage has run laps around the internet, making sure it’s been seen by anyone and everyone who owns a device connected to the world wide web.


Do Not Miss the Ending😍🤩 #caffeinication #foodontiktok #coffee #icedcoffee

♬ Gymnopedie No. 1 – Relaxing Piano Consort

The recipe for this coffee creation is simpler than most of the content creator’s other drinks. It calls for ice, cold brew concentrate (mixed with water), caramel foam made of milk, half and half and caramel syrup. While the caramel cold foam that sits on top of this beverage does add a generous amount of sweetness to the overall flavor of the drink, it is a sustainable sweetness that could be consumed for days on end before becoming nauseating.

This coffee is easy to make and easy to enjoy. It maintains a bit of the cold brew’s natural bitterness, complemented by the drink’s silky, sugary cold foam. Stress-free to assemble, pleasing to look at and delectable to drink, it’s no wonder why cold brew with caramel cold foam is Caffeinication’s most loved work of coffee art.

Now It’s Your Turn!

Go follow Caffeinication on TikTok and Instagram, make a quick trip to the grocery store to buy ingredients, turn on some classical music and begin your luxurious coffee adventure. Dancing, taste-testing and making mistakes are all welcome and encouraged.

Although we have been liberated from the confines of our homes since the release of the COVID-19 vaccine, we mustn’t forget about the simple joys we have found during our time locked inside.

As Caffeinication has made it extraordinarily clear, making coffee is an art form. It appeals to all the senses, instills a sense of accomplishment and reminds us of the splendor of life. Now it’s your turn to make some coffee and get caffeinated!

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